June 22, 2008

Ups and Downs

Up - awoke at 3:30 with this urge to take sunrise shots
Down - fell back asleep and didn't get out of house until 7:00

Up - decided to go to botanical garden to practice shots with 100 mm lens and capture some bokeh
Down - batteries died about 50 shots in as the idiot didn't recharge the batteries (even the spare)

Up - drove by french bakery and my favorite green olive boule was on special today. also bought ham & Jarlsberg croissant
Down - was out of milk and had to go back out to store so I could drink coffee with croissant

Up - went by Zoe's for chicken salad to go with olive bread
Down - the pasta salad I also purchased was too filled with basil (who knew there was too much basil?)

Up - uploaded Lightroom with no problems
Down - still having problems with CS3 (but that will get better)

Up - productive afternoon cataloging old photographs
Down - some old photographs can make one cry

life is ups and downs. The ups more than make up for the downs lately.


  1. Funny how life gives us these, huh? Someone told me a long time ago that the bad was necessary, and I got mad at them, lol - but I later realized that they were right. If there wasn't the Bad, I guess there wouldn't be Good. Bummer, that....lol! Love your post :) and sorry about your troubles with your software! :(

  2. All those ups had great food - things are looking upper and upper :)


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