October 6, 2010

imperfectly me

i'm house-sitting this week for a friend - whenever i do stuff like that, it throws me off my game a bit.  i'm not a morning person.  speaking of imperfections (as other bloggers are)
i'm sure it is no secret to you all, that ... well...i'm not perfect.  which is sort of good news because you know what?  i think sorta perfect people are way too much pressure to measure up to...so, here's some things about me. (apologies to those who have read any past confessions posts)

  • i hate mornings - really, don't talk to me for about 30 minutes after i get up. 
  • i'm grumpy at times and during those times i don't want to see or talk to people.
  • i can be a bit of a slob at home - not dirty, just not tidy.  i was not bitten by the "put it up immediately" bug.
  • i don't always like shaving my legs either - it's a bit of a bore, especially if there's no one to "appreciate" freshly shaven legs. *grin*
  • i like junk, sugar and carbs - yep - and i'm not going to deny myself the pleasures of those.  so i will never be as skinny or lanky as a super model.  and i don't care - i can't see the point in living life in such denial. 
  • i also eat meat.  yep...i said it.
  • being the oldest, i can be a bit (or more) bossy - but that is usually when there is not a clear cut plan or decision.  if no one steps up, i will and will lead the charge.  it's not that i have to have my way but if anyone waffles or lets me take charge, i will. 
  • i'm competitive - it used to be really bad...but, i've realized how unattractive this can be and i'm breaking this habit.
  • i curse.  another habit i've been trying to break but....yeah.  i curse.
  • i'm an interrupter.  i hate that about myself - but it's not to be rude.  it's because i'm so excited and want to contribute to the conversation.  so....yet another bad habit i'm trying to break.  *sigh*
  • and typing this list i've found...i have a lot of bad habits.
*whew* reading all of that about myself makes me wonder how i'm fit for human companionship.  but, as with anyone - i have good points too.  i'm blessed enough with friends that tell me that...
  • i'm a good listener.  and now, since i'm breaking that whole "interrupter" habit - i'm super focused on listening. 
  • i'm practical and logical (with semi-frequent flights of whimsy or silly).  not to the stogy side, but i'm a problem-solver.  i like finding alternate solutions to a problem when it feels like everyone has hit a brick wall. 
  • i'm dependable.  yep...
  • i'm kind - i believe to the depth of my core that i want to treat everyone the way i would like to be treated.
  • i give dollars to homeless people and i never worry that they use it on cigarettes or whatever.  i figure it is on them and my dollar was given in good faith that they needed it. 
  • i have an ability to laugh at myself - which means that even if i get irritated or grumpy, i get over it quickly. 
  • i work hard and steady. 
  • i'm funny, quirky and a bit of an oddball.  and i like it that way.  as thoreau pointed out, i march to the beat of my own drums and hate to be a 'cookie cutter' type person.  viva la difference!
  • maybe this should be in the fault category...but, i have this ability to see both sides to most everything. 
  • i'm honest, i'm the one that gives back too much change, turns in found items, and doesn't cut in line. 
 i can't believe i'm about to press "post"


  1. The interesting thing about your lists is that there are actually lots of life lessons in there. Simple rules to live simply, and kindly. To live and let live. To keep things easy. There's lots to be gained from your lists.

  2. Ha! Oh I think we would get along so well Char. And boy, we could fill a room with our sailor talk...lol. I am so glad you pressed 'post' what a fabulous gal you are!!! xoxo

  3. i love this list! and since when is eating meat something that makes you imperfect?

  4. i love everything about you....the good, the bad and i really didn't see any ugly....well, honestly i really didn't see any bad either !!

    and as far as getting along....i'm quirky, too and could live on sugary things....so we'd get along great !

  5. You are totally built for human companionship and I only know you through the internets! All your "bad qualities" are regular old imperfections that most people have but just can't see it in themselves. So high-five to you for seeing them and working on them.

  6. I am such an interrupting, morning grump that I have to break in here to say that I don't see any of those habits as particularly "bad":) Love everything about you:)

  7. you all are too kind...:) and yes, we all are way too hard on ourselves.

  8. you sound like a well rounded person who has listened to her own heart as well...

  9. there is way more positive about you than negative.

    i have many of the same " imperfections" -grumpy in the morning, don't shave my legs often, an interruptor, love sugar and carbs before meat, but eat meat too.

  10. you pressed post ..way to go...perfection is over rated anyway!!

  11. I curse like a sailor. I'm very much a morning person. I have to have things and tidy or my life feels chaotic. We're very much alike; and very much different. That's what makes life so very interesting!

  12. I so relate. Being perfect is over rated.

  13. Yep...for there go I! On most of those things anyway! Love this post...really sets you thinking about yourself and there's nothing wrong with a little honesty. I may have to follow suit and do a post on myself and see just how good/bad I measure up in my own eyes....sort of getting to know myself better. Thanks for sharing and being perfectly honest.

  14. I think you're awesome...I love that you threw all this out there, and I love that you aren't "perfect."

    We seem to have a lot of really similar characteristics...maybe it's the Alabama in us...

  15. I'm so glad you added the list of good things, I really believe no one is harder on us than ourselves. Thanks for reminding that being perfectly imperfect is being human and you are wonderful Char!


  16. Being an excitable interrupter myself, I'm always happy to find someone else who is full of ideas and is too eager to share them to wait for the other person to stop talking.

    The trick is to find someone who can read your mind like you can read theirs. Then it doesn't bother either of you to be interrupted because you both already knew what the other was about to say anyway...but you already knew that didn't you...I knew it, I didn't even have to finish the sentence.... : )

  17. i share many of the bad traits! and they aren't SO BAD! we aren't serial killers, so things could be a whole lot worse! :)

  18. I share a lot of both the good and the bad with you! I am SO not a morning person. And if I didn't have a reason to shave my legs, I don't think it would get done.

    xo Erin

  19. You did it. You pressed post!
    We have so many similarities. And they're the bad ones! (Thank you. I feel so much better)!


  20. Cursing and carbs, messy and not a morning person -- I'm with you on all of those! :)

  21. Oh, you brave girl. I do love you. And, oh how I knew we were kindred spirits. We share many of the same faults as well as good characteristically. I love, love, love how you described the interrupting. That is SO me. Thanks for giving it words. Only, now I am going to have to try and break it. If you can do it, sister, so can I.

  22. i am so glad you did press post on this.
    i think it was fantastic and freeing and i hope you don't mind if i borrow your idea...

    i have not been here enough, i have lots to catch up on!

  23. I love your lists. I eat fish and eggs which I always feel guilty about, but love your "so there" attitude. I just started watching "a single man" with Colin Firth. He starts the movie with: it takes a while for George to be George in the morning. Me too. Cheers.

  24. Okay, so you're untidy and you eat meat...pfft!

    If more people shared your good points, though, the world would be a much better place. And in my opinion, the ability to see both sides is a definite plus...would nix a lot of fighting, I think...

  25. here via christine..

    love what I've seen here so far... this was a charming and real and warm imperfect perfect post. nice to meet you.

  26. a little bitter with the sweet...sounds like the rest of mankind!
    you rock, char...

  27. i wrote my own list a couple of days ago ... i should have just come here to copy the first half! hehe! it was like reading a list about me :-p
    well done on pressing post and being so open and honest :o)


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