July 12, 2008

home and JM

Flying home last night I watched the sky go from layers of lavendar to a dark indigo over the course of 83 minutes. Above me were thin gray clouds that melted into thicker thunderheads growing massively over warm humid air. Below me were blobs of cotton that occasionally would thrust a defiant fist at the thunderheads, daring them to clash. There were long snakey rivers winding through the green and yellow blocks of land with splashes of green lakes. At 32,000 feet it's hard to see much more than landscape.

Off in the distance, as the sky darkened, I saw splashes of lightening bouncing angrily through the clouds. Grumpy and strong, it fought to break free of its bounds to lash out before burning out in an instant.

Rolling on to the east the plane droned its constant hum as pieces of conversation drifted in and out of my mind. A vacation, a business trip, a harried mother of three, a baseball team coming home from defeat, and unaccompanied children off to visit grandparents - happiness, weariness, and just working to get through the day. In front of me the guy with long legs decides to push his seat into my lap. I never get that but decide not to let it interfere with my musings.

The flight attendants pass out sodas with mechanical precision. The guy by me has already slipped one attendant some green to get his beer early. Tiny envelopes of pretzels are dispensed along with brights smiles selling chips for three bucks. I pass on the chips.

We land and I'm runover by the guy that had to get to the baggage claim 30 seconds before me to wait five additional minutes. My bright pink tag beckons as I grab and then leave the airport. Another trip behind me. I always learn something on the road - like the possibilities of round rainbows, Little Rock has a beautiful river bluff and that the sky is an endless place of wonder for me.

Today, my sister JM will be here and though I'm exhausted I will rejoice. She is a light in my life and makes my world brighter when we hang out. She's bringing two friends and we're going to some of my favorite places. I am happy.


  1. Happy is such a great place to be, however you get there :o)

  2. "I am happy..."

    The three best combination of words ever!

  3. I have a friend who spent a summer on an archaeological dig in Arkansas, and from what I've heard, coming home must have been better than usual. ;)


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