July 16, 2009

snail mail

i've kept myself busy this week - cooking, cleaning (a bit) and then out to see mr. potter for lunch yesterday. a lot of people have complained about this harry as it leaves out some points and alters a few others but, have you seen the book? who could put it all in one tiny 2.5 hour movie? anyway - it seems that is always the complaint of people (like me) that read the book and then see the movie. i sometimes consider it should be the other way around so i can easily imagine what the people look like as i read the story.

i broke one of my key rules this week - i deliberately read a book that i knew would probably make me cry. and i think knowing that - i didn't really cry. weird. some of my friends are doing the 30 secret in 30 day things and i thought about it. but then i thought i don't really have that many secrets. not really. so i won't bore you with that.

i must go - i must sit down and write letters - real ones. you know with an ink pen and everything. do you know how hard it is to find cute stationery anymore? it seems so many people are using electronics that you can't find cute paper either. so write someone people - use some paper, bring back jobs!

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.


  1. LOL. Good luck with the photos today. I can't wait to see what you see. =]

  2. I'm hoping to go see it tonight. I haven't read the book since it came out and I have a habit of remembering only the highlights and not the details of a book (which lets me enjoy it over and over) so hopefully I can love this movie as much as the others.

    30 Secrets is hard to come up with but if you start to really ponder on it you may find they start coming to you. I'm about 1/3 done.

  3. One cool thing a creative artist like you is to make your own stationary and print it out and then write on it with, imagine, a pen! Your blog page looks like great stationary to me! I swoon when I get real letters in the mail!

  4. here is me not cleaning. write those letters, girl! paper, stamps, envelopes, and pens/pencils...lots of jobs.

  5. You are right about not being able to find any good stationary. Good Luck! and yes, your background looks like beautiful stationary.

  6. Char have a good time taking pictures...maybe a new place to go or see. Have fun!

  7. i

  8. Before I moved back home, I'd given a stationary set to my niece(she was 7-8 at the time) and we were pen pals. When I came back, I lived with her and the family for a while, and she'd pull out that stationary and slip notes under my door. It was so sweet.

  9. Hooray for letter writing! I noticed the other day that Barnes & Noble had some pretty note cards, but not really paper stationery. Enjoy!

  10. I glad to hear someone still writes real letters besides my mama! :)

  11. i've still not seen a single harry potter film or read a single harry potter book. i know . . . i live under a rock. :)

    i like to here that someone is writing a good old-fashioned snail mail letter. such a lost art. and i'm sure you write very good ones. they are a treasure from anyone, for sure.

  12. I went to see the movie yesterday as well and thought it was pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of the books (I know, tie me up, lock me in the dungeon and throw away the key). But I have a very strict rule that I read the book before I see the movie, otherwise I don't like it. But that only applies to books that I plan on reading!

  13. I cannot wait to see it!!
    My fav book from the set was Order of The Phoenix. I liked how the Order came together. It was exciting.
    In the movie it was rounded up in the first few minutes and I felt a bit cheated....but as you said...they can't squish it all in. My bladder wouldn't be able to take it!
    ps - I steer clear of sad books/movies too. I have a rule that I cannot under any circumstances watch a movie about old people, sick children or animals.

  14. As few can read my handwriting, I rarely use a pen anymore. When my son was in second grade, I had to re-learn cursive handwriting with him. I had completely forgotten how to write the letter 'Z' in cursive and was a wee bit embarrassed to admit it. But I do love receiving cards from friends with beautiful handwriting. The tinier. The better.
    As for Potter, my son has read all of the books and is waiting to see the new movie. It just arrived here yesterday and we'll hopefully see it this weekend. He's a big fan.
    p.s. hydrangeas? so pretty.

  15. no harry potter for me....
    I've never really been into that as my kids were just past the right age for it and as an adult....just not really my thing....but I have seen two of the movies just out of boredom of nothing else being on our movie channels....

    and letters...good old letters....awe such a sweet thing to do and I love to write them out when I have time...

  16. oops...and me too on that 30 day secret thing...I really don't think I have 30 secrets or even 30 interesting things to share about myself....

    I might try to make a list and see what happens...I love making lists....see, there's #1 just like that :)

  17. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie...maybe Saturday afternoon. I was late reading the books but once I started I was a fan.

  18. I must be the only person on the planet that never got bit by the Harry Potter bug. For some reason they just didn't catch my attention. I really feel left out! haha! Re: stationery,.. I used to love to have several boxes of different designs and pick the one that best matched the person I was going to write to. I hadn't thought about that,.. interesting that writing paper has gone by the wayside.

  19. 30 secrets in 30 days? Is this a book..a self help thing...an Oprah moment??? What is this 30 secret thing you speak of?

  20. Beautiful photo and yes-real letters are great!
    I don't have 30 secrets either...lol.
    Happy weekend :)

  21. I love that photo. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  22. This is such a lovely blog! Happy to come here and see and read your beautiful posts. I haven't heart of this 30 secrets thing before, sounds interesting?
    Anyway, I own a my own stationary biz, if you are interested, come visit my website. I'd love any suggestions. www.shelldransart.com
    Come visit my blog sometime too, I'd love to hear from you :)

  23. I love your photography and your artwork!

    I'm impressed that you are actually writing letters...with a real pen and on real paper? That's impressive for today.

    Actually, I have letters that mom wrote to my dad when he was fighting in WWII (I guess this tells you how old I am) and they are marvelous to read.

    She didn't save the letters he wrote to her. When I asked her why, she blushed...I guess I got my answer:~)

  24. sometimes sad books or movies are the ticket. my theory is that i the poison (tears/frustration) build up inside, and they need to be leaked out one way or another.

  25. I loved the books and the movies and treat them as two different literary forms. Usually I like a book better - more detail. You're absolutely correct that you can't pack it into a 2 1/2 hour movie. Just can't.

    I also LOVE to write letters...we need to resurrect the art form, don't you think? Who's blog is it that has started a pen pal exchange? I'm intrigued and must look it up.


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