March 9, 2011

the problem with rants...

i feel guilty just telling you the bad stuff about my job instead of the good stuff.  and there are days that my job is very good.  i get to work on cutting edge stuff and for a state agency, that is sometimes a dangerous place to because the default for something no one understands is to rely on archaic regulations and laws.  so, that is a hazard.  some days you win, sometimes you rant, and some days you feel like screaming.  most days are winning.  so in my honesty here, i tend to blow off steam with you guys.  sorry about that.  but...all in all - as we say in my office, it is what it is.

the pansies above are like me, bruised and battered, but they carry on.  (hope you all are safe in these rather violent storms.)  i'm planning to participate in a pay it forward.....i'm sure you all have heard of this before, but....for those of you that haven't.  a pay it forward is a gift that you give because you want to express gratitude for what you've been given.  i've been given a lot in my life and though i sometimes stomp and complain a bit, i know that there are others that have it much worse than are your choices (pick one of the four)  the rules follow the choices.
  • a choice from my etsy shop,
  • a small cookbook of recipes i use all the time and maybe a few i've been taught by my mom,
  • used books that i've read (not handmade i know, but they are hand selected by me and some people would just prefer a book),
  • or my photoshop skills in making you an art piece such as your favorite quote and photograph combined or a blog header.

should you decide to take up the challenge, then are willing to:

write a short blog about paying it forward.  then be willing to send five people something "handmade".  i'm pretty loose about the handmade part - as i count photography as "handmade" and as you see, the used books.  then, select five people from your list of participants - in this case, the blogger suggested the first five that responded, so i'm going with that.  i recognize that handmade for five may take a while - don't feel like you have to send all five at once, quality takes some time, yo?

it's just a fun way to share.  also....last year we did a valentine's day card swap.  anyone feeling a spring swap?


  1. I'm in...and I apologize for my last comment.
    I was just feeling silly.

  2. Hi! I'd love to take this challenge, paying it forward is a beautiful idea. My photography would have to be my homemade stuff, I'd send cookies too but that might not be so good when it got wherever it was going from Norway! HAHAHA! Don't have time to blog today(I think, will see later) but next blog will be about paying it forward!
    Have a beautiful day and don't worry about airing your complaints about work to us, we've all been there so we understand!!

  3. Sometimes everyone has to rant about their job, it's just the way it is. Believe me I hear it from my husband when things are going bad too. He's Mr. Organized so it drives him crazy when things are done right and in a timely fashion. Sorry to hear others are making your job difficult for you.

    Wish I had time to pay it forward but I wouldn't even begin to pretend I would follow through. You're a good person, Char.

  4. glenda - never worry about being silly! :) i quite like silly.

  5. Don't apologize for ranting. That is
    part of what our blogs are for right?!
    This pay it forward thing sounds really
    interesting. I'd love to do a spring swap!

  6. I like this idea. i'm in for that if i can get together a blog post on it. The spring swap sounds good too.

  7. I love this idea. And though it looks like I'm number 6, I might start one of these on my blog too. I did one last year and it was fun.

    Blogs are for ranting sometimes, Char. And I think you express gratitude quite often, so you deserve a little rant every now and again. :)

  8. I know I missed out here, but I just wanted to say what a great idea! I would have loved to have had one of my poems on some of your artistic work! :-)

  9. hey sweetie....
    sure. the spring swap thing sounds perfect....maybe it will help get me out of my "hanging on way to long" winter funk :)

  10. Everyone should have a place to vent about work! There is always some bad with the good...

    The spring swap sounds like fun if I am home at the time...vacation is coming up soon!

  11. Char, I love love love that image of the pansies. And even though I'm too late to be part of your pay it forward, I love the idea and think I'm going to try it out :) Happy Friday!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. i think most of us blog and about the very good and the very bad, particularly when it comes to work. sometimes the bad is so hard to deal with, that it helps to write about it!

    and i hope you aren't too bruised and battered, and that you have a nice weekend!

  13. hey i bet it felt good just to get it out there
    nothing beats a good rant

  14. there are good times and bad and it's good to share them all. Love the pay it forward, alas i am not one of the first five! if I ever recover from all this going on at home I'll certainly do one.
    bug hugs to you.. spring is in the air!!!


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