July 29, 2010

how did it get to be thursday already?

julie is having an interview party and she graciously interview me, along with dozens of other bloggy friends (new and old.)  i love interviews as i always learn something new about people and something fun.  it's also a great way to meet new people....

i have a beautiful piece of artwork given to me by the talented diahn that i'm getting framed but i'm bringing it to the office as i want to look at it every day. 

and you know what.....i'm going to stop here.  i've typed and erased other random stuff several times now and i think it's just better that i save those for another day.

today on my ipod - if i ever leave this world behind (flogging molly), 100 years (5 for fighting), love will keep us alive (the eagles), follow through (gavin degraw), until i fall away (gin blossoms), everlong (foo fighters), time after time (cyndi lauper), sea of love (cat power), hideaway (the weepies)

July 27, 2010

what do zz top and david bowie have in common?

this started out as a blog talking about artists' need for validation and despite it all, there is usually at least a whisper of insecurity that rears it's ugly head from time to time. 

but, after a good talking to by my instructor and a healthy helping of pulling my head out of my own ass, i will not bore you with the details of said insecurity.  it's never pretty. 

instead i will tell you the beauty of the full-ish moon peeking her buttery head over dark storm clouds and the silvery bolts dancing and jumping to the thunder's song last night.  as the rain fell and fell and fell, i drove south - hazard lights on as i inched along the highway with an 18-wheeler and a red chevy. i cleared my head.  i released some of the pressure i've been falsely attributing to other sources.  i listened to the sheer poetry of dylan, petty and lovett - marveling in their words.  i got home safely and was glad to be in my bed.

so, my question is - how do you deal with insecurity?  we know we're our own worst critics, right?  how do you move past the "everything i do lately is crap" phase?

today on my ipod - she's my kind of rain (tim mcgraw), i won't back down (tom petty), born to run (bruce springsteen), sunday morning coming down (johnny cash), lie to me (jonny lang), scarlet begonias (grateful dead), hurricane (bob dylan), private conversation (lyle lovett), tiny dancer (elton john), landslide (stevie nicks)

July 26, 2010

it's friday and i love a list (three days late and probably more than a few dollars short)

i didn't get to post my friday list, well...on friday.  so, breaking the rules...here's my friday list on monday....

reasons that summer in the deep south kinda sucks:
1.  humidity - good personal grooming habits are almost impossible to maintain if you go outside in july or august.
2.  heat - it's been in excess of the mid-90's for several days, some days right at 100. 
3.  the heat index - i think these indexes are hinky science because frankly, once the thermometer goes over 90 - it's hot...totally hot.
4.  mosquitoes - they get as big as say...a small hummingbird.  or is it they just feel that way when they land. 

reasons that summer in the deep south kinda doesn't suck:
1.  honeysuckle - the sweet scent of honeysuckle on a warm night is romantic and makes me think of first kisses in the moonlight.
2.  fireflies - they're magical as they flit across the yard.  they make me believe in fairies, frolics and happy thoughts.
3.  swimming - lakes, swimming pools - wherever.  we can usually get in the water much earlier and stay much later.  and swimming in the dark under stars?  to overuse a phrase - magical.  makes me want to be a niaid. 
4.  fresh veg and fruit - though i don't grow my own, i love fresh peas, butterbeans, squash, cucumbers, okra and the other wonderful veg of summer.  and don't get me started on peaches and plums!  yum.

things my inner child is screaming to do today:
1.    play with bubbles
2.    crack open a new box of crayons (love that scent) and color to my heart's content
3.    have pjb and koolaid for lunch (grape is my favorite flavor)
4.    nap
5.    make a clover necklace
6.    eat birthday cake for dessert
7.    play connect the dots
8.    skip up and down the long hallway at work
9.    stamp my feet when faced with work i don't wanna do
10.  splash
today on my ipod - fugitive (david gray), wanna be startin' somthin' (michael jackson), one big love (patty griffin), these are days (10,000 maniacs, born to fly (sara evans), fireflies (lori mckenna), steal my kisses (ben harper), with or without you (u2), words (ryan adams), slow dancing in a burnnig room (john mayer)

the shot today is from this week's homework assignment and it's called "prison break"

July 25, 2010

sunday procrasination and self-deprecation

there's the thing.  i discovered some things about myself this morning. 

