November 30, 2009

gratitude:: day 30 of 30

as i sit here and think about the last post and wonder what to say, it occurs to me that i've overlooked the simplest of things and the most important...i'm grateful to be alive. i'm so glad that when i go to sleep at night that i wake up the next morning. that although i have some minor health issues (like asthma and allergies) that it's nothing as major as it could be. with the price of health care in the states, that is a major thing to be grateful about.

i'm grateful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back, air to breathe and the blood that courses through my veins. i have a brain to think and a heart to love. i'm in possession of my fingers, toes and two eyes (even when they don't see as well as they used to). i have a full head of hair (even some extra that i'm not so grateful about) and feet that carry me around. yes, those are many things that we all can sometime take for granted.

and though the package is somewhat worn and tattered at times, it's still a bundle that i cherish having. and i'm grateful for the gratitude and the time this has given me to remind myself how very blessed that i am. i am rich beyond my wildest dreams and sometimes, a little nudge to remind me of that is just what i needed.

gratitude:: day 29 of 30

as the month is winding to a close (last post tomorrow), i am grateful for more than this little blog can contain. it's been a roller coaster ride the past two years, and i guess it may continue along those lines for a bit. the trick is finding a peace and contentment with the ride.

yesterday, while exploring, i found flowering plum trees blooming. in november. that's unheard of really (okay, i've never heard of it anyway). spring flowers so late in the fall. and that's what a sense of contentment will bring for you, the ability to bloom in the oddest of circumstances.

i hope you find that too.

November 29, 2009

gratitude:: day 28 of 30

have i mentioned before you all are way too kind? and what on earth is 'too kind' and why is it we say that. sorry - i went george carlin there for a second. i guess that one can be so kind that it could be a detriment to you, if you didn't say no when needed. so...i will say it this way - you all are very kind. such a boost of encouragement in these waning days of the month when i'm flagging.

i was happy for a day of rest after the two-fer family days - i babysat the ever gorgeous GA and ME saturday night and they ran me a bit ragged. *smile* as only two and almost five year olds are likely to do. after four hours sleep (the two year old woke me at 4:30) i nursed a headache all day. so, i'm grateful for the medicines of today - it always makes me think as i pop headache remedies, how did people cope with the pain of migraines back in the day. chew willow root and take to their bed for days i'm sure. food for thought.

and have you see the news bit about the couple sneaking into the state dinner and not being ashamed about it? they're seeking six-figures to be interviewed? pbah... they should be shunned if you ask me. i've been to the white house before (not to a state dinner of course) and it is a thing of beauty - we should be proud of it and honored to visit, and not some attention seeking glory hounds.

so i'm also grateful for security and feeling safe in my home. i know there are many places in the world where that is true luxury.

November 28, 2009

gratitude:: day 27 of 30

i've sat here most of the evening avoiding this post because as the end of this month approaches, i'm happy and sad about this project. i'm happy that i've taken the time to examine things that i'm grateful for and the ability to post them out into the ether. i'm happy that you all read them and can find some relatibility in some of them. and, truthfully, i'm really glad about it coming to an end - and sad about it too. a daily commitment is a big thing for me outside of something like love or a job. so this has been an effort of posting everyday day. the only days i missed were the days i did not have access to a computer. (they have not build a blogger interface for the iphone yet - smile)

yesterday, i was grateful for a two-fer of family time this week. once on thursday for the holiday and the second for the other annual holiday, the iron bowl. let's take them one at a time. the holiday was good - we were together and even though the chaos of the actual eating wigged me a bit, it was good to see everyone's faces at the time...though i really missed one of my brothers. the afternoon of just hanging out was good too.

and then there's the iron bowl - the annual game for absolute bragging rights in this state. where choosing sides can be tantamount to a civil war or at least a 'feud'. it's a game when anything can happen just on the sheer emotion of the game...for example, my team went into the game as the #2 team in the nation and a 24-point favorite. they won in the last quarter by only five points. auburn played out of their head and alabama appeared flat and looking past the current game. though i'm glad bama won, except for a couple of plays, auburn deserved the win. that being said - roll tide. i'm a good and faithful fan.

so, the gratitude today is about fellowship, closeness and football. things that seem to go together when it comes to weekends in the fall. (and there you probably though i was going to go on and on about how adorable my nieces

November 27, 2009

gratitude:: day 26 of 30

i slept in today - a long luxurious sleep. and though i had very weird dreams - i dream a fellow blogger came to visit and she was wearing all red and had a beehive. we went shopping at a retro shop (circa 1960's) and she bought all red accessories for her home. on the way back to my home, she jumped in a swimming pool and dared me to jump in after her...which i did. as i did, the water felt heavy and pushed me down. i had to make an effort to push up...and as i broke the surface of the water, it was good. she disappeared and i fell back into a deep sleep.

sleep is a wonderful thing. i can't wait to hear more about your holiday doings but first i need to run to the grocery to buy supplies for the big game. (alabama vs auburn - major rivals) roll tide!

