May 20, 2011

the internet hates me.  it does.  it crawls along at a snails pace and when i'm behind, it acts like the recalcitrant child i know it to be.  i know because i was that same child.  the hurrier you wanted me to go the behinder i made sure that i was. 

and the sun is high and bright as i'm dashing out of the house.  lately i always feel like i'm behind the times.  i'm excited for the weekend.  i'm helping with a graduation tea for my pretty little model, christy, and it should be fun.  i need to get the things together for a photo booth that she wants to have.  i've made favor bags for visits to the photobooth - we should have lots of fun.


  1. you're so right - the internet is that child.

    the party this weekend sounds like so much fun. i can't wait to see some of the results from the photobooth project. hope you can share them.
    have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, so know what you mean about the internet. Fortunately, it's pretty fast where we live, but my in-laws live in a very rural area and it's such a slug there. So painful! Where ever I end up in my second act years, there has to be fast internet!

    Have a great fun weekend! All the other stuff will be there when you get back. So what!

  3. enjoy your graduation tea and have a lovely weekend!

  4. Just stand in line. You're not the only one the internet hates!! LOL...Nice photo, by the way.

  5. Hope it is a perfect time for all. Happy Weekend. :D

  6. I'm always behind too...
    and when it gets especially bad I find myself kind of paralyzed which makes it worse.

    have a gorgeous weekend

  7. OH how totally FUN....a photo booth !!!

    i can't wait to see all the pics !!! and i bet weather wise, it will be FANTASTIC !


  8. Yeah, sometimes I think that the Internet needs a good smack on the behind... :)
    Have fun this weekend; hope you will be able to show us some pics!

  9. This really sounds fun and definitely a party that I would look forward to attending. No staid affairs for you this weekend, m'dear.

  10. I constantly have that battle with being behind, and it's so nice when I can let go of it. Looking at your photo of those pretty flowers helps. Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, sounds fun!
    xo Mary Jo

  11. ooooh, you have super weekend plans! it is good to be excited for the weekend! and i hope it all goes well!

  12. Your writing is very unique and interesting!

  13. Have a wonderful weekend Char! and let us know the details about the photo booth...I love them and just found a photobooth app for the iphone which is so much fun:)

    I don't know if it is the internet or my computer which is so slow but I know it is driving me crazy!

  14. for me, the internet has been that child too long methinks. i need it to grow up some!

    hi, just stumbled in, enjoying my visit.


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