May 18, 2008

bad wine, good music and happy weather

Yesterday I was alternately excited and then not so excited about going to a somewhat local winery to meet-up with a few friends and listen to some jazz under the stars. Excited, well because it was something different. Not so excited, well....because it's a fairly new group of friends and I'm still trying to figure out my place in the synergy that makes up a larger group of women and their assorted significant others. Turns out, newlyweds don't like to leave their husbands on a Saturday night and it also turns out, newlywed husbands don't really care for jazz under the stars.

So, here are the results of the final decision to go: (1) Wine - ewww, basically reminded me of a more potent Boone's Farm variety. I didn't pick it...bottles were $16 each (that should have been my first clue about the quality) so the woman splitting with me picked it. (2) Food - pretty good. Limited selection but the Texas caviar (black bean salsa with black eyed peas mixed in) was very yummy. (3) Music - very nice for a local band. A good selection of The Temptations, Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Tracy Chapman....well, you get the idea. (4) Company - good, a good selection of professional women and some with spouses. (5) Gas - OUCH. But in the end, I guess it was worth the $16 it took to drive there and back.

So, Saturday was a success. Sunday was a lazy day - I cooked some INCREDIBLE pasta. I had to look for someone to slap it was so good. Turns out, it just pissed the cat off is all. I'm still fat and sassy for that.

A good weekend - spend with some good friends. The weather was one of those wonderful things that make you happy to live in the south.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.