April 11, 2011

catching up

hello friends.  it's early monday and i'm packing to fly to chicago.  yesterday it was 87 here and i read that the high today in chicago will be in the 50s. brrrrr.

as usual, i will be stuck inside a hotel - this time with about 200 people as we struggle to understand how the new rules will effect the state and what we will have to do to make it happen.  oh, that exciting life of health IT.  how did a banker girl get wrapped up in all this glamor?  *laugh* 

these shots are from the last week or so - i think a combination of dashing out at sunset one day and going to the park another sunday.  there is just something dreamy to me about the pink cherry blossoms - they look like tiny cotton candy roses and i was tempted to snack on them...sorta.  the weekend was quiet....mostly.  friday night i had dinner under the lemon slice smile of the moon while listening to acoustic guitar players and chatting with friends.  saturday was spent cleaning and sunday was spent in errands and getting things done to being out of town.  excuse, but perhaps those in charge could squeeze out an extra day in the weekends? 

i'm still obsessed with reading - though none of this week's books were just superduper.  i've started a book page on my blog for those interested in seeing what i've been reading lately.  oh.....and i got these gorgeous felted roses from my friend suzan....i can't wait to make a beautiful pillow with them!  this shot doesn't do them justice but i wanted to leave them wrapped until i can do my work with them. you should check out her shop as she has beautiful things!!!

i hope you're having a beautiful spring! 

for some reason, this reminds me of the snake in jungle book.....what was it's name??  


  1. I look forward to you posting so much...

  2. i wish we had cherry blossoms to snack on...lol
    but you're right, they are beautiful and worthy of wanting to be eaten....

    and omg....i bought the felted flowers/buds from suzann, too :)
    i think some are going on a pillow and a few headbands will be made with the leftovers.....

    and ummm yes, chicago. cold and possibly rainy. blech....but hey, it's chicago and a hotel and a change of scenery :)

  3. love your cherry blossoms...and your description of them is brilliant!!!

    I'm off to check out your reading list!!

  4. Beautiful photos. Every year I'm gonna go visit my sis in Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms, and every year something comes up and I don't go. :( At least I can enjoy your photographs!

  5. it would be nice to have an extra day over the weekend wouldn't it. I think that's the way it should be.
    the cherry blossom photos are awesome - so pretty
    hope your week is nice.

  6. his name is Ka...:)
    LOVE those cherry blossoms - they are gorgeous. now i must check out your reading suggestions - am always looking for a good read (like i have the time to actually read it).

  7. The snakes name was Kaa. :)

    I can't wait to see what you've been reading!

  8. there is just something about blossoms that make a heart swoon, isn't there?

  9. love the light and delicate pink in these flowers! just gorgeous.

    and best of luck in chicago! i hope it is going to be warmer than the 50's! burr! :)

  10. oh thank goodness someone knew the snake name..it would have bothered me all day and then I would have had to google and then reminisce..
    Your pic looks like he is wearing crown to me..

    Bundle up, quick temp changes can mess with you something fierce.
    blossoms are so very pretty :D

  11. Your pink blossom photos are yummy themselves! And the first thought that jumped out at me when I scrolled on to the branch photo was "Snake!" so I laughed when I read that you thought of that too:)

    I do hope you have a moment or two for enjoyment in Chicago....

  12. Gorgeous shots Char! Chicago huh? If you need a restaurant suggestion off the beaten path...let me know. Missing my hometown... Have fun, I love Chicago, even in the rain!

  13. I didn't remember it was Ka until I read the comments. And I've watched the movie somewhat recently!

  14. So lovely! Spring flowers are the best.

  15. I think his name was Ki. And it does look like him.

  16. I love the first dogwood pic. I've been listing my books for a few years now. It's a great way to keep track and I love to see other's reading lists. I've not read any of the ones on your list for this year. Will have to check them out.

  17. Kaa would hissss when he spoke. And your photos really speak to me, Char. They are absolutely lovely. Perfection.

  18. wish i had known, you were going to be near.
    you will love the city.

  19. Such gorgeous shots. Love them. Sigh.

    That branch does look like Kaa! Good times ... :)

    And safe and happy travels to you ...

  20. I'm trying to play catch-up too, and it's slow going. I love your spring images, all pink and white and hopeful. I also agree that week is impeding my creative soul:) Oh well - we do the best we can. I love Chicago - enjoy it!

    Also, I need to send you your little thank you surprise for participating in my own competition dilemma! When you have a minute, send me a quick email with your address and the goodies will be on the way next week! THANK YOU!

  21. so pretty char have a great week well if you can with all the work ahead of you. find some pretty things to snap an escape for you ha

  22. Beautiful photos! As I write this, your week should be just about over. Hope your weekend is relaxing and you feel refreshed by it.

  23. oh, your blossoms are so much further ahead than ours! LOVE that last image with the pink sky... beautiful!

  24. Dinner under the lemon slice of the moon...I love that.
    And I love love love your cherry blossoms! So gorgeous!


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