July 1, 2009

uh-oh, she's got that camera again

uh-oh, she's got the camera again
does this shot encapsulate the title without any further explanation? yesterday was my youngest brother's birthday so we celebrated with going to the farmer's market and g.a. was excited to play on the giant slip and slide they had set up for the children. note - never give a child with such a good sense of order and control a set up rules. she will make sure they are followed. there were about six little girls taking turns on this and g.a. made sure that each waited their turn and the slide was clear before then next took their turn. hilarious.


the youngest has starting saying 'cheese' as soon as she sees me. hmmmm, i wonder why? (not) have i told you how much i adore her smile? thought so....sorry (but i do).

ms g.a. has become obsessed with me and marriage. every time i see her she asks how i'm married to. last night when i was trying to explain divorce she asked 'was i sad?' well, no...not any more. 'why not?' it's been a long time. 'you can marry uncle pete'....well no....he's my brother. 'why not?' because you don't marry brothers. 'why not?' well, because. because. have you ever said that to a child? because because. i ran out of explanations.

photographers - do you ever fall in love with a lens? i'm very guilty of slapping on my 50mm and just going. but last night, for some reason, i put on my kit lens (18-55mm) and went to town. i forgot the sharpness and color saturation the lens has. wow. part of the sharpness is shooting at 4.5-7.1 apeture (which I rarely do) and a reminder that not every shot has to be at such a shallow depth of field. it's a good reminder to mix my lens up once and again. I want to try some fireworks photography this weekend - i hope it works out for me.

did i show you this shot? i played a bit with it as the theme just begged for a vintage look.

farmhouse kitchen

i need some yummy options for the 4th (can you believe it's here already??). i am thinking of an appetizer and a side dish for the barbeque (we've having pork ribs). nothing with corn or feta as other dishes have those options covered. i want to try my friend carol's goat cheese spread but i've never roasted bell peppers before. got any ideas?

ps - i discovered this photographer today going through some blogs. great stuff, right?


  1. Love those top 2 photos ... both speak volumes in expression! I know what you mean about it being the 4th already. Wasn't it just Spring? Easter? Planting the gardens? Wow, time is flying! Enjoy ...

  2. OOOooo, yes, I have a winner recipe for a BBQ::
    Roast vegetables-sweet potato,beets,onions,garlic,zucchini,baby tomoatoes(mix with olive oil,parley or corriander-cilantro and salt and pepper before roasting).
    Roast all for approx 1hour and 20 minutes...
    Cook a large amount of plain couscous...chop up all the roast vegetables into 1cm squares...or there abouts.
    Mix in with couscous...it turns a beautiful pink colour...and tastes YUMMY!
    Tell me if you make it.
    PS...LOVE your photos...she will be famous one day-those eyes just draw you into her soul...and you'll have all those wonderful pics of her!
    AND ...I have another GIVEAWAY!
    Wanna win???

  3. you are thr best aunt Char ...why?
    because...just because!! their expressions are priceless...DLyn had a great orzo salad today or yesterday...

    i have a point and shoot...your lens sound amazing.

  4. Ooo, I have seen that look and heard those words. As the mother of 6 and grandmother of 8...ah yes. The lady with the camera lives here:).

    The second photo is priceless - I would fall for that smile anywhere. Incredible skin tones and coloring - great lens choice!

  5. I am addicted to my 55-250mm lens. It's huge, but I don't care! I want to get a macro someday.

    Love the photos...the top one reminds me of my kids...lol! They are sick of my camera.

    Thanks for the link to that blog...cool stuff!

  6. those children...pouty mean face and all are gorgeous kids...OMG !

    and YES...I totally get the lens thing and have been using my 18-55 quite regularly after having shunned it for a very long time....not sure why I put it away or why I got it back out, but I'm loving it!

    {the family photo shoot...all with the 18-55 lens but the kids of late I've used my 70-300 so I can be sneaky}

    and that vintage shot...sorry, my eye went straight to an interesting looking carrot...I guess you know where my mind has been lately :)

  7. oh, these girls are so beautiful! and #1 looks like she means business! i love that!

    i have a recipe for a artichoke quiche appetizer thing that is sinful and DELICIOUS. if it is of interest, let me know and i'll send it to you. if not, no worries!

    and, like you, i cannot believe it is almost july 4. shocking!!! just nuts!

  8. mmmmmmmmmm, send all recipes to my e-mail! LOL I love them.

    I saw the orzo salad but it has feta in it and my sister is making a dish with feta.

    and that carrot? it's really sweet potatoes

  9. Beautiful photos in that link, Char! I like your vintage veggies, too. I don't think I have a lens that I love yet. But I'm working on it.

  10. Both kids' expressions are great! The oldest has already mastered the "teenager" expression. They're both so cute

  11. Oh, that child's smile is just about the most perfect thing I've ever seen! Purely angelic! So glad you got that shot, Char. I don't know a darned thing about cameras, so I read about yours lens like I was reading Greek. I need to learn these things. Happy 4th!

  12. Darling expressions aunty Char!
    It's July already?!!...can't believe it either!

  13. Holy cow, your younger niece has a magical smile! The "why" questions can sometimes get a little tricky. I have a four yr. old niece that asks "Why, Aunt Heather?" to everything I say to her.

  14. i've been using my daughters sigma 300mm 1.4 lens alot lately and i like it. your photos are great no matter what lens you're using. what lens did you use for the second one?
    i hope to get an opportunity for some fireworks shots this weekend too.

  15. L - both shots of the girls were with the 18-55mm. She what I mean about the sharpness of it?

  16. Char, you have a knack for creating such emotion with your shots and the treatments of them. Love the vintage sweet potatoes. Can't decide what looks more delicious -- those or your trademark berry shots! Enjoy the 4th of July -- as much as we did Canada Day today.

  17. i love the first two pictures, the second one especially.

  18. LOL, there's always one in every crowd that insists on following all the rules to a tee....oh, were we talking about me? Thought so.

    Cute girls, as always.

  19. I would be hard pressed to say what you do best,... flowers, still life, buildings, .... children! All are outstanding.

  20. I LOVE the expressions on
    their faces! Yeah, I can't
    tell if my two year old is
    at that age where is loathes
    or loves the camera. I think
    it depends on the day. Too

  21. love a child's inquisitive mind especially when those questions aren't directed at me :)

  22. The 18-55 is the lens I use ALL the time. It came with the rebel film camera I bought. I love it. Put it on Auto and let the camera do it's thing.

    The baby looks beautiful, and g.a looks as bossy and sassy as can be.

    Happy early 4th, hope you have a good one filled with all your favourite foods and snacks and nieces.


  23. that first shot is just magical!

  24. hahaha. i know that look. :)

    if i had the recipe for my hubby's best friend's seafood salad, i would get it for you. it was absolutely delicious. i want the recipe for myself. i could kick myself for not getting it before we left their house. it would have been perfect to make for the 4th.

    if i ever get it, i'll be sure to send it to you.

  25. oh Char, you take the best photos!

    You are so talented.

  26. love the photos of the girls....they are so beautiful! and the photo of the veggies....perfect! BBQ...us, too. Chicken. And the kids wanted baked beans and macaroni....so not hard to please,lol! I love cold pasta salad with peas and onions...mmm!

  27. Even with the grumpy face, she's still gorgeous - they both are. I just love that defiant look!

  28. Beautiful shots. Gorgeous kids. The BBQ menu sounds delicious. It's been a long time since I've been to the farmers market. Have a great 4th.

  29. Look at those pearly whites. She is so very gorgeous!


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