November 26, 2009

gratitude:: day 25 of 30

today, i'm grateful that no one has called me on constantly being a day behind. today, i'm grateful for sunshine and sweater weather. today, i'm grateful for a parade and traditions. today, i'm grateful for sweet friends that leave little 'happy' messages on all sorts of media. today, i'm happy for the media that gets people in touch. today, i'm grateful for safety and security even though it keeps a brother away from lunch as he was working to keep us safe while we slept.

today, i'm grateful for so many things...more than the blog can really say. today, i'm sending prayers for the fear some have, the sorrow that some cannot be rid of, and the bad things that haven't quite turned around. i'm sending love, warm thoughts and hugs to those that need them. who doesn't need a hug once in a while, right?

November 25, 2009

gratitude:: day 24 of 30


the holidays are upon us - everywhere there are people bustling to and fro - the scurry becomes frantic and at times, overwrought. even the parking spaces at work are being blocked off now for the parade that takes place tomorrow. it's too soon, too fast, and gone way too early.

i'm grateful that my family is laid back enough that we don't consume ourselves with the worry about topping the years before. we're going out for lunch tomorrow and though it's not my first choice, i've decided to enjoy it because the important thing is that we're together. i will sit and look at the faces around the table and i will be grateful.

so, give yourself a break. so what if you don't have five desserts and six vegetables, turkey and ham. be grateful for the holidays that bring us together in love. i know i am.

November 24, 2009

10 truths i wish i'd down sooner by amy bloom

you all know how much i love real simple magazine. every month i find something that really impacts my life - either an article like this, some photography, a recipe, a new way of doing is my crush. i don't know if this article will crystalize something for you the way it did for me...some are things i think i knew but didn't know how to put into words....some are things i knew and was nodding my head as i read them...some, well i should have know having reached this age and it would seem i would be a bit more wise.
i wanted to make sure i got the citation right so you know the author and the source. she has written some books that i want to check out.
As published in “Real Simple” December 2009