i woke up with a deadline looming over my head, like the proverbial anvil hanging over wiley's head as he waits on the roadrunner (i also wonder why we knew wiley's name but never knew the roadrunner's name...)  anyway...this bad habit i have of digressing...

like any good procrastinator, i drove to starbucks to get coffee and breakfast.  and while i drove, i thought. i thought and i thought and, i thought again.  i've thought all week about creativity and how it's really difficult to be completely original and artistic stuff like that.  and...to me, there is nothing really new under the sun...it's been done.  so the best we can hope for is to come at this some new way.  so, i came home and brainstormed and came up with three or four solid ideas on a theme that i will try to shoot this afternoon (when the light is better.)

part of my brainstorming involved looking at old issues of artful blogger.  and i look at the talent of people out there and i came upon one blogger's list of what she wanted to do this summer and it was beautiful truly.  and i thought ... yes, i want to do those things too.  i want to write a beautiful love letter to summer.  and then i looked in to my mirror.  you know, reality and stuff like that.  and decided....this is a real summer.

this summer i will:

look at all the photographs of pickling and jam making and other canning things and drool...because i never make the time to do this.  and when i have, it usually turned out to be a big ol' hot mess.  so, i'll buy from the farmer's market.

not dream about going camping or any such as that.  it's too hot and the bugs are way too plentiful.  maybe i can make s'mores over the grill instead.  are campfire songs appropriate around the grill?

think about picking fresh fruit from the trees....or not.  again, the heat and bugs.  but i can make a fresh peach cobbler using fresh peaches that someone else picked.  does that count?

dream about handcrafting some article of clothing and will probably buy the stuff to do it.  and i may even start it....and get frustrated half-way through or interrupted by work demands.  my 'up close' eyes don't seem to work well anymore...even with bifocals.  damn this getting old.

buy two swimsuits in the hopes of going to the lake.  it's the end of july and i'm still waiting.  now i worry about the whiteness of my legs and the unattractive prospective of using fake tanner.  i can't be jackie o (in my mind) with big orange splotches on the backs of my thighs.

look at fireflies inviting me to play and dream about my childhood of catching them in the jar.  as i step outside and mosquitoes latch on like a bum at last call...i remember i really dislike the smell of off. *scratches arm*

wish i had made time to get that pedicure i wanted a month ago.  now i'm too ashamed to slink into the little place near me....i wonder if i should go to the other side of town where i would never been seen again.

work...work from the early morning until the sweltering heat of the day has set.  and i will be tired and brain dead and if i cook dinner that day, i will call it "good."

stare at the bicycle that sits in the corner of my bedroom and kick myself for not getting it out to ride. but then someone speeds down the street and i think that all i need is a broken leg and my big old butt on the pavement.  so i pet it and tell it that it's still pretty.  and fall is around the corner.

in addition to these lovely things that seem to happen to women that are crafting, pickling and doing wonderful things with their wonderful families...leaving people like me in awe....i will probably sweat enough to wish i had taken two showers.  oh wait, i'm a steel magnolia....let me wipe of my glow.

July 22, 2010

because i haven't done it in a while...

homework ('cause christina asked)

the assignment was a simple, artistic shot of something complex.  i missed the mark a bit though i love the light in the shot.  but there is still time to try again.  actually i submitted this shot in black & white (you can see it on my flickr.) 

i had missed the previous week when tony was sick and so i didn't hear the lecture - part of why i missed the mark on with this shot.  but, it's a good reason why attending classes is so much better than the notes.

this week's assignment will have everyone scrambling..it's creativity...the act of making "something" out of "nothing" which was the first definition of creation......talk about getting your thinking cap going.  i have a couple of ideas now, as always, is having the time and the resources to take concepts to reality.

and in other news....my new macro arrived in time for my birthday.  so i thought i would share my favorites from last sunday's non-class shots.

