July 29, 2010

how did it get to be thursday already?

julie is having an interview party and she graciously interview me, along with dozens of other bloggy friends (new and old.)  i love interviews as i always learn something new about people and something fun.  it's also a great way to meet new people....

i have a beautiful piece of artwork given to me by the talented diahn that i'm getting framed but i'm bringing it to the office as i want to look at it every day. 

and you know what.....i'm going to stop here.  i've typed and erased other random stuff several times now and i think it's just better that i save those for another day.

today on my ipod - if i ever leave this world behind (flogging molly), 100 years (5 for fighting), love will keep us alive (the eagles), follow through (gavin degraw), until i fall away (gin blossoms), everlong (foo fighters), time after time (cyndi lauper), sea of love (cat power), hideaway (the weepies)


  1. Ooooh. I love interviews too! I'll go check it out.

  2. Just read your interview and I agree...it is fun to get to know people better:)

    Here Half and Half is half unsweetened tea and half lemonade...Nantucket Nectar makes the best!xo

  3. I'll go check out your interview, can't wait :)

  4. Oh, but I love your "random stuff"..!

    I'll go check out the interview now... I hope you've been well. And staying cool. (I think I've had the summer blues, it's been so hot!)


  5. random is good....random ramblins even better :)

    and that julie....holy crap, everyone jumped in and now she's working her fingers to the bone....gotta love her !

  6. It's Thursday? Oh no... Way too fast. I love the Foo Fighters - Everlong. It's been a favorite for a long time. I saw them in concert several years back and they were so fun.

  7. Your interview is great! Julie sent me some questions, too! So excited to be included with such an illustrious crowd!

    xo Erin

  8. Wow, what a coincidence. I just popped over from a comment you left on an interview I did! And now I'm off to read yours . . .

  9. this week has flown by incredibly fast. hideaway has been on constant repeat for me too :)

    xo Alison

  10. your interview was wonderful...julie is a dear, isn't she?

    hope you have a great weekend. one love, my friend.

  11. I don't know how it got to be Saturday (now) and I'm so behind on blog reading!

  12. i am so behind too..off to read the interviews!

  13. loved the interview!
    i'm off to catch up on your recent posts now...i'm so far behind!

  14. On typing and erasing, the post I wrote last night reviewing a rental house where we stayed in Maine: When it began to turn into a rant about how terrible the furniture was and the ungodly double bed, I got it down to a single sentence. It took hours.


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