May 22, 2011

a short break....

the tea went well, the photobooth didn't work out as her momma didn't have room for it...though we did take some photographs.  the week has been dance recitals, sending out the first checks for my work program that i'm heading up, the tea (prep and execution) and now exhaustion.  tomorrow i leave at 6:00 a.m. for two short days in baltimore and running back home to be at work so someone else can be on vacation.  *whew*

so much love but...i will be back on thursday.  i miss you guys!

May 20, 2011

the internet hates me.  it does.  it crawls along at a snails pace and when i'm behind, it acts like the recalcitrant child i know it to be.  i know because i was that same child.  the hurrier you wanted me to go the behinder i made sure that i was. 

and the sun is high and bright as i'm dashing out of the house.  lately i always feel like i'm behind the times.  i'm excited for the weekend.  i'm helping with a graduation tea for my pretty little model, christy, and it should be fun.  i need to get the things together for a photo booth that she wants to have.  i've made favor bags for visits to the photobooth - we should have lots of fun.

May 15, 2011

all the cool kids....

in my other life....

i would live in a house shaped like a  triangle on the beach...somewhere warm and happy.  where children laugh and adults giggle and the air smells like warm cinnamon cookies baking in the oven.


and you would come over for simple lunches.  and we would chat for hours while watching the sea and the waves dancing.  the salt would make our hair wild and wooly and we would laugh belly laughs that made our sides ache.

then after sunset, we would go to the carnival and ride the merry-go-round until we were dizzy.  we would sup on wonderful foods and eat with our fingers - never spilling a drop or worrying about being messy.  carnivals are know for that kind of thing you know.  

after the carnival we take a walk on the beach.  there we could stare at the stars, wish on shooting stars and solve the world's problems.  there would be peace and understanding - and somehow we would figure out how to feed the starving children and make mosquitoes turn into butterflies.  because the world definitely needs more butterflies.

then, when we are tired, we would slip into cotton sheets and sleep sweet dreams of happy places and wonderful things.

the life of simple joys, no worries, and plenty of love is for me - the rest is gravy on my potatoes. 

May 14, 2011

the weather predicted rain so i settled in for a sleep in.  but, the weather was wrong and now i feel guilty that i didn't plan better for this gift of a day.  all is green and vibrant.  the kind of green that you think you should say verdant instead.  you know, to show that you have an appreciation for the depth and lushness of the green.

the sky is blue - that beautiful light cornflower blue - with huge puffy clouds floating along.  even the winds are still so they move slowly....slowly... like my body creaking along on wounded knees.

i need to get up and get busy.  maybe take in a movie, get some fun food and go by the nursery - i'm going to dive into the world of succulents this year.  i've been obsessed with hens and chicks for a while.

i'm slowly catching up with all of you writers....boy, give a girl a few days off and you write over 700 blogs between the lot of you.

and if you want to know more about yourself...please check this will know so much more.  

and, check out i want a real love by my fave modern poet, jonathan b tucker.   think i could find the guy version of this?

May 12, 2011


everyday i talk on the phone, sometimes for hours at at time.  i worry because lately i've been at a loss for words here on the blog.  it feels that i just talk so much that all of the words are squeezed out of me, wrung dry and my fingers are parched for want of a rain shower. 

we waited and begged for spring and it seems that summer is almost here already.  weird how that happens - or least it seems to happen here in the south.  we have that small window of springlike warmth and then boom, in comes the heat.  today is the heat....and while i'm wondering. 

have you ever avoided reading a book because the reviews are so good that you're scared the book can never live up to the hype?  i find myself doing that with 'the help'.  i tiptoe around it quietly - looking at the yellow bookcover and caress it time to time, thinking about cracking the pages.  then i put it down again.  it sits on my nightstand in quiet reproach.   

today on my ipod:  somebody else (jeff bridges), wicked game (chris isaak), you found me (the fray), rolling in the deep (adele), drift away (dobie gray), long long time (linda ronstadt), this guy's in love with you (herb alpert), shameless (garth brooks), right in time (lucinda williams)

May 8, 2011

bits and pieces

i finally downloaded shots from the camera that i've taken over the past two (or so) weeks.  funny what can happen that short span of time - there's been flowers, family, funerals, and i'm sure other words that start with the sixth letter of the alphabet.  i'll share some of them the meantime, i'm sending sweet wishes for mother's day - i hope yours was as beautiful as mine.  i made pulled pork and banana pudding - nothing fancy really. 

i saw "something borrowed" last night with a good friend and her sweet hubby spoiled us with grilled steaks.  we brainstormed over an upcoming photobooth at christy's graduation tea. 

May 6, 2011

i forgot

i can't remember where i took this shot - i know it was about a month ago because the dogwood is blooming. 

reading some james baldwin this morning in addition to my normal book that i always have started.  baldwin is always the sort to be "in your face" about stuff but always a good reminder with "not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced." 

it's mother's day weekend so i hope all of you that still have mommas out there squeeze her a bit for me.  for those who's momma's have passed - my heart is with you.  i miss mine everyday, but more so this weekend.

i was going to write more but honestly...i forgot.  hope you're having a beautiful day.

May 4, 2011

resistance, though futile, is also silly

it's late on a day where i've ran late all day long.  except to the noon webinar - i'm the host for the noon webinar and i can't be late.

the pugs snore and curtis stone is talking about food on the television.  not that i'm really paying attention.  the blinds are open to the backyard and as sit here at the computer, i wonder if the neighbors across the viaduct wonder about me sitting here in front on the laptop.  i wonder if they wonder what i'm typing or doing.  i would wonder about them if they sat where i could see them. 

i need to go to bed.  somehow this morning i turned over and turned off my alarm.  when i woke up at 7:30 (i have to be at work at 8:00) i couldn't remember hearing the alarm - a tiny bit of panic set in.  i've been reading my latest book 2-3 pages at a time, barely able to hold my eyes open.  and still i sit here listening to lizzie snore a bit more loudly. 

why am i resisting?  probably because it means a rinse and repeat of today, only on thursday.  life at work has been spent mostly this week on the phone clearing up issues - the easy stuff already cleared up.  i wrote a giant issues list and left it to greet me in the morning.  i also have to finish my remarks for my very first national speaking engagement - i'm kinda freaking out about that.  fortunately it's one of three panel sessions all scheduled at the same time.  maybe no one will pick my panel discussion!  i'm excited and terrified all at the same time.  oh, before you ask - the exciting title of the panel discussion is "successful implementation of your i-apd."