April 19, 2011


this shot - taken with my iphone is at the navy pier in chicago.   

a lot of things have been on my mind lately - kindness, little irritations, if a ladybug is always a lady or does she get a little wild on the weekends, magnolias and gardenias getting ready to burst forth, the love of a family..........you know, this and that.

i've decided that i can be kinder, slow my pace, listen better and probably even eat better.  i can rid myself of negative thoughts better and be braver.  i can work to notice miracles and good things and not be so critical of others.  i could be more forgiving and patient...maybe even smile a bit more.  dispense hugs more often. 

i don't do all of these things often enough and today i want to remind myself that all of these things are possible...maybe i need to keep a card in my pocket.

what would you keep in your pocket?

today on my ipod:  tell me true (sarah jarosz), that's where it's at (sam cooke), empire state of mind (alicia keys), if i die young (the band perry), i and love and you (the avett brothers), happy (sister hazel), hard to please (the weepies), constant craving (k.d. lang), doctor my eyes (jackson brown), dreams (brandi carlisle)


  1. Ha! I love that you even wondered about whether or not a lady bug is always a lady!!

    The notes in my pocket would have a lot about "be here now" and "live in THIS moment". My mind tends to wander down a lot of dead end paths where I find myself stuck once again! (Love your thoughts Char)

  2. You mean besides Riesen chocolates? Well, I would want a reminder card to have patience. I "do not suffer fools gladly".


  3. my grandpa kept a penny in his shoe - he would wear them down so that they were paper thin. his was for luck...mine would be to notice all of the ordinary and remember it as extraordinary. ;)

  4. i would keep a zapper in my pocket to zap me everytime i'm not all those things you mentioned. i need some work too...
    hopefully, i wouldn't have to keep it in there very long :)
    feeling silly today!!

  5. What a lovely thought about the lady bug!

  6. I have all of those reminders written on my fridge. :-) Fruitages of the spirit!

  7. I would keep a dog biscuit in my pocket - for Mags of course! Looks like a lovely trip! I want an iphone!

  8. All the things you desire to be and do are all wrapped in one little message for all of us..
    "Do unto others...as you would have them do to you"
    You're a good friend...
    You're a rock star & a candy bar.
    And I love the way you think.
    But nobodys good all the time..even the lady bug.
    hugs, as always..xo

  9. i could try a lot harder to be nicer. i lost my mind today with a customer service person. it was loud and ugly. i still say i was in the right, but yelling just escalates things rapidly, even if the other person is driving one crazy. SIGH.

    yes, i need to try and be nicer and more patient. SIGH. lol

  10. I'm sure we all can relate to your thoughts...as we all fall short of being perfect. It is good to recognize our faults, if you will, and try to better them. That positive outlook will work and work it will be, as I speak from experience! I'm with Bev and her zapper...gonna ask her where she got hers!!
    For eating healthier I wish you were closer...I would share my over abundance of fresh lettuce with you! It is yummy!!

  11. Your taste in music is the best. I love this post.

  12. I need a reminder to speed myself up ...I have no problme going slow...

    I like to think ladybogs are not ladies every single minute of their lives:)

  13. Loved the ladybug wondering about being a lady.

    In my pocket I would carry a little fairy dust . . . to sprinkle on a sad face, to celebrate a happy moment, to make magic out of ordinary things.

  14. I carry a little angel in my pocket, kinda like a wish stone. I try to remind myself to treat others as I would want to be treated...fairy dust sounds great too. hugs my friend.

  15. oh heck, i could have a whole rolodex of cards with reminders....some days.
    other days, only one would be needed.

    the top card....the most important card....would read BE PATIENT !!!!


  16. HA! Now every time I see a Ladybug I'm going to wonder what she's been up to ... :)

    What would I keep in my pocket ... you know, when my friend moved out on her own her grandfather gave her a quarter. He said as long as she had that, she would never be poor; as long as she had that, it was a reminder--they were only a phone call away if she wanted to come home. She still has it. I like that idea ... a simple reminder of what's important.

  17. Oh I do like your thoughts on ladybugs! Are they ladies?? Ha, I love it.

    I really have to slow down too in a busy time at work. Hardest when busiest, but maybe most important time to pay attention.

  18. *next time i see a ladybug i will feel lucky and a little happier that it is okay to simply be good enough... and in my pocket? love...i always want to carry around love for the offering. thank you for your good thoughts to ponder. -xok.

  19. I would keep a reminder that I love, and am loved, and that life is too short to worry it away. But I do like wondering about the ladybug and her alter-self. Hmmm.....

  20. I would keep the idea to keep reaching for good thoughts, that's what makes everything go smoother and better!

    xo Mary Jo

  21. Hey sweetness....I loved this post.
    I have been having trouble posting comments
    but didn't want you to think I haven't been here...because I have...

  22. What I've been holding tight in my pocket is to actual LIVE life....expierence it instead of marking days off of a calender...

  23. I always liked the ladybug in Bug's life that was actually a guy. Pretty cute. :)

    Most of my pockets have rocks in them and they get used as worry stones. I fiddle with em and use them to remind myself to breathe and be calm.

  24. Chicago looks like a nice place to live. What would I keep in my pocket? A copy of your card, of course! I need to work on ALL of those things. :o/

  25. Hiya, Char. I've felt like I've been running in circles the past two or three days. So my card would say to slow down.

  26. In the fast paced world that we
    live in today it is so hard to
    slow down and take time. We are
    so used to "instant" everything
    that as soon as the thought to
    call someone enters our mind, it
    just as quickly exits the mind.
    I'm with you, I want to slow
    down and take in everything that
    surrounds me. Let's simply stroll
    through life with our heads up,
    whatdaya say? ;)

  27. in my pocket i need to carry lots of patience.

  28. catching up on your blog...always a treat. love the iphone shot and the Pentax film is amazing. Have a Blessed Easter...sending you sunny weather and lots of blooms!

  29. such a beautiful post, char. i am carrying the trust card in my pocket these days. as well as a card that i found on the street, in the rain, yesterday on my way to work. on the card is written this verse from the bible: "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fail." i'm not a religious person but this rings true. so i put it in my pocket to dry for when i need a reminder. also, on my ipod today ... someone like you by adele

  30. I was born in Chicago. Memories... I'm sure I could list many things on my card. One thing that might help with most of the others is something I heard once. It made a lot of sense. Simply stop before I do ____ and ask myself, is this what I really want to do? Sometimes I'm on autopilot and forget I have choices.

  31. I have been thinking similar things...especially with our girls..
    Hmm, I always keep my O-Plump Lip gloss...it's the BEST!

    HAPPY EASTER ...take care sweet Char!

  32. I think it's a wise woman who realizes her own needs as she grows older. So many woman do not, unfortunately. My husband and I were just having this discussion tonight. Taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically as we age is so important!

  33. i think i should carry the same card in my pocket.
    One that i know I especially need reminding of is to choose to think the best of others first.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I've missed my visits her. I feel a connection to the issues you

  34. We do need to remind ourselves often. We know and yet we are not always "noticing" or "aware" and then when awareness comes back it's like a new revelation. I like that we have times like that -- a brand new aha moment or twelve! I think I would keep a stone in my pocket...the weight of which would remind me, like I'm holding something concrete in the palm of my hand! xo

  35. I love your thoughts on ladybugs...brought a smile to my face. :)


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