August 7, 2010

it's friday and i love a list (august break version)

i would guess that post a friday post on a saturday would be the sort of thing i could do on an august break. 

favorite driving songs:
1.  take it easy - the eagles
2.  tiny dancer - elton john
3.  lunatic fringe - red ryder
4.  radar love - golden earring
5.  boys of summer - don henley

things i love about being on the road:
1. the usatoday crossword
2.  hot waffles on the breakfast bar
3. new people, places & things
4.  king bed & four pillows

things i love about coming home:
1.  the dogs greeting me at the door
2.  sleeping in my bed
3.  the box fan
4.  not living out of a suitcase

today on my ipod - broken (angie aparo), lonesome town (rick nelson), you're beautiful (james blunt), melissa (allman brothers), amber (311), your winter (sister hazel), every little she does is magic (the police)


  1. It all sounds perfect to me, have a wonderful Sunday, love the photo Char.

  2. Radar Love!!!!!! One of the best songs ever. Good for singing at the top of one's lungs. You rock, Char. xoxo

  3. I love it! A Friday post on a Saturday is just the kind of thing I would do.

  4. i adore making driving mixed CDs. elton is a staple. i think my future children will come out of the womb singing "amoreena".


    xo Alison

  5. King bed, four sounds so decadent....and nice.

  6. no matter how great it is away - there's nothing better than coming home and sleeping in your own comfy bed

  7. mmmmmmmmmm waffles.
    I can almost smell them.

    It's been a long time since I've had waffles...I think this is going to develop into one of those cravings that won't go away until I do something about it.

  8. Funny, I like to be on the road... and like to come home!!! lovely pic. :)

  9. I love to read your lists. They are always so interesting! Fun to go places, but always better to come home.

  10. I love that part of travel, coming home to my own bed.

  11. I love traveling but there ain't nothin like my corner of the bed with my 3 dogs on top snoring away (that is why I am in the corner)

  12. i love your friday list but most of all i like to see what you are listening to.

  13. Great lists, Char! I definitely agree that Radar Love is a great driving song...if you don't get a speeding ticket!

  14. #2 on coming home....ALWAYS my favorite part....always !

  15. Great song list! Hoping your weekend was wonderful!


  16. you summed up the joys of traveling and returning home so well!

    love that golden earring song. fabulous!


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