June 27, 2008

lil' cuties

Last night I got the pleasure of going out with a new group of people to take shots and parents generously volunteered their children to be shot, urrrr, photographed. I felt like the noob with a lens everyone was coveting but I didn't know what it was. I just knew how much it cost. But last night, under the tutoring of some folks that knew what the hell they were doing - I felt like a portrait maker. Even the humidity didn't bother me (that much).....

I love reconnecting with my inner photographer that doesn't care about perfection or the many worries that comes with publishing ... but just the joy of the shot and the fun in editing. I listened to the professionals as they talked about how tough it was to make a living at photography. How stock photographers are only paid about a buck a shot. How many weddings you have to shoot a year...and I absorbed. Then they asked me, what was my area of interest....

Me? I'm proudly a hobbyist. In the past whenever I've tried to make money at a hobby all of the life was sucked out of it and I looked like, well an old lemon husk after the lemonade stand was shut down. I enjoy what I dabble in and I have serious CAS (canon asquistion syndrome).


  1. These are great! What sweeties!

  2. they were the cutest...until they got tired. LOL

  3. I was contemplating developing CAS. I still am :)

  4. Ah...another Canon shooter:). That's fabulous. As are your photographs. I love the shots which capture personality...you have done so here. Have fun...breathe deeply...soak in the challenges. And enjoy. Simply enjoy each moment.


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