March 7, 2011

love, kisses, and comment trolls

apparently i have a comment troll that has decided to use my blog to rant about "boycott american women" - as if.  so i'm enabling comment moderation to see if this person goes away.  i dislike captivas and i dislike censoring, but - that's just ridiculous. so...i'm going with this to see how it works.  they do it just enough to be annoying.  (and i can't block them because they're anonymous.

i bowed to auntie pressure this weekend and took my niece to see "never say never" (the justin beiber) movie.  i will have to admit, though it's not my kind of music, i was very impressed with him and his family.  he is very talented and seems very grounded.  i hope he keeps a level head and keeps listening to his mother and grandparents.

otherwise, i've been lost in auntie duties this weekend as it's mardi gras' last weekend before tomorrow and ash wednesday.  are you living it up and getting in your last days of excess before easter?  hope so.  more later when i'm back home in my bed and not worried about ballet clothes, lunches, pick-ups, snacks, bed times and worrying about effecting my youngest niece up when she has to run to the potty all the time.  (she seems to use "have to potty" as a way to avoid what she doesn't want to do - like go to bed.)


  1. Boo on comment trolls. I love it when people have something to say, but are too afraid to use their real identity when they say it. Lame. Anyhow, it sounds like a nice weekend!

  2. I have had a few of those who think they can just post what they wish in the comments section...they don't even comment on your post...very annoying.
    Hope it gets rid of them!
    We saw the Justin movie too...and I was quite gave the girls a reality to how stardom and fame can effect your life...and that by being passionate about something you can achieve your goals. He's a smart kid! who has LOTS of passion and talent.
    Take care GREAT Aunty...(you really are!)

  3. Ugh...that's why I have comment moderation now! I had this weird dude leaving me the creepiest, longest, and strangest comments. Eeek. Anyway, I am lucky, I think I have the only girls in America that don't like the Bieber! :)

  4. i have had that same awful boycott american womenl blogger, too.....and it makes me sooooo mad.

    i wish we could just kick him in the shin. it would make me feel so much better !

  5. Trolls stink. Sorry you're having trouble with them. Consider your self un-boycotted, my american friend. :)

    And my oldest boy always seems to have to use the bathroom whenever it's his turn to do, well, I recall, it worked pretty well for me when I was a kid, too...

  6. i've seen the boycott comments other places...ick. oh and mardi gras - i'll be glad when it's out of here. :)

  7. I love the colours in the photo,
    and I've been getting more weird comments and spam as well.


    you are a great Aunt.

  8. Don't you know that Boycott American Women is the new status comment? It means you've arrived, dahling!

  9. Oh what fun to get lost in auntie duties!

    And I hate comment-issues. I haven't had to moderate yet ... but I am having trouble with my responses. They won't stick! People probably think I'm totally rude, when really, it's technology. :)

  10. I have to do that every now and again, too with the WV. Darn trolls. I think it's sweet that you took the girls to see the movie. He seems like such a nice kid.

  11. Your blog is fun - too bad you haver trolls. Hope you get rid of them!

  12. I had that same troll which makes me laugh cos I'm not truly an American Woman although I guess I am now but still don't feel like it.. complicated.
    Oh yes... potty is a great excuse 'cos it's hard not to let them go!!! picking out tomorrow's clothes and arranging toys at the end of the bed are good excuses too.

  13. OH, boy! Would I ever love to have an Auntie for Sloane just like you.

  14. I love how my daughter likes to
    use the phrase "I'm so tiiired
    Mama" the moment I tell her it's
    time to pick up her mess! Kids
    you gotta love 'em. Hope she
    doesn't wear you down! And I
    admire you for taking the plunge
    into BeiberWorld. I don't think
    I could have. Kudos!

  15. Char I have had the same comment. I just deleted it, but I am still disturbed by it. 3 paragraphs long. I just don't understand....your an awesome aunt and I Love the photo., hugs.

  16. What a breathtaking photo! Pink tulips are gorgeous with the rustic looking plate!
    Yeah, it would be an easier world if we didn't have to censor everything but then nuts like your comment troll would be running things and that isn't good either.
    Hope your troll goes back under his/her bridge..
    Hugs from Norway :-) (Home of many trolls- though no comment trolls that I know of!)

  17. Anonymous trolls irritate me, they have to ruin everything.

  18. i will never understand comment trolls. how ridiculous! so sorry you've had to go through that. HUGS!

    xo Alison

  19. Auntie duty is so much fun! Of course my niece's are all grown up now but I enjoyed them when they were little. Enjoy yours too!

    No celebrating here, though maybe I should . . .

    Hiss, boo, with comment trolls : (

  20. a truly inspiring photo...soft and so very subtle too on the boycott... so annoying

  21. ahhhhhhh...yes...comment trolls...
    {funny name though...i like it}

  22. that same nitwit comment dude spammed me, too. blurgh! how effective are their tactics? NOT VERY! huff!

    the bieber isn't all bad, and i have heard good things about that movie! :)

  23. ooh JBeiber well that must have been a little tough glad it turned out not so bad ha ha!
    Potty training to avoid stuff clever girl hey!

  24. You are such a good auntie:) I don't know if I could sit through a Justin Bieber movie!

    Sorry about those nasty spammers...

  25. i thought I was your comment troll. oh, well ... i'll just have to settle for comment droll. see what i did there?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. My cousin used to go to the bathroom whenever there were dishes to be dried... her mom called it "dishpan diarrhea," which we kids thought was hysterical... :)

    And yeah, comment trolls=no fun. Hope your weekend is fun.


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