1. Events reveal people’s characters, they don’t determine them. Not everyone with divorced parents has terrible relationships. If two people are hit by a bus and are crippled for life, one may become bitter and the other a warm, outgoing person. It’s not about the bus, and a dreadful childhood is no excuse. You have the chance to be the person you wish to be; until you die.
2. Lying, by omission or commission, is a bad idea. I cannot shake my dependency on the white lie, because I was brought up to be nice. And I’ve never figured out a way to say, “I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than to come to your house for dinner.” But the meaningful lie, the kind that involved being untruthful or deceitful about important stuff to those you love, is like poison. Telling the truth sometimes hurts, but it doesn’t kill. Lying kills love.
3. Sex always gives you an answer, although not necessarily the one you want. It’s possible to have very good sex with a person that shouldn’t be in your life at all. Have fun, hide your wallet and your blackberry. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that a grown man, however nice, will become much, much better in bed than he was the first few times you slept with him. And if you sleep with a man that is unkind to you, there will be more of that; long after the sex is humdrum, the cruelty will be vivid.
4. Most talents are transferrable. If you can raise toddlers and teenagers with relative calm, you can be a CEO. If you’re a good driver, you can probably steer a cab, fly a plane, or captain a boat. My years as a waitress – serving food to demanding people in a high-stress environment without losing my temper – served me equally well as a mother, a wife, and a short-order cook for my family. And if you have the teaching gene, you can teach anything.
5. Fashion fades and style is eternal. Not only do you not have to wear torn jeans, a barely-there tank top and a fedora, but you probably shouldn’t. The point of fashion is to briefly indulge in something fun. The point of style is to have one – whether it’s a sheath and spikes or slouchy jeans and your husband’s teeshirt – and it should last you a lifetime. All you have to do is think you deserve to look and feel your best and then spend time figuring out how to do that. Don’t know? Find a woman who’s style you admire and ask for advice.
6. You can’t fake love. Staying in a love relationship when love is not what you feel isn’t likely to end well. If you know that what you crave is security/ disposable income/child care and not the person next to you, do the right thing. It’s true that one can learn to love someone over time and often through difficult circumstances. But, unless the two of you agree to wait until you’re old and all the storms have passed, in the hope that love will kick in, it’s better to bail sooner than later.
7. Mean doesn’t go away. Some people get better looking with age, some don’t. Some people soften; some toughen up. Mean streaks tend not to disappear. A person that demeans and belittles you and speaks of you with contempt to others is probably going to be that way for years. The first time it happens, take note. The second time, take your coat and go.
8. No one’s perfect. I knew I wasn’t perfect; I just didn’t realize this also applied to the people I feel in love with. The object of your affection will always turn out to have huge and varied faults. The smart thing is not to look for someone flawless, but to look for someone whose mix of strengths and liabilities appeal to you.
9. Ask for help. It’s possible you’ll get turned down. It’s even more likely that you’ll feel vulnerable and exposed. Do it anyway, especially if you’re the helpful sort yourself. Those of us who like to offer assistance and hate to take any are depriving other people of the opportunity to be generous and kind. We are also blinding ourselves to the reality of mutual dependence. You wouldn’t wear pink hot pants and pretend they were flattering. Don’t pretend you don’t need help.
10. Keep an eye on the prize and your hand on the plow. It’s easy to lose sight of what you want, especially if you haven’t gotten it. It know it’s less work to put the wish away, to pretend the wish itself has disappeared. But it’s important to know what your prize is, because that is part of you. Whether it’s financial stability, two children, a collection of poetry, or a happy marriage, take Churchill’s advice and never give in. Never give in. NEVER GIVE IN.

November 23, 2009

gratitude:: day 23 of 30

today i'm very grateful for mended fences and the ability to clear the air. it lightens the heart and makes for a wonderful night.

i hope all of your days are happy too.

sorry for the brevity tonight but it's been a long day and tonight was my big tv night (cbs comedies - gotta love 'em in my house)

i will catch up tomorrow if i missed you today. xo

November 22, 2009

gratitude:: day 22 of 30


along with the friendship comes great ideas and sharing. so today, i'm grateful for the sharing that friends do. i'm joining mary's mosaic monday and her idea to post a calendar for the day. it's based on a shutter sister's template for calendars. and it's made on flickr (another place for sharing). many of the shots were edited with free presets, textures, or other photoshop actions from the generous women that i've gotten to know in the blogging world.

today's post is definitely all about the sharing.

gratitude:: day 21 of 30

sunday is my favorite day of the week. there is a feeling to sunday that is not like the feeling of any other day.

a quiet serenity. a peace - even when i have many things to do. the pace is slower. and i like it.

where saturday can be demanding, sunday has a hush and reverence.

i'm grateful for the sundays in my life - it helps me remember that not everything has to be done now, now, now. for sunday tells me, slow, soon, and enjoy.

November 21, 2009

gratitude:: day 20 of 30

it's official....i'm crazy about love. you could say that i'm in love with love. that's right. i'm one of those weird creatures that is a practical romantic.

they say that everyone has two sides of their natures - my two sides are practical (reasonable, down-to-earth, problem solver) that is juxtapositioned with a romantic that wants to believe all fairy tales come true.

now...usually, my practical nature takes over because, well, it's just easier to live most days in taking care of business. but....i get girlish giggles when there is evidence that true love reigns.

i'm a sucker for the fluffy chick flicks with improbable happenings like a random late night phone call to a radio show leads to true love atop the empire state building - that someone can be captured by pirates and survive to rescue his true love from an evil prince....the tender trap that fairytales and barbies sets us up for to always be disappointed. *sigh*

yes...i'm a sucker for love. and though love hasn't always treated me kindly, i still hold a sweet spot for it in the very center of my heart. and i'm grateful that i've loved before...even though i've lost. when the time comes again, i'll be ready.

