March 1, 2011

time, sparks, and music

"she was so busy forgetting, she couldn't take a single step into the future."  ~~     green angel (by alice hoffman) 

this quote struck me as i read it this morning.  i have been that girl before.  stuck in the past - unable to enjoy the now because ... well, because. 

i've been stuck on this pargraph for a while now, writing and erasing, and writing and erasing.  i find it odd when i do that. and it's not because i don't know what i want to say, but how i want to say it.  i have been thinking a lot about the impermanence of time.  so i will leave it at that.  apparently i have some more to ponder before i can write it all down.

during my trip, i kept a small journal of observations and writings on the road.  it has slipped out of my purse and i am sad.  i hope i find it soon - though there was nothing embarrassing, there was a lot the last day as i sat on a bar stool in st. simons.  funny - with all the solitude of the beach and the salt flats, i wrote more in a busy restaurant.  
today on my ipod:  take it easy (the eagles), ghost of a good thing (dashboard confessionals), come away with me (norah jones), always on my mind (elvis presley), beautiful (india.arie), into the mystic (van morrison), where you lead (carole king), heartless (william fitzsimmons cover), anna begins (counting crows)   


  1. Oh I do hope you find your journal! Great play list!

  2. Love Alice Hoffman's books! Though I haven' read her in a while.

  3. I like Alice Hoffman, too. Too bad about your list, though ~

  4. hmmm. not sure what is going on. hope things are ok. and hope you find that journal!

  5. dg - nothing bad...just lots of thoughts

  6. ahhhhh...i have some alice hoffman here
    but i'm not sure if i've read them or not...
    i'll have to check into that.

    and i hope you find your journal...
    i lost one once
    and came across it 3 years later...
    someone turned it into the police
    (it was in a backpack that I lost...)

  7. Great quote...very thought provoking. I really love your photograph - it's very evocative of "time passing".

  8. oh man....i have a hard time keeping a journal to begin with and if i lost what i had written....oh, i'd be pissed.

    thinking of you......xo

  9. That one paragraph speaks volumes to me. Sad volumes unfortunately. There's so much I wish I could take back from when I was younger.

    I hope you find your list Char, I really do.

  10. I hope you find your journal Char!
    And if not, I'm sure there will be
    someone out there who will get
    a kick out of what you had to say.

  11. I love the photo! Ad I say TIME....what is that?! LOL

  12. That picture ... that quote ... sigh. Beautiful.

    And I do hope you find your journal.

  13. It's the best, writing things down while I'm on the road or away somewhere. I don't know why, but the words seem important. Because of that, I feel a grief about your list.

    Beeeautiful photo.

  14. I do love that does seem to sum me up quite well:) Hope your journal shows up soon. You got me wondering what I would do if I found a journal like that...I am certain I would enjoy reading it..I even enjoy reading other people's grocery lists that they leave in the carts:)

  15. What an interesting quote. I haven't read Alice Hoffman, but she sounds interesting. As a fellow travel-journaler I hope you find your repository of thoughts and feelings soon. Those memories are wonderful to look back upon, and draw upon. However, losing your journal just sparked a great writing idea:). Hmmmm...I wonder.....

  16. love this photo.
    i hope you find the journal... i more so hope, the feelings are still fresh, within you.

  17. It's a lovely post Char. Hope you find the journal but even if you don't, it seems it started lots of thoughts that are still with you.

    xo Mary Jo

  18. Oh, I love Alice Hoffman! Is that from her new book? I haven't read her in a while.

    Whoever finds that journal will be in for a treat...maybe it will inspire them to write one of their own. And anyway, if those thoughts were important enough to you, they'll come back to you eventually. :)

    Looking at your iPod list, I'm wondering if you watched the American Masters last night on PBS. It was the Carole King/James Taylor one. It was fantastic. You can watch it online, if you missed it.

  19. Great music. I am making a commercial for school (even though I do that for a living LOL) and I am using Always on My Mind... Great tune.

  20. i sure hope you find your journal.
    hmmm that quote is thought provoking...

  21. I love that you keep a travel journal. So glad to know you found it.


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