December 26, 2010

when it's all said and done...

it's over so quickly it seems.  oh, i know the consumerism is a slow build up and the hunt for the hot toy seems impossible, but when it comes down to the basic wonderful things about the holiday, they flee too fast.  like quicksilver through our fingers and motes that float away on a sunbeam. 

like another friend, i'm stopped taking a lot of family photos during different events because, well, it felt as though i was observing instead of participating.  and with time fleeting so very fast, i wanted to tight to the moments as they happened.  but i will admit there were times that i wished i had the camera in my hands during the night.  another reason i've put the camera down is most of the events lately have taken place at night and i really dislike fiddling with the flash attachment.  (an excuse....sort of)

but this moment had to be recorded as gigi pretended to take a bit of her gingerbread house.  this girl is a hoot and was hyped up with the promise of presents and sugar - - not necessarily in that order.  she's been such a fan of my camera that i bought her a camera for did her mom and dad and another aunt.  a quick swap with santa (aren't i lucky?) netted me a blizzard maker instead for her.  her sweet sister loved the dress-up clothes and she flitted through the house wearing her fairy wings.  the boys loved the cash -- of course the difference in ages means they no longer get toys.  *pouty lip*

the cold weather has put me into a cooking frenzy.  so far i've made hash brown casserole (for our dinner), santa fe soup (for comfort) and shrimp and grits (for yumminess).  if i had any room left, i would seriously consider a pound cake....however, there is some red velvet cake that still has my name on it.  snow flurries have fluttered all day - my brother was stir crazy enough to go out to the woods.  me?  i've been in my jammies and have considered naps today.  perhaps now? 

i hope you had a beautiful christmas.  mine was low key and perfect. 


  1. is the snow sticking ? are you really going to have some "white" like our weatherman said you were going to have ? oh i wish you would....because yours would only stay a day or two.....and everyone loves snow for a little bit.....

    i know what you mean about the my entire family rolls their eyes at me....sheesh.

    and the fact that it's over and done with so quickly....isn't that the truth. after days and weeks of planning....POOF.....gone.

    so 2011 here we come...ready or not !!!

  2. Naps, I love naps...and such a glorious time the holidays are to allow us nap time! I completely get the leaving the camera and participating rather then just recording...but it's also great to have the memories captured on film- moments are so fleeting and lives so day you might wish you had taken photos of a special event you'd like to look back on and remember- even if the photos were taken with flash (which I also totally get)
    The food sounds wonderful, have eaten way too much here also but feel we've made smarter choices this year and didn't bring as many snacks into the house thankfully- and baking....I've made one batch of cookies and some cinnamon rolls...not much to brag about but it's something rather then nothing.
    Hope you get that lovely nap...I'm off to bed myself- for hopefully 8 hours...
    Hugs from Norway

  3. Snowing like crazy here on the night after Christmas. Very low key but it's thwarted our travel plans to the south tomorrow. Waiting the extra day will leave us only two days visit time with four days driving time. Not worth it, I tellya!

  4. We had a lot of fun with the kids. Too much excess in everything. Too much of a good thing is wonderful...
    But Christmas to me just ain't what it used to be....I did'nt take any pictures either.
    Oh well, there's always next year...
    Happy New Year

  5. the snow didn't stick here - but it did about 90 miles to the north of us. but, as i sit shivering, i hope the roads are dry and do not ice up so i can get to work in the morning.

  6. I had a wonderful Christmas...for the first time in years! Yes, low key...but filled with laughter and happiness. I hope you have a wonderful New Years and many blessings in 2011!

  7. i get that with my camera at family gatherings too. you have to go back to work so soon? i thought you got a little bit fo a break at christmas time?

  8. This sounded wonderful.
    Ours was pretty low key . The kids are older so there isn't the crazy piles of presents , they sleep in , and yes, even a nap is possible :).

    Love that photo. And I haven't taken any, but my girls did so I'll have to upload them and see if I can "borrow"

  9. Your niece with ginger colored hair is adorable! I'm glad your Christmas as so nice.

    As to the snow...I can hear it dripping off the roof as I write. It will be gone in a few more hours I expect.

  10. Aaah, it sounds perfect! So was mine ... and I hope to keep it going for at least another week! :)

  11. mmmmmm-mmmmm-mmmm
    what a delicious post...


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