January 11, 2011

the shop on the virtual corner, mondays (sorta) and caramel kisses

yesterday i updated my etsy site - one of the things that can be somewhat tedious to do as it involves, uploading, writing descriptions and the other assorted tasks in making the shop appealing.  it can be that one little thing that can catch someone's eye to entice them to buy.  i don't push the shop a lot and in fact it was neglected for far too long.

i enjoyed the exercise as it made me look at my shots with a very critical eye.  it also allowed me to viturally stroll through the etsy mall, looking at popular photography to see what is selling these days and if i had anything that might fit those bills too.  it is always interesting to me to see what is selling.  for example, i added a simple black & white magnolia shot....within minutes it had 46 views (not sales mind you) and it was one that i really added at the last moment, thinking it wasn't my best shot.  *shrugs*

so...(bad transition there), i didn't start this blog as a sales pitch - so i will shift gears.  i had one of those, "why isn't life simple" moments today as i dropped something, couldn't find my freaking college diploma, ankle starting aching, spilled my coffee in the span of say, 15 minutes.  as i had my mini freak out - i gulped in air and gave myself a good talking too.  it passed.  funny how what seemed so catastrophic a mere few minutes ago becomes laughable when you take a deep breath.  i still couldn't find my diploma but, i'll just deal with it.  my ankle still kinda hurts too - but i swallowed advil and i'll be okay tomorrow.  my internal clock is still a bit off from the days off ... so, what felt like a monday all day long made me smile when i realize tomorrow is wednesday.  *double score*

i hope your day got off to a better start than mine....and that you're just as excited as i am about tomorrow being wednesday.  i think that calls for a couple of caramel kisses as i read my new book tonight.  do something indulgent for yourself today - you deserve it.


  1. does lounging on the couch with a cup of coffee and the dog count as doing something indulgent? if so, i'm indulging :) and she's softly snoring.

  2. We are snowed in here today, waking up to over a foot of fresh snowfall and it's still snowing. It's very pretty, and feels good to be close to hearth and home. Maybe brownies are in order this afternoon ...

  3. Second time commenting...blogger won"t keep me signed in!!
    JUST got back from a lovely walk in fresh snow...
    Hope your day gets better!!

  4. deep breaths are definitely very, very important. here's to working through those overwhelming moments!

    xo Alison

  5. This week is going to be over before I'm able to drive off my hill. Curse the 19 degree temp this morning. I want the snow to melt....am I sounding a little snow bound crazy? Cause I am beginning to feel that way.

  6. Well, it's Wednesday as I am readung this post, and today has been good so far...and for you? Hopefully!

  7. Gorgeous colors in that photo Char! Hah, if you only knew how many times I misplace my earrings and freak out. Then I tell myself that it will show up and 5 seconds later I'm tearing the place apart to find them again...a couple of carmel kisses and a good book sounds pretty darn good! I'm sure your diploma will resurface!

    xo mary jo

  8. Hi Char,
    First I love this photo and second I checked out your etsy shop and love it as well. Your style is beautiful. I had a bit a melt down today too. Mom vs teen! I have regrouped but have not indulged myself as of yet. Buried in snow here.

  9. Your etsy shop is really cute, I love it!

    Camila F.

  10. last night and this morning were rough for me -- TEARS GALORE. but then i found something that cracked me up, and all seems to be fine. it is weird how the moods and events can affect us so much. effect? argh. whatever. hopefully you know what i mean!

    will have to stop by that shop of yours! :)

  11. I can't believe it's Wednesday already ... and that I missed several days worth of posts. What in the world?

    And it's always good to remind us to take a perusal through your Etsy shop every now and again!

  12. I woke to 18 inches of snow and I am love, love loving it! It is a winter wonderland here...have been outside a lot and now sitting in front of the fire...can't get better than that:)....Did have to take Advil though after all that shoveling:)

  13. Just breathe is what I tell myself. I hope you have a good rest of the week and wonderful weekend. I love your etsy site by the way.

  14. I think that's why I let my own Etsy store go...I hated updating. :) It's amazing what a deep breath and few caramel kisses can do.

  15. ...just stopping by to say Hi on this thursday morning...visiting some of my favorite blogs...like yours !!!

    kary and teddy

  16. Well, last Monday was my birthday, so I stayed in happy zone,
    but today is going every which way so far.
    I will smile through it , thanks to your place.

    And I love browsing around on etsy sometimes,
    I love browsing around a lot of places too much sometimes :).

  17. I LOVE this image. So beautiful and creative. Sometimes life gets so hectic and we get so caught up in the moment that I, too, have to back off and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff!

  18. That's the good thing about those sorts of feelings.... they always pass. They can't last forever..thank God.


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