May 13, 2008

inner workings

I've come to realize that.....well, a lot of things really. There are many unsolved mysteries in this world but I'm not one of them anymore. I've turned myself inside out and have mostly figured how what makes me tick and what pushes my buttons. Not that I don't get frustrated and angry with myself with I try to make something work and it doesn't.

There are those moments then when I want to fling something across the room and swear in my very loudest voice. *sigh* And then I want to sit and cry at myself. So angry, so tightly wound, so .... just so..... The three-year-old girl in me wants to kick and scream. But, I'm an adult. Those things are really solving nothing, right? Neither does a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream but it feels almost as good.

No, I'll never understand most other people but I have a better handle on myself. These days...or maybe just for today. Who knows?


  1. I think having yourself figured out makes all the difference in the world. I also don't think that there is anything wrong with throwing something across the room. There's nothing in the world as therputic as the sound of breaking glass.

  2. Throwing stuff and kicking and screaming burns calories, Ben & Jerry's packs them on. Just something to think about. :)

  3. :) yeah, the big boss is pretty much an idiot this week. it's crazy. a good day to be out of the office today.

  4. If you have yourself all figured out, would you like to have a go at me?

    I'm broken, for sure, and I need to be fixed.


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