October 16, 2009


i was set to be all proud that i reached 200 followers and then suddenly two followers departed so i'm back down to 198. there is always an ebb and flow to these things - people think they're interested and turns out they're not, they clicked accidentally, they quit blogging, they became disinterested, they joined in hopes i would return the compliment. *shrugs* just a odd observation on a friday night. the first really 'cool' night of the fall.

i'm sipping on some instant cappuccino, english toffee, it's fairly nice for an instant though i think it's mainly sugar of some sort along with some caffeine and coffee flavoring. it went nicely with the breakfast for dinner thing (bacon, eggs and cinnamon toast) as i couldn't for the life of me eat something else chili-based this week. it seems i planned poorly with taco soup, homemade chili and then hot dogs this week (which always means chili dogs in our house). i should think some variety would be in order. maybe potato soup? that sounds so wonderful. maybe sunday.

the answers to the giggle quiz were fun to read. as i read each movie i thought to myself, oh yeah - i love that one too. here's a funny story about jokes though. my nephew loves to listen to blue collar when we drive home from school and one of the staples of that channel is larry the cable guy. now i really don't care for his humor, especially since it's totally a 'character' he's created that i find mostly offensive. one of the themes larry infuses in a lot of his skits is edible panties - i try to switch the channel most of the time, but today my nephew questioned what they were and why would someone wear something like that. picture me trying to explain this one lucy. * laugh * i think i mumbled something about it's not really something you really eat (making larry's jokes about them somewhat funny) but something used during intimate moments. yes, i said 'intimate moments' and then i lamely recommended he ask his dad. (i hear you laughing at me)

and while i'm telling you how lame i am, can i admit i always laugh at the halloween movie from disney with sarah jessica parker? (it was way before her carrie days) do you like haunted houses? i don't care for them as i can't stand to be chased or startled. even when i see you coming - it just freaks me out. we did a haunted house for our neighborhood a couple of years until we scared children so badly that they refused to come to the door for candy.

i'm suddenly wanting a caramel apple.


  1. Man oh man! I think you
    handled the 'edible' ?
    rather well considering
    it really should be Dad
    that answers that one. Ha!

    I hate scary movies, although
    I find myself seriously drawn
    to the new "Paranormal" movie.
    I'm a geek for Ghosthunters.

  2. Between the breakfast dinner, the potato soup and the caramel apple, now I'm so hungry!! How about broccoli soup for Sunday ... you can never go wrong with that. Okay, enough, I have to go find a snack :)

  3. once again you have proven yourself to be a great aunt !

    and I love scary movies...it started as a child when my mom let me watch the first "amityville horror" and then took me to the movie "christine"

    as an adult I still love scary movies, but won't watch them when I'm all alone in the house and once again opposites attract, as my hubby HATES scary movies...
    go figure !

    and your first cool evening ? NOT fair !

  4. Yes...seeing lots of flitter flutter...ups and downs of numbers of followers on our blog too...
    Amy posted a wonderful Potato Soup today...maybe the same one that you're dreaming of...
    I'm about to have another Earl Grey and hopfully pick up another paintbrush to finish another watercolour...just finished El Gallo.
    Bon Nuit

  5. What ..You have 200 followers?!! I want to steal some!...CALLING ALL CHAR's PEEPS COME TO MY BLOG http://42andstillbreathing.blogspot.com I am giving away Caramel Apples and all the free Oktoberfest beer you can drink along wiht a pair of edible undies just for signing up as a follower! :-D

  6. we're going to the orchard tomorrow and making caramel apples. i'll think of you.

    as far as scary movies. nah. i have to sleep with my light on for a while after i watch them. haunted houses don't scare me, though. i just walk through them.

    what does scare me is the lack of sunshine in our lives lately. (i'm just looking out the window now) maybe it's not that way where you are...if not, please send some of it my way.

  7. ive just finished dinner, but reading this has made me feel peckish again!!

  8. Oh I wish I could have come to your haunted house! Must have been a good one if kids didn't want to come for candy!

    The first scary movie I saw was Poltergeist...I ended up sneaking into my parents' bedroom night after night terrified to sleep in my own bed.

