August 1, 2010

it's friday (so it's really sunday) and i love a list

we're interviewing for an assistant and there are 51 times, right?

things overheard during interviews:  
1.   my weakness point is i can be a bit lax sometimes, but i'll get the job done.
2.   my current supervisor doesn't like me to take initiative or ask questions, but all i'm doing is trying to help
3.  i've never done that before, on any of my jobs, is that required?
4.  my weakness point is a strong point, really. 
5.  everyone is human, everyone has weaknesses, even you.
6.  i would access my grammar skills as real good.
7.  can i give you a hug, i feel as though we really connected.

last night we went to see dinner for schmucks - with steve carell and paul rudd.  though i found myself groaning sometimes, overall i thought it was really funny too.  i didn't laugh as hard as i did with the hangover or there's something about mary, it still was great entertainment for a saturday night.  (plus i think Zach Galifianakis is one of the funniest people currently out there)

we saw a really great blues band (delta moon) thursday night.  my poor sister, i give her hell.  i really don't like the place here that has the great blues's dirty, small and overpriced and i really hate that it's usually a minimum of $50 anytime we go there to hear a band.  i need not to be such a brat. 

today on my ipod - constant craving (k.d. lang), mexican wrestler (jill sobule), all i want is you (u2), sounds of silence (simon & garfunkel), crazy love (van morrison), 32 flavors (ani difranco), she talks to angels (black crows), love is hell (ryan adams), slip away (the commitments), don't change horses (derek trucks), king of pain (the police), when i fall (barenaked ladies), life in the storm (edwin mccain)


  1. Oh too funny...really, what do you say when you are asked that question? "I don't really have a weakness." LOL!

  2. i laugh it off because it's a trick question and then admit something like, i can be too anal sometimes.

  3. I just love #6!! :-)

  4. I agree with jillsy...
    #6 is a do the interviewers keep a straight face???? LoL
    Grammar is worser now that it has ever been...grin.

  5. I can't believe some of the things that people say! At least she's admitting to being lax...and if her weak point is the strongest she has, then you are in trouble! Good luck with this riot...LOL. If I show up for the interview, would you recognize me? That would be so funny if you didn't and I played you in the interview! Good list no matter the day!
    heehee... =o)

  6. Job interviews give me hives wondering what kind of questions I'm going to be asked.

    #6 is my favorite! I hope I never say anything like that one or #1...although it might be true.

  7. Here's my list...
    1) if i were in your neck of the woods i'd apply for the job and wow you into hiring me.
    2)want to see Dinner for Schmucks.. has my fav funny men in it...
    3)love blues bands and beer.. my fav combination.
    4)I'm noticing a lot of U2 on your ipod, I love love love the Commitments, i have the cd and it's one of my up there movies of all time.
    5)King of Pain is so awesome.. i know i'm due to be married to sting in a future life!! :)

  8. oh i have to struggle hard to keeo a straight face at interviews sometimes. i cannot believe the things people come up with sometimes!

  9. 51 candidates.... you work in HR ?

    and i could practice being less snotty sometimes, too :)

  10. Interviewing is hard. Good luck.

  11. I used to be an executive recruiter...the things people say...

    Love your ipod list constant craving is such a great song!!!

  12. I LOVE your list - Even you make mistakes! Wow! And Heck yeah to 32 Flavors - what a GREAT song. Ani Di Franco is Ah-Mazing!

    xo Erin

  13. interviewing for a new assistant in my division and there are 51 candidates...i wish i could give it to someone i know.

    so funny what people say for sure. :)

  14. 51 candidates that you see in person? Wow. That seems like a very bad idea. Hopefully it brings you the perfect assistant.

    She Talks to Angels...brings back memories. Thanks.

  15. this is hysterical! I remember one of my first interviews...and I actually brought my one year old daughter with me:)...I got the job too:)

    Did contestant #7 get the job?

    Just wondering how you make your ipod it what comes up when you hit Shuffle?

  16. LOL! I'm guessing those seven resumes hit the round file! Lordy!

  17. those are some hilarious interview lines - loved number 6

  18. love the blue tones of this photo! hope you had a great weekend.

  19. Your list cracked me up. I've been on interview committees when the district was hiring new teachers, and I'm amazed at some of the things they say, and wear! That's another post entirely!

  20. loved the responses to the interview questions. lol
    it is a catch 22 question. my response would depend on the mood i was in--if i was confident, it would be witty, otherwise, it would be lame.

    thanks for sharing, visiting and commenting.


  21. oh funny and can i give you a hug ha ha gotta love that one

  22. Oh, crap. You're not going to hire the hugger, are you?!! Can you imagine saying some of these things? 'I would access my grammar skills as real good'. Maybe people are just plain nervous and crap pops out of their mouth.

  23. oh. my. goodness.

    hugs after interviews...brilliant! just think how nice everyone would feel afterward.

    it could catch on...

  24. oh i laughed so hard at that list...
    too funny.

    so...did you get the hug?


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