July 21, 2010

for the love of maggie (photographers look)

one of my longest blogging/photography buddies, joy, has just released a gorgeous set of textures.  the "maggie" textures was developed and released so joy could raise funds to pay her beloved maggie's vet bills after a recent illness - you can read all about joy and maggie on the blog.  you can also check out her flickr to see her work and the work of other's that have used the textures so far. 

the textures are beautiful and i cannot wait to play with them.  i hope you will give them a look see...i know there are texture lovers among you...and animal lovers. 

joy and maggie are very special...as is their relationship. 

today on my ipod - sleeping to dream (jason mraz) [i first heard this song on joy's blog], morning has broken (cat stevens), feels like home to me (chantal kreviazuk), come away with me (norah jones), free fallin' (tom petty), heard it in a love song (marshall tucker band), the galway girl (sharon shannon), heavenly day (patty griffin)  [she wrote this as a love song to her dog]

July 19, 2010

a wrap up

it was the best of times and at times, it was the worst of times.  a birthday week and weekend.... how do you ever sum it up.  for those that didn't know, my beloved tony (my cat) passed away last week after 17 years of faithful companionship.  i miss him.  a lot.

on to the birthday celebration.  it was a great weekend - quiet and laid back (mostly like me).  i had lunch with wonderful friends at the asian bistro and carol brought me an assortment of baby cakes.  i meant to take a picture of them but they go so very fast (delicious one-two bite(s) of the most scrumptious cake ever.)  then out to the movie (the sorcerer's apprentice with nicholas cage - very cute), a salad for dinner and a girls night in to watch a dvd (valentine's day - again, better than i expected but still brain candy). 

yesterday was a mish-mash of errands and working on photography homework. (a simple, artistic shot of something complex)  leave it at i was too hot to be breaking new ground.  and then dinner with the family for my birthday - the girls were beautiful.  i hate my nephews couldn't be there...but they were with their dad.  (sad face)

i wish i had some profound or wise words for turning another year older.  but, in all humility - i don't.  basically i think that waking up to face another day is one of the greatest gifts that we have because we are never guaranteed another day and it's up to ourselves to fill the new day with what will help us resolve to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled, of course while treating others well.  so...reflections over the past week months include:  when you think you've reached the bottom, hang on and try to climb back up.  life may (or may not) knock you around a bit - don't wait to be rescued, rescue yourself if you can.  never say no to help though - and ask for what you need - that's not being rescued - it's finding what resources and tools are available to you.  never be ashamed to ask for what you need.  life does go on - maybe not in the way we expected it, but there are many ways to happiness. 

today on my ipod - i feel the earth move (carole king), gravity (angie aparo), tuff enuff (the fabulous thunderbirds), good (better than ezra), suddenly i see (kt tunstall), no bad news (patty griffin), let your love flow (the bellamy brothers), heart in hand (vertical horizon), learn to fly (the foo fighters)

July 16, 2010

it's friday and i love a list (and birthdays too)

psssst...wanna know a secret? well...it's not that big of a secret but i wanted to make sure you knew it too.  today is christina's birthday.  you know christina right, at soul aperture?  the beautiful, wonderous woman that makes you feel instantly at calm and at peace within yourself. yes...her.  so, join me in saying a very big happy birthday to her.

know something else?  she's not the only one having a birthday today....cora is having one too (on the 20th).  you know cora too, right?  she's over at heartfelt and homemade.  cora is the wonderful lady that makes me feel like i'm sitting down with her on the porch steps having a cold glass of sweet tea as we chat over the day's doin's - instant friend.  and both ladies make me want to lick the spoon with their cooking and gaze dreamily into their photography. 

but...i will tell you one more secret that not many of you know....tomorrow is my birthday too (the 17th).  so..let's celebrate with party hats and streamers.  i'll supply the music and you can bring what you like to the bestest of birthday parties.  and the simple things are best...i'll tell you my favorite, simple things about birthdays...

buttercream - scooped up by fingers
party hats
crepe paper streamers
faces full of love around the table
licking ice cream off the spoon
ribbons on presents
blowing out the candles
waking up knowing it's "your day"
balloons filled with helium
party dresses on little girls
children singing "happy birthday"

happy, happy, happy birthday christina and cora....i hope you have many, many, many, many more wonderful days that are filled with wonder, wisdom, love and all of the things that make you blissful and happy.  much love.  xoxox

happy party songs - abc (jackson 5), take it easy (the eagles), silly love songs (wings), build me up buttercup (the foundations), crocodile rock (elton john), falling in love (ub40), only wanna be with you (hootie & the blowfish), brown eyed girl (van morrison), sweet caroline (neil diamond), what i like about you (the romantics), let's go crazy (prince), express yourself (madonna), your momma don't dance (loggins & messina)

the cake i would cook (if i could cook cakes) - apple cake with raisins and a yummy lemon butter cream (for christina) - strawberry cake with a strawberry buttercream (cora) and...of course yellow cake with a vanilla buttercream and plenty of roses for me to freeze and eat later (for me of course!)

