April 30, 2008

I don't want to live at the P.O. really

I have the spring boredom setting in. There was an initial euphoria from the blooms and the warmed, fragrant air but now, it's all bright and I want to escape. Not that I want snow and cold, because my thin blood couldn't take those conditions. Someone says snow ski and I want to show them the joys of water skis and coppertone. Maybe it's just a case of not knowing exactly what I want.

Maybe I want to be lost like Jack (the writer, not the television show). Find a road and simply travel it until it's end. Turn right and follow again. I want to meet the people that populate Welty and Faulkner's stories (I think) and see some craziness for myself. Or do I want to be a pretty fool like Daisy? Oh yes, there's that problem with wealth I don't have.

I want to fly a kite on the beach...but now the college crowd has ruined that. The beaches near me are filled with beer-laden, rude and loud children. Not that I wasn't that when I was that age. Because I was...but it was more like Boone's Farm laden. What is the adult equal to those shananigans? (I love that word, especially since watching Juno). I think is getting lost - even if I get lost in the urban jungle.

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  1. All of which sounds heavenly...don't forget about the unparalled taste of hose water...


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