January 30, 2011


because you haven't seen them in so long....(and because the oldest needed some shots for his year book.) they weren't happy getting dressed on a saturday but it made their aunt and momma happy so in the end, who care if they were  a bit grumpy at first....

a friend called this harry potter

seriously, can you get that camera outta my face?

sure, we're brothers but way too cool to act "close"

this is my new favorite wall

i love black & white

the make momma happy shot

those eyes slay me - why didn't i them them?


no black eye - shadows and backlight. 

this is a favorite too


  1. OMG Char STUNNING photos and gorgeous nephews...really...those lips and eyes!
    AMAZING...I'm sure they loved the shots!

  2. That wall is definitely my favorite with your pictures. "Those eyes slay me" picture is a knock-out. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. These are fantastic, Char! Wow, such handsome nephews, and I'm with you about that wall. What a perfect place to take portraits. You've reminded me that I need to do some photos of my nephews, too. Ten-year-old twins who never sit still. Maybe they'll all have to be action shots! :) xo Gigi

  4. You done good Char! Those darn teenagers just hate having their picture taken, don't they? Unless their friends are taking them of course ; )
    The looks on the boys faces remind me of my older daughter and how she reacts every time I want to take her picture. Meanwhile my younger daughter can't have her picture taken often enough! LOL!

  5. Great shots Char!!! And I love that wood wall too. Is it just me or are they are totally wearing the "Beiber hair?" FYI...they look MUCH better than Justin...that's for sure!!! :)

  6. you got some great shots, even if they weren't so excited about doing it. that's an awesome wall you found.

  7. great shots, what handsome young men you have for nephews...I like that wall, too.

  8. we tease them about the Beiber hair... but they've been wearing it for a while - it started out i think as zack and cody hair (from the suite life on disney)

  9. So cute! I bet they have a ton of girls sniffing after them! haha

    I love the B&W...he almost looks like he's part of the wall. That last one is definitely a keeper.

  10. So handsome ...

    And what an amazing wall--I love it!

  11. they are really cute, char! love that wall, and love the photos, especially the one with both of them together -- fantastic!

  12. how tall is he ?
    with those eyes he should be modeling.....just saying !

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall and love that you got to take his senior photos....and that brotherly love thing.....it's a funny thing isn't it ?

  13. you really captured the essence of brothers and the beautiful colors that came out in the eyes,m the back ground...really nice

  14. Love the lighting and that wall is pretty awesome!

  15. The photos are great. The lighting, the wall. Your nephews are so handsome. I cannot believe those eyes! My first love had blue eyes and brown hair. I still have a fondness for men with that combination of attributes. I'm sure the young ladies just drool around these young men. ;)


  16. LOVE the slay me photo. Fantastic, Char. They should love these.

  17. ...those eyes and those lips...He has great features!! Great job Char...I love the wall too! Awesome textures.

  18. Love these to pieces! Those eyes! That wall!


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