April 27, 2010

talking about my bloggy crushes

one of my bloggy crushes, susan tuttle, has a new book
if you haven't checked out susan tuttle's digital creations -
you should definitely do that - she is one of my 'must reads'
as she has beautiful insights and beautiful photography.  she
 is a multi-talented artist and...she's having a giveaway of her
new book on her ilka's attic blog.  if you have photoshop
elements and want to expand your horizons, i bet this book will be something you will be all over. 

side note - i edited out three 'definitely's from that paragraph aside
from the one i used....so, that should be an indicator of how much i
love her work.

last night the nephews and my sister were over for our monday dinner nights.  lately i've been crushing on mushrooms browned in butter served with some boneless, skinless grilled chicken thighs over pasta with alfredo sauce.  not that figure friendly, but it just feels like a warm hug.  the boys love it too.  well, except for the mushrooms - they haven't learned yet the heavenly joys of simple mushrooms.  i can't tell you how much it means for them to come into the kitchen and hug me hello.  even now my heart overflows from their hugs.

isn't it funny what little bitty things bring happiness or overtake your heart?  this isn't rocket science or some great discovery.  people have said it for a number of years.  probably since the ancient greeks debating reason back in the days.  if we allow those moments in - drink them like champage and celebrate them - how can our hearts not be filled to the very brink?  i know that is sometimes my problem - that i do not take the time to allow a pure moment to really seattle and land upon my heart.  that i rush or discount it.  *shakes head*  i know that when i'm feeling discontent, it's usually things of my own making.

i was also reading an entry by another bloggy crush this morning - posted by kristen (aka: maine momma) at shutter sisters.  about how thoughts become things and how we manifest our dreams.  one of her dreams was to shoot in raw and become better at lightroom.  and i sat with my jaw open, because i do that.  well, i wouldn't call myself a lightroom expert by any means...but i'm tackling those same issues.  i shoot in raw - i made myself make that adjustment about a year ago.  if you decide to do this, be prepared for the storage issues and buy yourself an external hard drive now.  just an fyi.  you will be amazed at the difference in colors and how much smaller adjustments will make significant changes.  i'm also interested in how many of you shoot automatic. 

three years ago i had no clue what f/stop or depth of field was all about - apeture?  phffft...whatever.  i shot in green mode (automatic).  now i think i'm inching towards the next big leap - the switch to manual.  currently, i shoot in a/v (apeture priority) mode and the camera chooses the shutter speed for me.  i set the white balance and the iso.  iso is another tool that i've been playing around with - making the baby steps of changing it up and down.  so, the manual leap should not be a big deal, right?  *crosses fingers* 

i constantly strive to be a better photographer and there are other areas i could improve - be more consistent in carrying my tripod, get the wired shutter release, practice more, do more model shoots...*sigh*  why am i not independently wealthy?  *laughs* 

what do you want to do better?  what are your little things that fill your heart?  what is on your mind today?  and tell me, did you have a fabulous weekend?  though mine was not fabulous persay, it was pretty wonderful in all of it's small glory.


  1. Char, I absolutely loved this post. It has so much! Interesting links, warm hugs, and my favorite: camera info.
    I would not call myself a photographer, but people who know me do. I shoot in green mode and am not proud of that fact. I don't know how to shoot in raw. Well, I know how to shoot in it, but how to process in it and save it is a different story. The problem is finding the time to do all of it with working full time. Ah, but such is life.
    Always a pleasure visiting you, one of my crushes. Only 3 years?! I thought it was all your life.

  2. i .. am a Susan and Kristin fan as well...and you my friend inspiring always!! your encouragement causes the words art and writing to be typed on the page today..we shall see

  3. I want to learn to use the minutes of my day more wisely...not sure that's the right word...
    Do more! That's what I need to be doing!

  4. Beautiful post Char, I will check out the links, I want to be more organized, and I always am trying to be a better person. take care.

  5. That is really sweet about your nephews and how they make you feel. Little things like that are the best.

    I'm trying to be as productive as possible in all the layers of my life. And I'm trying to get pumped up about working harder to get better at photo taking. There's so much available to learn about so many different things...sigh. I, too, wish I was independently wealthy. :)

  6. It seems that going manual is a great way to master your photography, or any craft. To really know and utilize the nuts and bolts of how it all works. We bring a different vision to our work, deeper I think, when we're so active in the physical creation of it.

