July 11, 2008

Hello Little Rock

I'm sitting in the Hampton Inn in Little Rock sorta sleepy with tremendously messed up hair because I burrowed beneath the covers last night after setting the a/c to 65 degrees. I wound up asleep at 9:30 because getting up at 5:00 a.m. really kinda sucks. Yes, the glamorous life of the work traveler, right? But...there are many nice things about it.

Yesterday, I saw the most amazing thing while I was flying. A round rainbow. A circle of rainbow and it was so beautiful. The clouds below me were whisps of clouds and who knows why I choose those moments to stare out the window instead of burying my head in my work. But as I stared, I saw a round rainbow following me. The sun was sharp cutting through the clouds and the angle created beautiful pinks and yellows as the plane cut through the dawn air. The rainbow danced along with the plane, peeking in and out as the clouds would thin and then build back up too thick to refract the light. It only lasted five minutes before the plane altered the course enough that I could no longer see the rainbows. It seemed like a dance just for me.

I've always loved rainbows as a child - a reminder of happy puddles of rain and loud thunderstorm tea parties. I miss the screened in porch we had when I was in second grade. My mom would make tea and would let Becky and I make peanut butter crackers to have with our tea. We would sit out on the porch while torrents of rain would bend the trees and misty bits would make our hair damp.

But...I turned my head back to financial spreads and correcting the document before me. But with a lighter heart.


  1. So nice to have those little breaks back into childhood

  2. I've seen a double rainbow, but never one that went all the way around.

    Q: Where does one look for the leprechaun's gold in this case?

  3. Nice, I too have seen a full double rainbow, but never a round one. I guess that's something you need to see from the air.


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