October 15, 2009

an apple a day...


here's the thing, it's pink october which all of you know by now is the national breast cancer prevention month. you know my story of my mother who passed away from breast cancer and the dangers of not receiving adequate health care in the three years preceding her diagnosis. all of us have probably known someone that has been touched by this horrible disease in some shape or another. hopefully you know more survivors than you know of women who have lost their life.

prevention is where it's at - early detection can save a life. don't think you're bulletproof. okay? that's me coming at you straight, no punches held back. be safe - just like momma said, safer is always better than sorry. simple but true. don't put it off.


it seems a lot of people i read are a bit blue and that is easy to understand given the change in season and the crazy weather this fall. but, as i type, the sun is struggling to come out and play a bit. so that is a hopeful sign.

so, i thought we should all share what makes us giggle. after all, laughter is the best medicine they say. so, that good belly giggle that starts down deep and erupts into bubbles of happy laughter - what causes it? for my niece last week, it was playing hide and seek with her stuffed puppy. for me, it was seeing my pug howl a bit for his supper.

i always laugh at 'young frankenstein' and kevin smith as silent bob. facial expressions are key in both really. lately, it's been the show 'glee' - it's such campy fun that i can't help it. and if you want a real live application (for those that don't watch tv), you should check out ps-22 children's choir from new york. (ok, so this is more touching than funny - sorry for the slight detour)

this is what i want to know:
1. your favorite funny movie
2. your favorite joke
3. your favorite funny memory as a child
4. who can always make you laugh?

these are my answers:
1. young frankenstein
2. cinderella comes in late from the ball and tells her fairy godmother to go ahead and turn her into a pumpkin. the fairy godmother hesitates, trying to give cindy a break but cindy becomes more and more demanding. finally, the fairy godmother asks why is she so demanding, did she meet a prince. "no," explained cindy, "there was this new guy there....peter peter."
3. the time that we convinced my uncle (who was a total city kid and scared of anything nature related) to climb up a 12 foot pole and jump into the lake. he split his swimming trunks and was soooo mad. that ties with the time my uncle (another one) came around the slew too quick with my father skiing and slung my father through the woods on his skis. i learned lots of new curse words that day.
4. my sister can always make me laugh - we have the same sense of humor.


  1. 1. movie: caddyshack
    2. Joke: it's a rude joke, the punch line is "and THAT drives my wife crazy!"
    3. funny memory: laughing so hard in church because of my sister
    4. laughter: my husband ... the funniest guy I know and he can even make me laugh when I'm blue.

  2. 1. movie: parenthood
    2. joke: i am no good at remembering jokes...sadly...the only one I can think of is: "what are you doing under there?" "under where?" "ha, ha, you said underwear!"
    3: funny memory: more as a teenager, laughing hysterically at the the movie "road to welville" and almost getting kicked out of the theatre for laughing so loud and likely obnoxiously.
    4: laughter: my husband

  3. 1. the most recent funny movie that comes to mind without really thinking very hard, that I have seen more than once is:
    "forgetting sarah marshall"

    2.yikes...jokes just don't stick with me until someone starts to tell me one and then I'm all like, I've heard that one already....

    3. funny memory...as a teenager my girlfriend and I ran over a raccoon on the way to her house one night and we didn't tell anyone...then her brother the next day told us how he had to move a huge raccoon off the road and what kind of people would leave something that huge in the road that could cause someone to have an accident swerving to miss it...and we ran back upstairs and laughed.....

    4. laughter...always my hubby, my kids and my little sister

  4. thanks Char...sorry about your mom. i am a survivor and have a mammo tomorrow, that test has saved my life.

  5. Movie- tie between Knocked up and Elf. I could watch them 100 more times and never get tired of them

    Joke - I made this up as a kid and my neighbor and I would just laugh and laugh...here it goes: Q: "Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?" A: "Because it was dead." I still laugh at that...i know not funny, but kinda too, right?

    Favorite funny child hood memory? Making home movies with my friends "silly dancing" and just laughing and laughing.

    Who makes me laugh? My friend Sam...she just gets my humor...and I have a warped sense of humor (as you can tell by my joke).

    If you really want to laugh check out this site:


  6. Wow....you got me thinking on this one....I'll have to get back to you or maybe it will make a good post for me later! Thanks for the spur of thoughts and the mind search of funny things!

  7. My Dad can always make me laugh...and cry(it's really true)
    I have so many great memories as a child...but visiting my Grandparents in Copenhagen and going to their Licorice Sweet Shops and Tivoli always bring back wonderful memories:-)
    Fave joke? Hmmm, I will have to think about this one.
    Fave funny movie? I love anything Jack Black and Ricky Gervais...
    Sorry...posted backwards...that's just me, I read magazines backwards too!
    Have a lovely evening...and thanks for making us all aware...I have that fear every day that it could be me, or a family member or a friend.Life is precious.

  8. A few funny movies ... Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Out Of Towners (original), Barefoot in the Park.

    Jokes ... I love them, but never remember them!

    Who always makes me laugh ... My daughters, definitely, as well as any scene with the stairs in Barefoot in the Park.

  9. Wonderful list of things to know about each other.
    And more apples. I want to go get some yummy apples. Apple pie, caramel apples, apple crisp. Yum.

    Thanks - I will be back with my list.


  10. is is what i want to know:
    1. your favorite funny movie
    Movies with the guy from Meet the Faulkers

    2. your favorite joke
    Currently it is political, but I NEVER talk politics on the web

    3. your favorite funny memory as a child... Hmmm, wish i could think of one! Great question!

