May 28, 2008

wow - what a week

It's hard to believe how long its been since I've written anything besides a business report. I've even neglected my daybook, which I didn't really want to do. Last week was crazy at work and this week doesn't look much better. What did I learn last week? I've been trying to really discover the lessons in well, everything.

Good things: I know my job..very well, actually. I hate where I live, more and more every day. That will have to change. I know I put that under the category of good things, but it is a good thing even though hate is involved. Maybe that will light a fire under my ass.

Bad things: I'm too old to feel this damn tired. I've let exercise or healthy eating go by the wayside and as a result, I'm exhausted. The depression killed a lot of the caring about my appearance so I have to get back on the wagon. The on-going battle with mom's storage unit has about done me in - especially weird was the call on my cell phone asking for my mother. Luckily I was in town last weekend and it's resolved. Time will tell about that.

Did I tell you my nieces are so smart? Well they are. know. Accept my word for it. My nephews are too. They just older and don't play so much with me. The youngest nephew works really hard and his grades reflect that. The oldest nephew, I fear, is way too much like his aunt. Relying on inate ability can burn you sometimes. He's learned some hard lessons this year. I wish I could embrace him and take it all on me...but some lessons have to be learned by the person. I can reach back and hear my mother giving me the same exact advice. I didn't listen either.

The last two days have been quite insane. I awoke at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday to fly to Chicago to drive to southwest Indiana and make the slow trek back seeing about 15-20 nursing homes in two days. I worked until 9:30 last night and fell into bed exhausted. My cell phone kept altering between central and eastern time as I danced close to borders. It was very difficult at times to tell where I was except on a country road between wheatfields. I saw a giant wind farm that was awesome to see. I wish I had time to stop and photograph it. I tried a windshield shot but it was not so great. Then there was the insane dash to Chicago to catch my Southwest flight. (I hate SW by the way)

So, tonight, it's feet up and relaxation. Hope your week is better than mine.

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  1. My whole life has been pretty weird recently, switching between up and down and somewhere in the middle - which is probably the best.

    Rest easy myfriend.


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