August 20, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

there was supposed to be a pretty picture along with this post...but for some reason since i took my tablet to nashville it's been acting like a recalcitrant little hussy. pretty picture for now.

seven signs that i'm tragically unhip...
1.  i have no idea who the "animal collective" and "lcd soundsystem" are - silly me i thought one was a sequel to a literary classic and one was something you got for your high def tv. 
2.  i'm too "old" to wear 3-inch heels anymore.  i'm more into comfort than style.  *tragic sigh*
3.  i shake my head at some of the stuff "the kids" are wearing these days.  this from the girl that rocked the hot pants back in her day.
4.  i regret my tattoo choice.   not the choice of getting it - but rather going with the whim of the time and the location.
5.  i hate texting.  there i said it.  i do - i hate it - it seems like a big waste of time when i can tell you quicker than i can type it.  i only use it in emergencies.
6.  i don't "get" twilight.  i don't think it's particularly well written or a good message for its original audiences (the tweeners)
7.  i used "hip" in the title of this list.  (i also remember the cold war, paper boys, vinyl records, and television before cable and/or remote controls)

today on my ipod -  cinnamon girl (neil young), heartless (covered by william fitzsimmons), take me (edwin mccain), the scientist (coldplay), hooch (everything), little fire (patty griffin and emmylou harris), son of a preacher man (dusty springfield), tempted (squeeze),


  1. I'm sure you're hipper than me....I remember the Atomic Bomb scare. My grammar school (that phrase even dates me) had a drill to see how quickly children could walk home if the bomb actually was dropped somewhere.

  2. I don't think that you are unhip. I think that you are wise:)

  3. LOL....other than #5, i am right there with you !

    we are a texting family....especially since hubby can sit in a 3 hour meeting and i can still get ahold of him if i need him....ditto for the kids :)

    oops....and #4....i don't have a tattoo, but want one :)

  4. I am so tragically unhip I haven't even read or seen Twilight or any other vampire related books, films, or television programs. For a while I felt I should, so I could have an opinion, but then decided no, never mind.

  5. i dont get twilight either. i dont see what the fuss is.

    but i love texting. i would rather send a text than make a call... most of the time. AND it is quicker.

  6. I am so unhip that I haven't even read Twilight!! Nor could I even text if I did have an emergency! I am hip enough to say "whatever" and mean it. :D

  7. Life would be happy

    for the rest of my life

    with a cinnamon girl.


  8. 1. I have no idea who they are either. But I'll bet my 17 year old would.
    2. It's not so tragic. What is tragic is that woman actually DO wear those heals!
    3. I know, right? (Oops, I was told I was to old to say that)
    4. This is what we keep telling my daughter. The girl who changes by the minute thinks she will want a tattoo that lasts forever. Have it removed, Char.
    5. I hear ya on the texting but it's what my girls want to do, so my husband and I do it.
    6. Me either! I thought the books (what I read) were awful.
    7. Let's not forget microwaves ; )

    You have an awesome variety! Still no music on my iphone. Where is that teenager when I need her anyway??

  9. Son of Preacher Man.. love love love that song!!! Go for wedges... you still get the height but without all the pinching!!!
    Fashion... I agree.... although I see a lot of things I have worn in days of yore!!!
    Love txting cos I hate talking to peeps on the phone.
    Mmm vinyl.. how do kids even get it when on the movies they have that scratch noise and the room goes silent?? they have no concept of that effect...which is still so funny to me!! I'm a dork I know.

  10. At the beauty shop yesterday I overheard a conversation...
    "~cool new tatoo on your ankle. what is it?"
    "It's a lady bug, but the dude still needs to fix it"
    "~um, yea. It looks like a cock roach"

  11. lol ... you are hip :o)

    im at an age (21) where i guess i should be 'hip'. but, #3? seriously, i dont mind if my friends call me plain jane ... i am not wearing what is "cool" hehe
    and i hate texting. the only reason i have a cell phone is because it has a camera hehe.

    and #1? its not for a hig-def tv?

  12. I am with you on pretty much all of it - haven't been able to wear heals since I had Will, where is the "pant" in the hotpants girls are wearing these days, haven't read nor seen Twilight, Oh, and you an I totally have the same taste in music - Cinnamon Girl?! I wanna be the Cinnamon Girl!

    xo Erin

  13. This made me laugh :)!! Very cute and honest. What's not to like :)?

  14. Lively post Char...well said.
    I am not fond of texting because of all the abbreviations and slang. Our young people have enough trouble with their spelling don't use it, you lose it.

  15. my daughter would probably say i'm not very hip, but thanks to her i do know animal collective and i even like them - and i text. does that make me hip?

  16. I don't know about unhip for you. You are very cool, you have a gorgeous aesthetic and sense of word style. If that's unhip, I'm in.

  17. I'm with you on the Twilight saga. What's the big deal?

  18. lol! i don't think im very hip either. i don't think i ever was. lol
    love the list!

  19. cracked me up (and I don't know what either of those things are either..but I like your definitions for them.)
    And I'm glad you mentioned Twilight. For a while now I've been feeling like I have missed a boat with this one, cause I haven't read any of it...but maybe not?


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