    4. who can always make you laugh? My husband, my kids imitating me (shhh, I never tell them how hilarious they are when they do this!), Suldog and Skunkfeather's blogs

  11. A beautiful shot as usual, Char. I love the (sycamore?) leaf all curled and autumnal at the bottom of the piccy. Real nice touch :)

  12. 1.Movie~ any thing Will Ferrel.
    2.Any knock knock joke.
    3.Laughing at night about my back hurting so bad, if big foot broke the door down, I would be in too much pain to save anyone.
    4.My husband when the door bell rings, saying its' big foot, for me.
    Heh heh!

  13. alright i like lots of funny movies, but the one i like to quote the most is dumb and dumber.

    i don't know any jokes. or i haven't memorized them.

    my favorite funny memory as a kid is when my cousin lisa marie was over and we got on our bellies and pulled up our legs and acted like fish. or how we would give each other face massages. that's an illustration i can't put into words.

    my kids always make me laugh. whether they are too literal or are just acting crazy, they are the best medicine.

  14. 1. your favorite funny movie
    2. your favorite joke
    3. your favorite funny memory as a child
    4. who can always make you laugh?

    1. The Emperor's New Groove
    2. A guy walks into a bar. Ouch!
    3. Truth or Dare with my two best friends.
    4. My best friend, Heywood. :)

  15. Char, Only for you would I do this. I get these on email and always delete, although I admit I LOVE reading everyone else's . I guess I can't narrow my stuff down. Here goes. I won't follow the rules , I can promise.

    1. Funniest Movie: City Slickers, Bird Cage, The Meaning of Life, Vacation, The Graduate ( See I told you I wouldn't be a rule follower)
    2. Funniest Joke - I can't remember on command. Sorry
    3. Funniest childhood memory? Well about 6th grade my friend Mary Sue and I were walking up Oxmoor Road from the Homewood Park Swimming Pool. My "boyfriend " and his friend were behind us. We had our swimsuits on and a shirt. We had our "other stuff" in our towels. My panties fell out on the sidwalk! Well I just marched right on and acted like nothing had happened. I'm still traumatized to this day!!!!!!
    4. Who can make me laugh? Well you know, just about anyone can on a daily basis!

  16. Char, this was a good idea,
    1. currently is you, me and Dupree.
    2. Funniest joke I can't remember but it was something about getting out of the middle of de road! Had me in stitches.
    3.Making a recording to sound like the queen. we played it on New years day and it was a hit.
    4. My husband Wain can make me laugh about anything and everything, so I have to sit down around him alot. The funniest show for me is Just For Laugh Gags...I find it extremely hilarious in a sick kinda way, I don't like being surprised or startled but find it hilarious when others are....lol.

  17. First, I had my mamogram last month!

    1...Fave funny movie - Goonies
    2...Fave joke - problem here as I don't remember jokes.
    3...Fave funny memory as a child - that would be trying to sit as a lady next to my Daddy in my 70's mini dress and choking myself to the point that my Daddy laughed at the silliness of it till tears were running down his cheeks, but hey I was sitting like a lady.
    4...My brother can ALWAYS make me laugh. He is just hysterical.

  18. 1. lots—the goofier, the better
    2. any that my husband tells me
    3. being silly with my sister and making up songs on the swing set, which we still remember
    4. my brothers

  19. Those are great! I can't answer them all as my lunch time is ending but i can tell you the person who always makes me laugh and that is this guy:


  20. 1 Moonstruck

    2 A blonde is driving down the freeway, knitting while driving. A police officer pulls up alongside her and points at the side of the road, while shouting the words: "PULL OVER!" So the blonde looks at her knitting, then looks back at the cop and shouts back, "NO, IT'S A SCARF!"

    3 It's too dysfunctional to be read as funny by anyone who didn't have an alcoholic parent.

    4 The boyfriend can.

  21. Along came polly

    I don't really remember jokes well...but I love a good inside joke between me and my husband or best friends

    Running through a camp site with my pants down because the toilet had run out of paper and i was distressed at getting my knickers dirty. wasnt funny at the time but i laugh now.

    My Besties Stina and Meg

  22. 1. your favorite funny movie (usually something with ben stiller)
    2. your favorite joke (i never remember jokes; but Em is always telling me ones that are hysterical)
    3. your favorite funny memory as a child (squeezing the scotch bonnets on my granny's plants and then feeling as if my hands were on fire - not funny then, but hilarious to recollect now)
    4. who can always make you laugh? (My kids, my hubby, my friend T)

  23. 1. movie: Bringing Up Baby w/ Katharine Hepburn
    2. joke: my little sis when she was very little: she would say "why did the chicken cross the road?" then she'd answer "because it wanted to!" she'd follow with ridiculous belly laughter...she thought this awful joke was the best joke ever and it worked--it cracked us all up.
    3. funny memory: see above
    4. laughter: my dad and my husband--both know what to say & do to make me laugh when I'm sad.
    bonus: watching french bulldogs always makes me giggle--they are just so darn cute.

  24. Oh, I'm terrible at lists so I'll just read what everyone else is writing! Just wanted to say those apples look so pretty and I wish I could eat one. (New braces are keeping me on soft foods for now.) Happy autumn!

  25. 1. Baby Mama

    2. Drunk guy leaves the bar and while he is outside he runs into a nun. He beats her up and kicks when she is down and they says triumphantly, "You are so tough are you Batman!"

    3. Sitting in a camper in the middle of the wilderness with my mom and sister, while my dad and brother were fishing, and playing cards and having burping contests.

    4. It is a tie between all my family members. Gordon is always good for a laugh and never means too...that is the best kind. Rodney is a smart butt and it always cracks me up when I am not supposed to be laughing. Raquel because she is so darn naive. Rusty because he can laugh at himself and allows me to laugh too.

    Wow....was this a personality test??? I think I lost.

  26. oops I messed up. i am going to post this on facebook. i am interested in my friends comments...too fun.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.