December 28, 2010

dc on the quick

two weeks ago, i was in dc for a series of meetings about health information technology and exchange - oooh, sounds fancy and boring right?  *smile*  due to the thin southern blood i have, the length of the meetings, and the bone chilling dc weather - my photography ops were rather thin.... here are the few i got.

you know, 6:00 a.m is pretty early in the morning if you ask me 
the view from 13A (i usually pick this row so superstitious people will leave the row empty - you would be surprised how often i have a row to myself)

breakfast at old ebbitt's (?) grill (daughter and niece of my co-worker)

looks like they were ready to go somewhere - see the snipers on the roof???  sorta scary!

the white house christmas tree - in the gray, flat light of the morning

later that day the clouds cleared and the wind howled...i decided not to wait to go up

waiting to hail a taxi - the view was beautiful

one of the days was an "un-meeting" - very new-agey and unstructured.  i learned to attend sessions as either a convener (leader), member, butterfly or bumblebee.  i also learned about the law of two feet.  very empowering in some ways and very....weird.  it was great to open dialogue but not so great in knowing what was going on in other groups.

kay-kay smiled no matter what - taylor on the other hand was rather miserable due to the cold.  i think i looked that way too.  this also was their second day without luggage so that added to the misery - the luggage was delivered later that day.

waiting on a taxi to get to reagan airport - the roads were slush and taxis were hard to come by

i worried that the flights wouldn't make it out - turns out mine was the only one that did on time.  another reason i prefer usairways to other airlines.


  1. You were in my neck of the woods! I wish I'd known... And the meeting subject sounds kinda interesting actually. I hope you had a good time despite the cold (it was unseasonably cold if I remember correctly).

  2. Aren't you glad you went when you did... & not now!! - Just saying'!
    Hope you had a great quickie!

  3. Oh, you make me miss being there! Those snipers are ALWAYS on the was one of my boys' favorite activities to try and spot them anytime we were near...and the Washington Monument was one of my favorite things to finally do - I'm terrified of heights, and had put it off for almost the entire 2 years we were there. Turns out, it's completely not scary, no swaying, etc...just excellent views 360...

  4. thanks for the quick tour!

  5. Oh these photos do look so windy and blue and cold! You captured the chill on camera well:)

  6. Looks like it was beautiful (although very cold--brrr!) I love that last shot, the graphic element is really wonderful! Hoping you are staying warm, is it snowing where you are? It's raining buckets here in sunny california.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. it did look cold glad you were home safely ..great shots char

  8. love the photos, even love the 13A idea...very smart me thinks. glad you made it home safe and sound. hugs.

  9. oh how i adore d.c.! i need to spend a weekend when the weather is nicer :)

    xo Alison

  10. Such wonderful shots Char!! Wishing you a very happy New Year! xo

  11. Wow, girl. You do know how to travel. Good pics, all!

  12. I have always considered 13 to be my lucky number...however I am not superstitious at all!
    Burrr....I get cold just looking at these great pix! Glad all went well for you!

  13. Love these! Those snipers were there a few years ago when we went with the kids... and we loved eating at Old Ebbett's Grill, too. One night we ate at Van's Steak House, where my daughter ordered chicken parm, and then proceeded to eat all of my husband's steak instead... that is still a favorite family story. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful New year!

  14. Thanks for the dc glimpse. I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I thank you that you have always stuck with me through my blogging ups and downs and I always find inspiration and friendship here.

  15. wish we could have met up for a hot chocolate and a wander while you were here. another time...

    wishing you a wonderful 2011, a year to fill your heart and home with contentment, laughter, love and joy.


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