June 18, 2008

tiny little obsessions

photoshop and textures.....and the feel of vintage photography.
cherry limeade with extra cherries.
my nieces.
the michael kors that is staying in the store....but I visit it often.

  • stories about love found after years of longing.
  • motown.
  • my quest for the perfect flats.
  • fresh vegetables.
Today I opened my front door and a cool breeze riffled through my hair and a small intake of breath happened before I could stop it. I smiled and thanked the sky for its blessing. Tonight there will be a full moon and maybe I can gaze for a while.

Last night I talked to a friend about cleaning drama from my life and realize, my life has been drama free for a while. I like it. I'm finally a grown up where the words "yes" and "no" bring me simply happiness without agony of indecision or pleasing.

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  1. No indecision? Bliss. I've got decision overload. I'm bored with all the yes and nos I have to decide.


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