May 8, 2008

Life goes on....and on

And a month later I rose for air. I have been buried under a deluge of work...tedious, eye-killing, mounds of work. But - in all of the chaos I've found that I'm good at something, my job. Sure, it's the one area that I've had confidence about myself. But with the curve balls of the past couple of months I had faltered and stumbled. Though, I'm late...I'm done with my first publishing of my deal. In less fancy financial talk - I told the lender what the borrowers were doing last quarter.

Life seems to be a lot more hectic these days. Where I used to flounder and struggle to keep myself amused at times, staying alone in my alone-ness, now I find I have things to decide upon and which to do. I think maybe this weekend, that's a good thing. It will be six-months since mom died and Mother's Day. I'm going to plow through it and move along.

So, what are my lessons learned lately. I'm as busy as I will let myself be. I really can do something if I put myself into it. Alone is okay. Alone is pleasant most days.

I've started keeping a day book modeled on another blogger that I admire. Here is the latest page out of mine:

Outside my window: it's cloudy with bursts of heavy rain - the glass looks like tarnished silver.
I am thinking: how happy I am that the quarter is published and I can get back to a sense of what I need to do.
I am thankful that: all loved are healthy.
From the kitchen: my cupboards are bare and I need to go to the grocery on the way home.
I am creating: a portfolio
I am going to be working on: the piles of paper on my desk
I am wearing: black pants, white cami, black polka-dot jacket and I've kicked off my heels.
I am reading: nothing currently, perhaps I'll go to the bookstore too.
I am hoping to watch: Ugly Betty.
I am hearing: the hum of the air conditioner and the pelt of the rain hitting my window. There are subdued quiet voices in the far background and my fingers are clicking sporactically on the keyboard.
Around the house: is clutter since I haven't been home much this week. I'm wondering if I should turn the day trip to Atlanta down in favor of cleaning the clutter.
One of my favorite things: baby toes.


  1. I miss you already. Glad to see things are going well.

  2. Sometimes keeping busy is my saving grace. It acts as a form of meditation. I really like that Daybook idea!

  3. keeping busy is a saving grace - I wonder how to survive certain waves but then I push on through.

    Megan - I miss you but not the myspace world. I feel more at peace here.

    Mimi - the daybook has helped keep me on track with my inner workings.


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