March 26, 2010

and boots with da fur

apparently the thunderbirds are in town today.  and no, not the fun and uber retro thunderbird puppets that would be all hip and cool-like, but the really loud, fast-flyin', supersonic air acrobatics team...

which could be very cool and uber fun (why do i keep using uber - is it that 60's retro vibe i'm getting from that shot?)...*ahem* sorry - it would be fun to see them perform except i'm at work and am supposed to be doing official, serious things like writing memos and planning agendas.

but instead i've googled retro shots of puppets.  bad me.  bad bad me. bad bad bad.  and yeah, i'm shaking my fist at loud planes constantly flying back and forth over head.

now for the joan jett interlude "i hate myself for lovin' you" (because she's all relevant now with the new movie) and thoughts of the weekend are dancing in my head.  ow! ow! ow!  *chair dancing intermission*  the beauty of the ipod has that flow right into flo-rida. 

happy friday all - i'm going to go back to official memo writing now.


  1. YES...get back to work! lol...I love your collage...
    Oh...I have your Tea sitting here waiting to be shipped, will send you a little surprise too...please email me your mailing ADDRESS when you're ALL done your memos!!
    Thanks hun!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. The Blue Angels came through to film something or other several years after 9/11 and freaked the hell out of everybody.

    That Thunderbird show always kind of freaked me out.

  3. i'm glad we got in on your little silly interlude. i want to see big planes. send them to illinois.

  4. i love that joan jett song. always have!

    i hope you have a super weekend! and with any luck it has already begun for you! ;)

  5. LOL...I so remember those days at the office. Bad. Bad. But you need a break from official bizness every now and it's it's OK (everyone else is goofing off anyway!).

  6. I want whatever you are drinking !

  7. Okay, but the loud, fast flyin', supersonic air team rates on the cool and hip scale too ;)

  8. Wait. What? Joan Jett and
    a movie?

    I love planes. Über über. ;P

  9. I had such a hard time focusing today. Bleh. Hello weekend! Enjoy it, Char!

  10. haha love the title of the post - shameful pop confession! I think the thunderbirds were in my town yesterday! I heard these two noisy planes go over my head and seriously ducked for cover. I thought my suburban home was under attack!! have an uber cool weekend!

  11. An uber great post, and like Beth, I want whatever you were drinking when you wrote it!

    I have to admit to being a little thrilled about the upcoming Joan Jett flick. Love her.


  12. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  13. thanks Char for stopping by and leaving the kind words about Teddy..i can't wait to share him with you...

    have a beautiful Spring Sunday, my friend


  14. You are CRACKING me up!! You just gave me enough energy to finish my work tonight. Yup, you did.


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