October 29, 2009

think pink, think pink

follow the sun

happy thoughts
silly thoughts
whimsical and giggly thoughts
blessed thoughts
peaceful thoughts
joyous thoughts

blow bubbles with pink bubblicious chewing gum
find one pink flower and put it in a vase
color outside the lines
tell someone you love them berry, berry, berry much
skip down the hall or hop up the stairs
write the word "cancer" on a piece of paper, then tear it up and throw it away
pick the pinkest star in the night sky and make a wish
close your eyes and dream of pink lemonade oceans
cut your fruit across to find the star
laugh at yourself often
put on the oldest music you have and boogie
dance with your sweetie in the middle of the kitchen
snuggle often
write a love letter to yourself
name your toes
type 113440 into your calculator and giggle when you turn it upside down
now, silently fuss at me for being silly
forgive often, start with yourself
imagine running through a field of daisies - now imagine it nekkid
(my mom said nekkid meant you were being "bad")
re-read your favorite children's book
have a slushie but don't get brain freeze
read only the comics in today's newspaper

...try to live today with as much peace, love, joy and happiness that you can scrape together. and then tomorrow, try it again. and repeat often.

sure, there will be sad and lonely days at times, but it makes so much sense to give more of my effort to joy than to dwell on bitterness and unhappy.


  1. Such a happy post that I so desperately needed to read today! Love that flower...

  2. OMGosh....this is not only beautiful it is brilliant! Love it to pieces! Work must agree with you or something! heehee :)

  3. this was sooooo great to read today....I needed something to make me laugh and smile and to pass on to others....

  4. Beautiful thoughts, Char.
    Even if there is a lot of pink in there. *shudders*
    Love you.

  5. pink thoughts can be the best kind...i am going off to get my calculator :)

  6. Beautiful photo, beautiful thoughts that brought back my favorite children's books: The Story of Ping, Are You My Mother? to name a few.

  7. To add to your list:
    gaze upon Char's beautiful photography
    rock out to an Allman Bros. song


  8. your writing in so lovely as is this photo

  9. Oh Char, this is just blissful!

    Luckily I had a calculator right here next to me on my desk, and had a good chuckle.
    And just yesterday, or was it the day before, I spent a good solid hour in the children's section of my favourite book store and could not get the smile off my face..there are some incredibly creative people out there.
    You being one of them, you lovely girl!
    Thank you for this bit of happiness.

  10. love this list. my favorite is name your toes.

  11. such a lovely, lovely post. and i adore silly. i lol @ the numbers in the calculator.
    such a sweet pink.

  12. Char a beautiful post. I especially like the last sentence, you have more strength in you than I have in my unnamed toes....but I am going to name them. Beautiful photo.

  13. This is not a list...this is a poem...Beautiful...and touching...

  14. I think this is one of my favorite posts on any blog I've read. Thanks so much.

  15. Oh my gosh Char...that is a beautiful photograph! Just stunning. I just can't stop looking at it - something about the pink and the blue together. They compliment each other perfectly.

    Working must be good for you because your beautiful "free flow" of thoughts sparkle with the juiciness of life.

  16. I love these little morcels of happiness that you reminded us all of... also love the beautiful photo accompanying the words!

  17. Lovely picture & thoughts Char!
    xo*+greetings from the city of lights(not Las vegas;)

  18. you've got it! thank you for the tips!

  19. Beautiful image Char!
    I see I have a lot more
    to add to my "to-do" list
    today. Thanks! ;o)

  20. Such lovely thoughts, and what a beautiful photograph!

  21. such a gorgeous picture! and very nice advice to go along with it!

  22. so very very true. happy weekend.

  23. I absolutely love this photograph:)))

  24. Great advice! Found you through the comments on Julochka's blog. Thanks for visiting the Ramblings on my side as well!!!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  25. blissful, lovely, and pink. Love this. I can't remember doing any of these things in a long long time. But I might. If no one is watching. ;)
    Keep that happy face turned toward the sun. And that upbeat skip in your words. It suits you.

  26. now that is my kind of list! thanks for the uplifting words, char!

    p.s. 113440 is too funny :) I had to try it, lol.

  27. i needed to read this list, thank you!!

    i'm off to write myself a love letter.

  28. Love the art - so wonderful!



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