March 25, 2011

hey y'all - i'll tell you how this week has gotten behind ... monday i found out i had to go to nashville on tuesday.  tuesday i went to nashville -- i attended a meeting at the really cool 'vanderbilt center for better health'.  we worked until 8:00 p.m. and i barely noticed - that is a cool meeting.  we found this cool rum & satay bar (rumba) and i had the best mojito in the world.  back to the meeting on wednesday and then the long drive home.  thursday was in the office to catch up and then today was another all day training meeting. 

so...i hope you're having good weeks - i hope to catch up with you all this weekend.  i will say it is just gorgeous here - blooms have burst forth, trees are leafing out and even our grass needs cutting. 

okay - back to testing.....


  1. i love lucky to be there if you have to be somewhere for a meeting !!

  2. LIVING Spring through you my dear...
    Sounds like you've been busy!

  3. the photo is incredible.
    and then for some reason .. .I can almost taste that mojito!

  4. Pretty flowers at least in all that busy-ness! :-)

  5. hang in there ..time has a way of slipping by..i can just imagine the aroma of that stunning wisteria!

  6. How on earth you even found time to blog I don't know! That's a crazy week alright. At least you have flowers : )

    We keep having snow.

  7. Beautiful! Sounds fun, learning new things, even though it is work. Hope your weekend is beautiful. We're supposed to get a little snow.

  8. Man and I just left Nashville!
    Don't you just love the wisteria
    that's all in gorgeous bloom right
    now! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Sounds like fun, and I totally envy your weather & your already blooming trees & flowers!
    : )

  10. oh my, that is just gorgeous!

  11. That is a wonderful meeting. You sound like you are enjoying your job. Hey, I LOVE this image!!

  12. Wow! Who knew such a meeting existed?! :)

    And those flowers ... sigh. Spring. It's bound to show up here one of these days, right?!


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