August 5, 2010

august break 02

one of my loves - taken by my sister-in-law
blogger is acting crazy today - i'm not sure why so i couldn't load the shot of the sunset i took on the way home last night (blogger kept turning it upside down).  so i give you one of my precious angels having a good time on the farm.

also, i can't seem to take it off centered. 

i'm home today from nashville where i learned more about changing the face of health care - at really cool food at a localvore restaurant (they grow all of their how veg and fruit and use only organic, wild caught, etc.) - and sweated a profuse amount in this sweltering weather.  i'm attempting to catch up with you all.

today on my ipod - surrounded (chantal kreviazuk), take it to the limit (the eagles), natural forces (lyle lovett), up on the roof (the drifters), wicked game (chris isaak),
feeling good (nina simone), feels like rain (john hiatt), just my imagination (covered by pete yorn)


  1. Your niece is so precious! Hope blogger starts acting nice for you. :) Loving your music today!

  2. she is just that angel!! you have GREAT music taste if I do say so!!

  3. Cute and sweet....
    So are you the one to get us out of this health care mess? =)

  4. She is absolutely adorable Char...
    Health Care...hmm, we have it REALLY good up here and over in the UK...making it National actually isn't a bad thing:-)
    BUT...I think change is also very scarey for a lot of people.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. I'm not having that particular problem with Blogger. My problem is having too much space where I don't want it.

  6. Hmmm . . . always interesting stuff on that iPod of yours. I don't know about blogger acting up bc I use Windows Live Writer. Blogger used to make me nuts so I quit posting with it for the one blog.

  7. She is so beautiful!! Have a wonderful day!

    xo Erin

  8. It's been a while since I've hopped over! Nice to "see" you my dear :D

    We have a newish localvore restaurant in town called Proper Southern Food that I have been craving an absurd amount, I would eat there everyday if I could! haha

  9. oh blogger can be so finicky!

    love the picture. she is a QT!!!!!

    hope your friday is less sweaty! and mine, too! ha

  10. lyle lovett, nina simone...let's be best friends!

    xo Alison

  11. It's even hot and muggy up I can only imagine what you are going through!

    Your niece is such a cutie!

    Stay cool:)

  12. wow...sounds like blogger was totally trying to mess with you....

    but hey....your sweet little love is the perfect photo to entertain us with !

  13. i see excitement in her eyes. such a cute little girl.

  14. She's so adorable!

    I've been having issues with moving pictures lately. It's been weird.

  15. Beautiful photo - it captures quite a bit of personality, I think:). And I know what you mean about blogger. I was working on a very important post yesterday, and part of it simply disappeared! I finally was able to recreate it, but it was very frustrating.

    My daughter just sent me a CD mix, and I love your idea of posting your music selections. I'm playing with some ideas which are springing their way across my cob-webby brain:).

  16. such a cute photo :)
    the restaurant sounds wonderful....and i do love chris isaak!

  17. What a little sweetie! She is going to grow up into quite a beauty, me thinks.

    Wishing you a cool breeze to keep that heat at bay.

  18. How precious. I've heard several having issues with Blogger today. Hope it gets better. I've not had a problem...fingers crossed.


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