May 14, 2010


things that make me happy on a friday 
  this art. ** the magnolias are blooming on the tree out front - makes me think of hot summer nights and moonlight and perhaps stealing kisses while walking through a country graveyard.  ** lunch with a good friend and dinner with a nephew.  ** going here tomorrow.  ** a random ipod playlist ( see listed below)  ** the scent of honeysuckle in the air.  ** silly presents for my sister.  **  runaway balloons causing a bit of whimsy as i watch them visit the capital.  ** the runners with the special olympic torch passing by.  ** pink zinnias blooming outside my front door. ** these tiny earrings **

the playlist:
thank you - dido
someone like you - van morrison
emotional rescue - the rolling stones
give a little bit - the goo-goo dolls
sweet tea - cravin' melon
mercedes benz - janis joplin
damn, i wish i was your lover - sophie b. hawkins
the galway girl - sharon shannon
beautiful day - u2
i'm on fire - bruce springsteen
don't you forget about me - simple minds
smoke from a different fire - sanford & townsend
sea breeze - tyrone wells
lay, lady, lay - bob dylan


  1. Definitely some great tunes going on there on that playlist :)

    What made me happy today is putting up our gazebo on the deck, bring on the warm weather!

  2. ooooooo, those strawberry roots make me smile. Thanks for such a happy list!

  3. love your lists...and those soft but intense colors in the photo...beautiful!

  4. Glad you are in a happy place on this Firday....
    Hope you have a happy weekend too! :)

  5. great list(s) ... makes me feel Summer is coming. love the music also. have a great weekend! ;)

  6. Oh how I love the smell of honeysuckle...and how I love your whole made me smile all the way through...would like to listen in on your ipod too:)

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  7. ohhhhh i love that art too....well, i pretty much love everything in that store and the museum should be fun !

    GREAT photo !

    happy weekend to youuuuuuuuuu :)

  8. love the list, really love all the music, have a great well.

  9. I love the Simple Minds song!!


  10. my fave right now is the Carolina Jasmine aroma that wafts around our backyard....heavenly!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I can never hear "Give a Little Bit" without thinking of the original Superman movie. Which makes me happy.

  12. May I just say that your music list is fantastic. I just saw the movie 'Someone Like You' the other night and waited til the end just to hear the song.

  13. Such a wonderful list! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. :)

  14. adorable earrings. ya gonna get em?
    love the playlist.

  15. That was a perfect list: inspiring and delightful. Here's a short one from me, for you:

    * today is the first day of summer break * Sloane spent all morning (voluntarily) helping me clean the house * Papa and Grandma are coming tomorrow * the new Oreo mint cookies * a big pile of magazines and time to read them *

  16. sophie b hawkins!!!
    that song totally defined the first few months of my "away at college" experience.
    new apartment with a close friend, cooking for ourselves, northern california sunshine.
    i'm totally downloading that song right now.


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