November 19, 2009

gratitude:: day 19 of 30

almost two-thirds of the way there and i'm feeling the home stretch. tonight was one of those beautiful nights, the tiniest sliver of the new moon, the purplish skies stretching on into the evening light. as i rode the elevator to the top of the parking deck, i decided that i was grateful really for a lot of things. the light, the colors, the incredible wealth of having a camera in my hand...i'm so blessed in having this way to express myself and nature provides me many things to see. and i realized, this world i had been disdaining and berating because it wasn't what i wanted, still holds many secrets for me. never had i looked down on the montgomery skyline. never had i seen the details of the stars on the light fixtures as i left the building. even the construction site made wonderful silhouettes as it crossed the sky. so many things to's all in the looking really.

tonight i'm grateful for montgomery and her secrets she revealed. she's been whispering that she has more....i was just not listening.

November 18, 2009

gratitude:: day 18 of 30

don't stand so close to me "don't stand so close to me" (inspired by glee)

i'm a music nut - almost any kind and you can find it anytime on my ipod. i have rap, country, country/western, reggae, jam, rock, alt-rock, alt-country, pop, folk, standards...about the only type you will not find is opera and classical. not because i wouldn't give it a try - just because those style do not lend themselves well to a randomized playlist. it's hard to go from "get back" by ludicris to "the emperor's concerto" by beethoven (isn't that right? or it mozart?) anyway. music is the thing.

music has been around for thousands of years and will probably be around long after i'm gone. i'm grateful to the talented people out there that keep my toes tapping and my head bobbing. the car next to me however, may not be as grateful.

(look at me actually posting on the correct day)

gratitude:: day 17 of 30

i will admit this series is difficult for me as i struggle to write every day. and the thing about gratitude is, it does not lend itself to whiny posts or vents...or any of the other things that human nature is wont to display on typical days. the series, as self described is about gratitude, and as such is to make the writer really take a bit of time to explore all the wonderful things to be grateful about...instead of you know, whining.

the last two mornings have been misty gray as i drive into work and as i crest the hill to my parking deck, i can see the faint mist rising from the alabama river that is a few blocks over. the trees lining the river have turned yellow and through the mist look like ladies spreading their skirts in a curtsy. the shadows shade the buildings as the sun hasn't risen high enough to overtake the shadows and the capital dome is still pink with the morning light. even with the hussle and bussle of traffic, the colors are soft and comforting.

in the evening, i reverse the trip. as i walk to the deck though, the colors are lavenders and pinks as the sun ebbs away from the sky. no reds in the sunset here - just a quiet passing of the day. and as i exit the deck, the sky is dark except for the hundreds of red tail lights in front on me.

i'm thankful for the softer colors of fall, the beauty that is amid all of the structure and hurly-burly ways of the working day. the time to slow and be mindful - grateful - and humbled. even when i fight it kicking and stomping in protest.

and mr. alligator here also reminds me, that it is a time for charity (love) in our hearts. in this time of seeking to find warmth, that maybe we can cast a bit of our warmth out into the universe. i hope you are met today with warmth,kindness, and - something (as the man wrote) there is just too little of.

November 17, 2009

gratitude:: day 16 of 30

i learned how to cook when i was quite young - mostly to help mom around the house. with five children, including one terminally ill child, she had her hands full. she taught me the secret of fried chicken and beautiful brown pan gravy. i watched her hands as she stirred in the flour and made a caramely roux and though i'm not as good at it as i used to be (a lack of practice and impatience for precisely the right moment to add liquid) i still make gravy the same way. i look at a plate and think "on wait, it needs something green". i'm probably one the few weird people that like green olives in their chicken a la king....wait, i'm probably one of the few people that know what chicken a la king is...isn't that a 50's dish?

today i find myself looking over recipes, reading some of them as though they were the most intriguing book ever. i wonder if everyone will like it - is it too weird for my brother with the very plain taste? will the nephews eat it or pick around it because they were raised politely?

i am glad that i learned to cook at a young age - it helped me stand on my own two feet and take care of myself...and as a result, my family and friends.