    But I love a good ghost story.

  9. I'm not really good with scarry anything! EeeK! The sixth Sense was my final horror movie I watched...the end for me cos' I wasted electricity by sleeping with all the lights on! Wonderful weekend Char~ xo*

  10. Oh Char, it's just a number. I can say that because I have two subscribers:) Have fun anyway:)

  11. Can we become Followers more than once? Love your blog and love that Sarah Jessica Parker amok, amok, amok movie. The edible panties thingy would have had me pointing at his Dad too.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  12. We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood. Not sure why. Mostly a bunch of old folks who go to bed early. Guess the kids think our little cul-de-sac just doesn't look like Halloween territory!

  13. i am out of the loop....missing in action on the movies...I am a"follower" but not on the side I use a reader....
    char I am so glad I do too!

    "in the end only kindness matters"...song i am listening to right now...happy saturday!

    hows that for a random comment...

  14. LOL...boy when you get into something you get into it! I can just see his dad's face now! You know you are going to get a phone call!
    Hey be proud of the 198 I only have 10! But I'm darn proud of those 10!!! Really congrates to you my friend!

    Yuk...we had hotdogs this week too and my husband hates them! Poor thing! It's so cold here that last night some of my periwinkles got the bite! They have droopy little heads today! But its so nice to have some cooler days!

  15. Speaking of caramel apples, I made 18 of them yesterday! I never thought I could get tired of them, but making 20 a week gets a little old!

  16. I know what you mean about the followers thing. It's been raining and cold in Maryland for the past several days. I don't think it's going to turn nice until early next week.

  17. Hasn't this weekend weather been great? Friday evening we had chili out by the campfire. It was the best evening we've spent in a while. Hope your weekend has been wonderful!

  18. AWKWARD NEPHEW MOMENT! shudder. those moments are horrid! but funny!

  19. Its funny how we all want more followers. I think of it like friends, you really only have a handful the rest are just people we know slightly. The numbers do look good thoug. I say that to convince myself. Oh my edible undies. I remember my daughter asking me about how you get pregnat when I was pregnant with our twins, funny story, never mentioned the edible undies in that though hahah! Enjoy yr weekend. It's Monday here already.

  20. Your newest follower says: thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Today was such a bad photo day for us. It's so hard when you're all set to get that perfect shot of your fam and it goes so wrong. Love your photos. I visited your Etsy store and your photos have a feel that's so nice and feels like home. Comfortable. My favorite is called: I would rather have a moment of beautiful than a lifetime of nothing special. What can I say? I'm into flowers.

    Lucky Candice

  21. okay, you sould be on 199 now... you have a nice blog!

  22. Man, I hate haunted houses, always have. Even the ones that are lame kiddy ones freak me out, lol. So I'm right with ya there.

    I always wonder why people choose to stop following too. And I always wonder who it is, but never go beyond casually thinking about it. Oh well!

  23. Hi Char, isn't it amazing how blogs seem to twist and turn? Just know that we love what you're doing and writing Char! Thank you for all of your blog support and I'd love for you to guest post again? If you have the time at Under the Sheets-shhh...

  24. love caramel apples...and scary movies. i really appreciate how faithful you have been to my blog. you have character honey, i can just tell...

  25. reading your post is making me hungry for caramel apple and some cappuccino. i need to start stocking some at home for those cool nights!

    and i hate scary movies but love scary stories, while cuddled with husband or a warm blanket

  26. Now you're back to 200 Char! :-) Although I've been unofficially "following" you for quite some time now, I thought I'd make it official... this is a big day for us! HAha

  27. Now you're back to 200 Char! :-) Although I've been unofficially "following" you for quite some time now, I thought I'd make it official... this is a big day for us! HAha

  28. P.S. I bloody (oh such an Aussie phrase for me to say while sitting here in France) hate anything remotely scary! I avoid it completely... I think at almost 20 years of age I'm still scared of the dark! I blame it on horror films, and haha yes I remember the one with SJP and Bette Midler?


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