July 15, 2010

7-link challenge

photography by susannah conway
passing on a fun challenge that the ever lovely susannah (i adore her writing and photography!) borrowed from darren at problogger.... and she's right, problogger is one of my favorite reads as it gives good insight to what other people are doing, or recently its given me some inspiration....so, without much more ado...

your first post - give into the wave - this blog was initially started after i had taken a big break from myspace.  i needed a place to deal with several demons that i was fighting and it was started as a private journal.  it evolved into my 'safe place' to be myself. 

a post you enjoyed writing the most - on depression because it was a time that i admitted that i had a problem and went on to do something about it.

a post which had a great discussion - knowing the trick.  it seemed that a lot people knew the best cure for what ails you is remembering to learn to breathe.

a post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written - opening my eyes to compassion blind spots.  i have three or four blogs that i follow that write so beautifully and profoundly that i am humbled by their words.  she is one of them. 

your most helpful post - christmas in july - two recipes on one blog....and i tell the secret of my mother's cornbread dressing

a post with a title that you are proud of - at the chime of a city clock - who can go wrong with nick drake?

a post that you wish more people had read - john lennon was a prophet - the one where i try to explain exactly who i am.

July 14, 2010

thoughts of particular insignifcance on a hot summer day

have you had those days where your mind was a total blank and even when your friends walked up, you had no clue what to say?  and the friends that you really appreciate the most are the ones that pull up a chair and sit right beside you (and think the think) .... and you both have a cuppa of some sort and just sit there (coffee, tea...or wine)?  not saying anything but in reality saying it all?

or driven the car for miles and miles just listening to the radio or the road noise.  pausing from time to time to smile or point out something interesting or beautiful outside the window (see that cloud smiling at you?).

or ridden your bike to the top of a hill and then let yourself fly back down without a thought except the sense of freedom, wonder and happiness that flowed through your body like the wind through your hair (it tastes like summer, sunshine and clover).

there is a beauty in the silence...listening to the heartbeat of the world in the ambient noises that surround me.  the murmurs of the voices in the hallway.  and i worry sometimes that i enjoy those more than i enjoy the conversation (but i don't really.) that i'm more comfortable alone than with others (letting myself feel like an outsider.)  and i can't always find the energy to talk about something silly...or even something serious...

and then there are days where i throw off all of these doubts and thoughts (goodbye gray lady) .... and feel the heartbeat of the earth in my chest - bursting to run, fast, fast...and faster still.  collapsing in a heap at the end of the day because it was all so very much life (tingling, fizzing, crackling).  colors...noises...people...things...places...whirling, whizzing and inviting.  electrifying energy - fascinating pieces of the puzzle to put together.

surely there is some kind of middle ground (isn't there?)

July 13, 2010

the wilds

this shot was taken by my brother during his alaska vacation.  what he didn't know while he was fishing for rainbow trout that this eagle was perched about 15 feet over his head. one of the guys let a small trout off the hook and as he threw it back, the eagle swooped in to take the fish. 

he never could get a shot of the fish in the eagle's talons, as the eagle continued to "fish" after the guys stood to watch him.

but wow...i love this shot.  this shot says "freedom" and "majesty" to me.  it's powerful.

i hope you all had a great weekend.  i spent saturday drinking in the beauty of the book "to kill a mockingbird" as it was the 50th anniversary of its publication.  i will upload some shots of the courthouse tonight where we sat, just like scout, in the balcony.  we listened as various people read from the book and the words washed over me.  the sadness, the humor, the truth - all of it through scout's eyes.  after - we could meet the woman that played scout in the movies - even now you can "see" scout in her.  as we left, we asked for directions to a local restaurant and was directed to a catfish house.  we 'just missed' harper lee having lunch earlier in the day...