November 16, 2009

gratitude:: day 15 of 30 (simple things)

today, christina at soul aperture asked us to post the simple things that we love. (if you haven't found christina's blog - run, don't walk, over there - she is goodness and warmth wrapped up in calm beauty)

here is my simple list that i love and that i'm grateful for:

sunlight on my skin
cool, crisp air
a child's smile
happy tears
a pug's devotion
a cat's purr
being best friends with my sister and brothers
a hot cup of coffee cupped in my hands
a reliable car
a phone call from a good friend
the scent of cookies baking
when my fried chicken turns out crispy and juicy
honey in my tea
a sweet red grapefruit
the crunch of an apple when i bite into it
finding unexpected money in my pocket
wispy clouds
the sound of my name on my nieces' and nephews' tongues
bear hugs
the feel of creamy soap as i wash my hands
letting my hair air dry
making someone's day!
'i love you'

November 15, 2009

gratitude:: day 14 of 30

there are sparkles and there are sprinkles. all of them add to the yummy aspects of life. new friends are the sprinkles. you all have become some of my biggest cheerleaders in the world. you've supported me and nurtured me. you've held my hand in the darkness and have made me laugh when i needed cheering up.

that is surely the equivalent of chocolate sprinkles on my sundae, right. totally right.

i love reading your pages (though i'm a bit far behind this week) and seeing what is going on in your lives. the honesty, the realness, the questioning that we all do. the goodness and kindness that i see - it makes me realize that goodness remains in the midst of the chaotic world. i love that affirmation.

there are so many talented, wonderful people i've been introduced to and it makes me excited to know more about you. and those of you that also participate in the have blown me away with your words and your talent. it was a small idea that beth, dani and i had together and it amazes me as it see it grow from that small seed to almost 80 people on the blog. gratitude is for new friends. you are all amazing and i'm so happy to have 'found' you. and...thank you for your support of this project. there are days i cringe in writing them - not because i'm not grateful - i am. i worry sometimes that it's just too much and overdone. so, thank you.

November 14, 2009

gratitude: day 13 of 30

i have a friend that has been my best friend since we were 13 years old. through thick and thin, even when we've been apart, i have always known that i can call on her. that's a wonderful gift.

today, i went shopping and to lunch with her and her daughter. not that i bought anything really - it was just spending time with them, looking, chatting and perusing the stores was just the perfect way to spend a saturday morning. it was carefree. even when lunch was not that great. (it will be a while before i have mexican again) i'm grateful for old friends. the perfect sparkle for a saturday.

November 13, 2009

gratitude:: days 10, 11, 12

day 10 - i am thankful when the evening comes and i can slip into another facet of my life. the shift from worker bee to evening person that loves to cook dinner and watch television, read, the whatnot that comes my way. i'm grateful for all the facets of me that make my life balanced and whole. and though the balance sometimes shifts from one side to another, it's still the sum of thoese parts that is me.

day 11 - this shot looks like i'm grateful for cheesecake, doesn't it? and though, i am indeed thankful that someone in their divine wisdom thought to put together the lucious combination of cream cheese, sugar and eggs - what i'm really grateful for is the time to relax after a long day. this is takeout from the hotel restaurant in washington. i arrived wednesday evening, went immediately to dinner and was so exhausted that i wanted to fall into bed. instead, i relaxed in the fluffy recliner and enjoyed my cheesecake while watching 'glee' (how i love that show).
day 12 - i am grateful for a home and bed to return to....ever so grateful. though i loved the room at the marriott (much too grand), the bed with it's feathery goodness was killer on my bad. i woke up thursday morning and it felt as if 1,000 elves played kickball up and down my spine. ouch. the wind and rain from ida followed me to the dc area and the weather was gray and miserable. no sightseeing for me. it was an all day meeting and then immediate departure...well, semi-immediate departure. the airline allowed us to board at the appointed time and then kept us on the tarmac for 2.5 hours. instead of the leisurely 3 hour layover in philly - it was a mad dash through the airport from gate b3 to gate f37. yes....that far. luckily i arrived just in time for another delay - though not as long. after landing in birmingham and driving home, i got into my bed at 1:30 a.m.
i'm also grateful for a wonderful boss who told me to get to work when i could - so i got to work about 9:30 a.m. i have a sneaky suspicion that i will be early to bed tonight. and ever so grateful for beautiful weather tomorrow.

November 10, 2009

Gratitude:: day 9 of 30

golden glow

there is a light within all of us - it's the decision to make the best of a situation or to grumble, grumble and make the worse. i'm grateful that i have embraced trying to make the best of any situation - not that it's always easy or it solves it. it's just that decision helps me find the light within to see my way out of the dark place.

i used to laugh when people told me that happiness is a choice. i thought no one really understood me or got what i've been through. then suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. everyone has burdens and life situations that were beyond their control, that they did not choose or want, things that were heaped upon them and i realized, i was nothing special. know what i mean. it meant, though my struggles were significant and were many others struggles. my light flipped on.

and having the light doesn't mean the situation is less than it is. nor does it mean you just sit there. it just helps me to imagine that light beaming to guide me through. seems silly maybe, but it helps.