  7. So much to comment on here Char!

    First, thanks for the link...I just started trying to figure out PSE and that book looks very interesting...

    As for photography...I gravitate towards Program mode...but sometimes use AV or TV...almost never auto...maybe my classes have influenced me:)! I love that there is always something to learn...right now for me it is still my new fancy (for me) camera and PSE...just wish I had more time...

    ...and today my grandson came running into the house with such joy and smiles on his face that I thought...yes this is what it is all about...and he was so happy leaving with a lipstick kiss on his cheek...my heart overflows too...

    ...on the other hand my weekend was so-so:)

  8. Go manual, you wont regret it. It takes a little getting use to as you have to meter read for each photo you take but it becomes second nature.

    going into manual mode was one of the best things I did for my photography as I now have total control over the end product.

  9. Being that I just began my photography journey in January, I am miles behind you. I do try to shoot manually from time to time just to try and get a handle on some of the settings. I mostly shoot in Aperture Priority and hate the internal flash. Lighting is something I need to research and become more knowledgeably about. All I do know at this juncture is that I am in love with my camera and we go out on dates every day! When we're together, nothing else seems to exist!

  10. I love your work, Char... manual will just allow you to capture things with a new perspective. You will rock it out, and show us your talent... I know it.

    It is the little things in everyday that are capturing my own heart right now... I'm enjoying the slower pace to take it all in.

    Breathing deep,

  11. you are so adored....when can we shoot together ?

    aperture mode is where you'll find me pretty much everyday...and iso is huge and i change it often along with my exposure, in order to not use my flash EVER !

    i shot a raccoon at sunset the other night and had my iso at 3200 and my exposure was up 2 notches as to not scare the fur off of him with a flash, which is what most people would have had to do....the background is a little noisy but he looks perfect !

    and i've never shot raw....the storage space is an issue for me right now, but i'm working on that.

    i think your life sounds pretty good right now....i could feel happiness in your words....mushrooms and all !

  12. I use to read Ilka's Attic all the time. Don't know what happened. I'll go straight over there after this. I shoot automatic. Never change a thing on my camera. I'm lazy. I have learned that gazing through a camera lens makes you stop and take stock of everything. Helps my mood anyway!

  13. This post is like a big warm hug... I shoot only in RAW...what a difference (and yes, I have an external drive - 2 actually - to store my photos). In January I began only shooting in manual. Holy crap! I had nooooo idea how much you can do shooting in manual. It was scary at first...but practice practice practice. Have fun ;)

  14. My camera is not much more than a point and shoot so....

    As to life's simple joys...every time I've seen my 14 month old grandson lately he has gotten so excited. He laughs and wiggles and waves at me...it just makes me feel happy all over to get a welcome like that.

  15. I just bought a light meter, so I'm trying to shoot ONLY in manual. But yes, Aperture priority is my fave because I shoot a lot of macro stuff and I love shallow depth of field. I've not shot too much in RAW because of storage issues. I don't have Lightroom, only CS3, but I'm thinking I may need to try the beta version currently available...

    And omigosh, that mushroom dish sounds amazing!

  16. Isn't it amazing how we can look back and suddenly realize how far we've come. Especially when we never imagined we'd get to where we are now.

  17. loved your post char. i hope leap into more manual settings too. and lightroom. i keep hearing nothing but great things about. add to my wish list. thx for the inspiration and nudge today, friend. :)

  18. I resisted shooting in raw for a long time but once I started I couldn't believe that i hadn't been doing it for all these years.
    Mind blowing differences, hey?

  19. I will definitely check out the book! My weekend is yet to come...come on weekend!

  20. mushrooms are love! your recipe sounds wonderful.

    well, you know i m always looking to shoot better. i don't have lightroom but always shoot in raw. one day i feel like i am doing ok, then the next day i wonder... am i doing this right. phooey as long as i get it right, for the paying gigs. lol

  21. The striving, the learning, the growing... Isn't that what it's all about? I love that you never stop reaching.

  22. I love your term "bloggy crush" YES, that's what it is! You've identified it perfectly!!! That's what my blog hopping does to me, but I'm so fickle. My bloggy crushes may only last until I find the next fabulous blog to fall in love with and well, I admitted it I'm fickle and a two timing son-of-blog hopper! May I use your term "bloggy crush" on my blog? Sending a smile, chris


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