January 28, 2011

the barest branches and other lovely things

today i am loving...

the barest branches in the blue winter sky.  the lace-y braches curling and reaching towards the sky.  the flocks of birds perching in respite before flying on.  before i know it leaves will bud out and cover the branches.  the branches will shelter me below and i will listen to the winds rustle through the leaves.  this brings thoughts of contentment.

the freewrite friday exercises at gigi's the magpie's fancy blog.  if you have an interest in writing you may want to check this series out. check out the initial post and you will see that gigi has been writing and publishing since her early twenties (!!! exciting).  so far the exercises have helped me expand my mind and though i'm a bit behind, i am really digging the series and always look forward to fridays to see what she has dreamed next.

all things grapefruit - especially ocean spray ruby red grapefruit juice and bath & body works pink grapefruit body spray.  yum. 

the music stylings of van morrison...and it is true, momma told me that there would be days like this.  i've loved him for years - before there was a van morrison song on the end credits of any romantic or meaningful movie....before, i slow danced at weddings to crazy love....before it was cool to love van morrison.  yes.  i am always loving van morrison.

the ideal of flashmobs that are as cool as the one on glee (safety dance).  i would be so thrilled to be somewhere and everyone around me started dancing and singing.  can you imagine?  if the idea intrigues you, check out youtube for the one around christmas that flashmobbed the hallelujah chorus.  so very cool.

and cherry pies.  cherries are so good this time of year and remind of my father.  i think i have to have a cherry pie this weekend.

hope you have a beautiful weekend...and do something you absolutely love.  (ps - i'm still rather smitten with my entirely ugly but comfy pink bedroom slippers)


  1. HAPPY WEEKEND...lovedly tree photo...Cherry Pie...YUM!
    I would love to get involved with a flash mob...we have quite a few in Toronto which happen...

  2. I say if the slippers fit (and they're comfy) wear 'em. Love Van Morrison. Always have. And hey, that cherry pie sounds like a plan.

  3. Loved this post, btw. Have a great weekend, Charlane.

  4. I like that"...the branches will shelter me.."

  5. B and B pink grapefruit...a spritz right before bed most nights helps sleep. YAYa!


    currently diggng bordeaux cherry chocolate ice cream from blue bunny.
    holy moly

  6. yes grapefruit. mmm
    love the tree
    off now to check out that link

  7. Pink fluffy slippers, van morrison, cherry pie...what a wonderful life you live!!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. oh yes, i love van morrison too....and a cherry pie? you just made my mouth water....YUM. have a wonderful weekend, char.

  9. We had the same idea about those bare winter branches. And a grapefruit sky. And Van Morrison (yes!). Are these things just in the air, and we grab them?

    Great idea about cherry pie . . .

  10. Looking up at bare branches and blue sky always takes me back to childhood winters. Doesn't it feel like being stripped to basic elements?

    Now I know why I feel kinship to you. I adore Van Morrison. He takes up a good hunk of my iPod and never fails to transport my spirit somewhere magical. The Man.

  11. Hi Char...
    I love that episode of glee. I would go crazy if everyone started singing and dancing around me. Could use a little bit of that today.

  12. You had me at Van Morrison.

    have a wondrous weekend, Char.

    (and I'll check out that link , thank you)

  13. Could u even believe your weather today....I just have to move south

  14. Love your post today Char, can hardly wait to hear the wind in the trees again, anxiously waiting for Spring. take care have a great weekend,.

  15. the weather today was fantastic - just fantastic

  16. fluffy pink slippers, Van Morrison, and cherry pie... *sigh* hope your weekend is wonderful!

  17. Ohhhh...love this post. You write beautifully. And I must say, I use pink grapefruit body wash and it's just the best smell ever! Glad you are still smitten with the pink slippers :)

  18. Have a nice weekend. I am glad you can look at the bare trees and see the nice, I look and see devastation and sadness, and dead. Nice to read another view. Makes me feel better in the dead of winter...brrrr.

  19. What a beautiful photos of branches. You know I didn't at all love them when I was younger ... now I can't get enough. They're so unique and fabulous!

  20. thanks for the freewrite friday link... just what i needed to stretch my brain in a new, creative direction!

  21. Pink grapefruit juice with rum...known here as rum yummies ...:)

    I would love to take part in a flash mob...or see one some day!


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.