March 18, 2010

happy spring

it's one of those days were the sun has come out and everything feels a bit better in the world.

it's one of those days that silly things can make me laugh and i feel slightly giddy at the thought of a three day weekend.

did you know that this is the first spring weekend of the year?  does that make you happy?  it makes me happy...but did you also know easter is next weekend?  eek!  where is the time going? 

on the clothesline are shots from my sweet little fuji instax - i think i need to go buy a flatbed scanner this weekend - isn't it funny how things come full circle.  two years ago i donated a flat bed scanner that i never used i want one back.  three years ago i bought a digital camera because i didn't want the expense of film. and now here i go using film again and need a flatbed so i can share the shots.  *shakes head*  everything old is new again...or some such proverb.  just keep me from wearing patchwork suede stacked shoes, mustard yellow hippo printed pants (i begged for that outfit) or a lavender crepe pirate sleeved blouse.  other fashion faux pas include hip-hugger pants that laced in the front and back, a really unfortunate perm that resulted in straight bangs and frizzy hair, and ice blue toe polish.


  1. Promise to NOT let you ever wear hippo print pants again!
    I love taking photos on 35mm film, the shots come out so artistic, with strange colours - all by themselves.

  2. Okay, there is a film camera in our basement, at least five lenses and film. I think I have to try it.
    I had a perm that made me cry once Oh it was so bad I shudder to remember it.

  3. oh those perms...
    it's a wonder we didn't have some health issue after all of those...well other than looking goofy....I think goofy can be a health issue...actually, I'm sure of it :)

    anyhow....don't take my time from me you silly goose....easter is not next weekend I tell you...well, unless you're celebrating it early.....nooooo way is easter at my house until the first weekend in april and even then I won't be ready....yikes !

    and I love those photos :)

  4. whew - I was looking ahead. good - now i have a bit of time to get ready.

  5. hip huggers...laughter here ..full circle the string of photos

  6. I love the film photographs, they seem so much more of an art than digital. Digital can be beautiful, but there's also an awareness of how very much we can digitally alter the image. They just don't seem quite as authentic.

  7. Those photos are gorgeous and totally worth getting a scanner for! Glad you are getting a bit of spring--must be why I'm suddenly intent on my garden now :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. so true - everything old is new again.
    i sure love having my scanner. Taylor uses mine to scan film and is always reminding me to look for film for my old polaroid.
    the weekend looks promising weather wise - i can't wait to get outdoors and soak in some sun.

  9. love this make me smile ~~

  10. i love the photo, and your post! you have an awesome blog(:

  11. i have been itching to get my film camera out again. this nudges me forward.

    thank you for the inspiration.

  12. You've totally intrigued me
    with the list of clothing.
    I need to google "hippo printed
    pants." Sounds... wild. ;o)
    Char, I'm thinking I want one of
    those Fujifilm Instax cams too.
    I bought a Holga and I'm terrified
    to use it!

  13. I so sported the same hair do, blah.

  14. I agree! When the world has gone digital, many people are going back to film & Polaroids :)
    Hooray for the good old days & self-expression!

  15. this is such a gorgeous time of year. it almost makes me GIDDY! :) hope you have a fab weekend!

  16. The weather here has been so beautiful and yes, I'm looking forward to the first weekend of spring. :) Oh, and I promise never to let my blue velvet bell bottoms see the light of day... :)

  17. oh isn't it just beautiful outdoors? although we may get a bit snow, i am loving the idea of warmer weekends.

  18. much I can relate. You must get a scanner so I can see these photos! Look at you all giddy and having fun! Love it!

  19. Spring is here, but cold weather isn't over in my neck of the woods yet. Which is not at all typical. I remember all those strange "outfits" that now I cringe when thinking about!

  20. ha ha ha..omg I can't even imagine you in laced up jeans. Too.Funny.

    Looooove these shots, I want to see them closer!


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