November 9, 2009

gratitude:: day 8 of 30

i wanna go too

who can resist that little puggy face wanting to go with me on an outing - she doesn't care where just that she's going.

i'm grateful for the unconditional love the animals give me and their sweet faces when i return home (even if i don't take them with me).

November 8, 2009

gratitude:: day 7 of 30

i am grateful for the ability to hear my own music and march to the beat of my own drum. to care about people and spread love in my life, but comfortable enough to enjoy the freedom of living on my own terms.

(these are shots of my niece singing the "i can be whatever i want to when i grow up" song)

November 7, 2009

the triplets

i wanted to share a few of the shots of the adorable triplets. we (and their parents) spent a lot of time together last sunday. they were very shy at first but got into the swing things as the afternoon progressed. they are fraternal triplets, each their own separate little person.

Gratitude:: day 6 of 30

i bet you were wondering when i was going to get around to it. admit it. i'm grateful to be employed again. so very grateful. with unemployment hitting over 10% this week - it's a scary world out there.

i sit at my new desk and study - hard. i worry about getting past this learning curve and doing a good job. i think everyone does that with a new job. it's natural.

employment is a very important thing to be grateful about.

November 6, 2009

Gratitude:: day 5 of 30


my mom was an interesting combination of contradictions, which i think have held over to my wacky set of thoughts. she was both very practical and had this beautiful sense of the magic at the same time. i think that love of magic has manifested itself in my love of the whimsical. a blue balloon skipping down the road becomes a lost friend, kitty cat teapots remind me of alice, sunbeams through clouds are god's smiles....ahhh, the beauty and happiness in whimsy.

today i'm grateful for my sense of whimsy - it allows me to find a bit of joy in my days, even when they seem the very darkest. on gorgeous days like today, it makes me positively giddy to look outside my office window to see a bright cornflower blue sky and think it must be like looking into the eyes of the one you love most. the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

hope you have a beautiful weekend.

November 5, 2009

gratitude:: day 4 of 30

the turn

there is beauty everywhere - in the changing colors of the leaves, the white puffs of clouds, the crisp and brown leaves beneath my feet, the scent of change that blows in the wind. beauty surrounds us if only we open our eyes to see.

i am thankful for the eyes to see the beauty.

November 4, 2009

gratitude:: day 3 of 30

3::30 today i'm grateful for smiles. smiles that greet me casually on the street, smiles of friends, smiles of loved ones. smiles of all kinds.

today, why do you smile at a stranger? one of two great things will happen - they will smile back...or they will wonder what you've been up to. *laugh*

and not that forced kind of smile either where your teeth are bared and you're ready to snarl. flash those pearlies in a true happy smile. go on....i dare you.

November 3, 2009

gratitude: day 2 of 30

winter guest it's a simple thing really. waking up in the morning. sometimes it seems as though it is all that we can do some days. and yes, there are days where perhaps it's almost too much to do even that. i know that feeling intimately. but then i think, and realize, i should be grateful that i do wake up and face the day. that the courage is somehow found within on dark days.

i'm waking up earlier these days because of the time change and i see the beauty around me and i'm thankful for that. the sun strikes the trees in my backyard with a special lemon-colored gold the first thing in the morning and slowly, steadily, the gold travels down until it lights up all around it. and i drink in the light with a big, big cup because i know that winter is coming and the silvery-gray light is not always what quenches me. so i store up these memories to cherish during january and february.

November 2, 2009

gratitude:: day 1 of 30


how could i start this project with anything but gratitude for my family? i couldn't. it's not in me. as i go through my life, i can't imagine them not being a part of me. i would think it would be like phantom limb pain, but it would be in the general chest area as i would be missing my heart.

this shot is not the best - it was too dark in the house, the weather was too bad and i really hate using the flash as we're packed into the dining room. my little emme is two today but we have celebrated her birthday on halloween. it's neat and tidy - two parties in one. and any occasion for cake is good by me. one:: i am grateful for my family without who i would be incomplete and lost. thank you for being there for me and lifting me up when i could not lift myself. thank you for allowing me to love your children when i could not have my own. thank you for being the beautiful yous that all of you are.