July 9, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

states i've visited
alabama, arizona, arkansas, california, connecticut, florida, georgia, idaho, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas, kentucky, louisana, maryland, massachusetts, minnesota, mississippi, missouri, new jersey, new mexico, north carolina, ohio, oregon, pennsylvania, south carolina, tennessee, texas, utah, virginia, washington - 31

favorite travel memories
eating apples by lake chelan, snow on the evergreens creating postcard versions of christmas trees, the sun setting over the puget sound, flying over the great salt flats, multnomah falls, the scent of evergreens near mount hood, the colors of the painted desert, the serene yet inspiring lincoln memorial, golden fields of sunflowers somewhere in the middle of texas, the taste of crab cakes at baltimore harbor, the mist over lake martin early in the morning, exploring the garden district of new orleans, a sunrise on the white sands of gulf shores (destin, fort walton, pensacola or seaside), a pond full of pink lotuses and a sunrise, the soldiers guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington, driving through the french quarter with my mom, sister and a friend while singing 'i like big butts and i cannot lie', the sound of thunderstorms outside my window in destin, driving into charleston for the first time, eating sunday lunch at lady and sons with mom, sis and kathy. 

favorite travel books
my life in france, under the tuscan sun, a year in provence, travels with charley, on the road

my roadtrip soundtrack
rest stop (matchbox twenty), grind me in the gears (edwin mccain), fast car (tracy chapman), i am (train), stay on the ride (patty griffin), free man (angie aparo), all for you (sister hazel), go your own way (fleetwood mac), only wanna be with you (hootie & the blowfish), born to run (bruce springsteen), wherever you will go (the calling), where you lead (carole king), where are you going (dave matthews band), drift away (dobie gray), fly me courageous (drivin' n cryin'), take it easy (the eagles), you can sleep while i drive (melissa etheridge)

July 7, 2010

bits and pieces

i'm a single pug mommy this week - my brother is off to the wilds of alaska. i'm hoping he sends back lots of flash frozen salmon and i've been drooling over yummy grilled salmon recipes.

i lived for so long by myself that it was a big adjustment to get used to living with a male roommate. so, this week i'm celebrating being able to walk around in my underwear and eating ice cream for dinner. *smile*

in case any of you didn't see - i'm happy to report that the camera
seems to be fine. i will give a great testimony now of why the 40d is
much better than the rebel (if you can afford the different) - that metal case took quite a jolt with just the battery case door popping off. even the scratches are barely visable. the 100mm however, it's in three large pieces. i can't quite bring myself to toss it in the garbage just yet. it hurts my heart (lol)
on my ipod today - landslide (stevie nicks), beautiful (india.arie), china grove (the doobie brothers), drive (the cars), hanging by a moment (lifehouse), stay awhile (edie brickell), desperately wanting (better than ezra), try a little tenderness (otis redding)

gratitude - sleeping well, getting things moving at work and feeling a sense of accomplishment, the solitude of a separate office

July 5, 2010

where do i begin...

Originally uploaded by CharlaneG
it was the sort of weekend that just wasn't going right.  no big things (until sunday night) just a series of things that just didn't quite work.  it started saturday night when i got dressed up to go with the girls to the re-opened marina bar.  it was fun...until the band started...and they started with pink floyd.  now, don't get me wrong - pink floyd is brilliant...but not so much for a fun outing with a group of girls that were looking for a party.  obviously the new owner's haven't quite married the band to the crowd to the venue.  but...i got dairy queen ice cream on the way home, it wasn't all bad.

sunday is a beautiful day.  i went out and about for a while - picked up lunch and visited with my sister.  then my brother and i decided to head downtown for the fireworks.  i decided i really wanted to make a big effort to do them right this year.  so...we headed to my parking deck where the security guard (bless her heart - truly) proceeded to hassle most everyone that showed up (besides her friends).  making vehicles turn around and not back into parking spaces (mind you - it was a weekend and holiday).  and she was impossible to understand - i'm not kidding.  then she got mad at me because i was taking up a parking space with my camera and tripod.  we tried to comply with everything but then she overheard my brother talking to a buddy of his where he referenced her and her commands.  she went ballistic (i had tried to tell my brother to be more quiet) and started yelling at him in front of everyone on the deck....well, let's just say it wasn't pretty and i was totally flustered and embarrassed.  the buddy turned out to be the shift commander of the capital police and the buddy heard her yelling over the phone and drove over.  not good.  but...she calmed down and my brother calmed down.

so, i started taking shots and was happy but decided to move back about a foot.  as i moved the tripod, i had forgotten to tighten the knob that holds the plate at the bottom of the camera to the tripod and..yes, my camera went crashing to the hard concrete.  my lens ... well, the f/2.8 100mm isn't built for that kind of jolt.  i'm crossing my fingers that it's only the lens.  that all the camera needed repaired is the battery cover/door.  but last night, i could have destroyed my $2,000 camera and $600 lens....all because i wasn't careful.  and i'm just sick to my stomach.

update!!!  well, the good news is my camera is fine.  all it needed was to pop back on the battery cover door.  the bad news....i no longer have a macro lens.  i'm sick about that, but if i could only choose one, i would choose the camera.  not quite as sick...still just kickin' my own butt. i guess that's why they call them accidents instead of on-purposes.

