July 25, 2008

cherries in my coke

This morning I made the mistake of spraying on some lavender body spray way too near my neck. All day I've breathed this stuff until now I have a sick headache that doesn't seem to want to go away.

I made several changes to my blog page, including putting up a slide show of my lastest uploads to flickr. I feel so freaking fancy. I like the new green layout....it feels more serene.

I would totally adore a huge fountain coke right now with that pellet ice and a slice lemon. Doesn't that sound refreshing? There is nothing like that bite of acid in a cold coke when it hits the back of your throat. It's one of those painful pleasure things. I would also like a massage. (can't blame a girl for dreaming)

This weekend I'm going to go some place strange (to me anyway) and sit next to someone and let them tell me their life story - as long as its not too gross. Or weird. I don't really care for full out weird until Flannery O'Connor is writing the story. This is the beginning of a new project if it works out. I've seen that one project where you post a shot that you took each day - but I think this one is meet a stranger a week for me. Unless I chicken out....or something.

We have this guy named Tom at our office. He's in change of the management team that operates our company's nursing homes. He wears a headset all day because he's constantly on the phone. His voice naturally carries because, well, that seems to be his personality but, wow, he really talks LOUD. When he had a health scare last week, I knew all the details before he told the big boss - I heard his discussion with my boss. Our offices have a glass wall and I think he talks loud because of the headset. So the reverb is overwhelming. Maybe it's that whole deaf thing that he can't hear how loud he is....who knows, but damn.

Over the course of writing this I've decided I'm leaving the office at 4:00. I've had all the fun that I can have at the office this week and have wrung that dishrag dry. It will put me in a good mood to leave - like I'm getting away with something sort of naughty. Maybe I will stop and get that fountain soda and instead of lemon, get cherries. Do they still make paper straws?


  1. You new blog layout looks fabulous! And, pellet ice! Yum! I love crunching it, which I'm sure is bad for my teeth, but who cares. I'll probably have to buy new ones later anyway.

    You could get cherries and lime at Sonic, ya know!

  2. Good morning Char! Love the new slide show on your page! Good luck with the "chatting with a stranger" venture . . . THAT would be my worst nightmare, from either point of view. I just do not like people that much . . . except a select few. ;-)

  3. I haven't figured out how to do much on here layout wise. *shrugs* I personally prefer Cherry Pepsi, but fountain soda and weird ice make it ten times better.
    Have you ever walked up to Tom and asked him about something that's none of your damn business but you heard it anyway? I wouldn't be able to resist that temptation.
    Yay for leaving early!!


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.