July 2, 2010

it's Friday and I Love a List (late edition)

tonight while i was at the bookstore i found a book called listography:  my life in amazing lists.  so, with that inspiration, i will kick off with

some of my favorite books (in no particular order)
to kill a mockingbird, a tree grows in brooklyn, little women, the secret garden, where the heart is, she's come undone, in her shoes, rebecca....(and yes, i could go on and on)

favorite childhood games
jumprope, life, parcheesi, twister, pretend, tag, mother-may-i, hide and seek

and one from the book....if you could be friends with anyone, who would it be 
(i'm not picking friends i already have and family - they know i love them)
dorothea lange, henri cartier-bresson, mary magdeline, amelia earheart, maya angelou, henry david thoreau, ralph waldo emerson, emily dickenson, jackie kennedy, meryl streep, ina garten, nigella lawson, thomas jefferson, all of you that have helped me along through the years blogging, jimmy stewart, katherine hepburn, nelson mandela, diana (princess of wales), sister husband, josephine march, scout and atticus finch, alice, katherine parr, elizabeth i

one more list...just because everyone seems to like it....
today on my ipod (extended edition) - turpentine (brandi carlisle), hang (matchbox twenty), solitary man (covered by chris isaak), moon river (patty griffin), take it to the limit (the eagles), ain't no sunshine (bill withers), stuck in a moment (u2), crush (dave matthews band), here comes the sun (the beatles), give me one reason (tracy chapman)

July 1, 2010

helter skelter in a summer swelter

it's one of those gray days here where it looks as though it could rain any moment but it just leaves the air heavy and thick.  much like you were trying to breathe slightly thinned peanut butter (organic of course).  i thought maybe we would be blessed with a full rainy day where i could day dream romantic type day dreams as i sit working quietly, but...no.  and the construction across the street seems a bit louder than usual, which might be good as it drowns out the ticking of my wall clock. 

i've been thinking some of the next class theme, which is 'swelter' - a good topic for summer in the south i tell you.  it seems that summer in alabama is the very definition of swelter, which you think of it as meaning 'suffering due to extreme heat'...that is until you try to shoot it.  the shots from last week went over well - it's always interesting seeing what everyone else brings to the mix. 

this shot today is a very old shot - i love the bright blues of the boards covering this old building and the fading paint.  i wish companies still painted logos on sides of buildings.  so many things lost to the tracks of times.  i do wonder what we will miss in 20 or 30 years from now...i don't miss sweater dresses that covered me from head-to-toe or stirrup pants.  i don't miss frizzy perms or my braces.  i'm not even sure that miss rubik cube or members only jackets.  i don't miss high-top reeboks as much as i love my high-top chucks.  i did love the madras plaid shorts but not how big my bottom looked in them.  i never looked right in sweaters tied around my shoulders and a side pony a la chrissy snow never worked for me.  i didn't rock the leotard or leg warmers, but i loved me a torn 'flashdance' sweatshirt and skinny jeans. 

so in 20 to 30 years we will probably miss paperbooks and film...tacile things we can hold in our hands.  will we have the flying cars or holograms that seem real? who knows technology changes within a blink of an eye.  let's hope we won't miss war or poverty, violence or abuse.  and rude people...can we also get rid of rude people?  i'll vote for that.

today on the ipod - shelter from the storm (bob dylan), king of wishful thinking (go west), beast of burden (rolling stones), sea breeze (tyrone wells), i wonder (chris isaak), interstate love song (stone temple pilots).  how random is that list?  (and probably one of the reasons why i was thinking about old ways)

on my desk - three notebooks:  one for planning, one for notes, one for keeping up with my workgroups.  papers to be filed.  a stapler, a ruler, and post-its.  antique sheet music that i wanted to share with a co-worker that makes cards and a coupon for bed, bath and beyond.

gratitude - rain for the lawn, paydays and a quiet no meeting day.