March 3, 2010

where i've been

it's been a tough week so far.  exhausting and frustrating.  because i've worked here before people forget it's been quite a number of years.  they presume that i know a lot of routines that i'm not familiar with - part of it's my fault, i need to ask more questions but i a so tired of appearing like a dumbass that i don't.  then i have the supervisor that is almost never in the office....wah, wah, wah right?  sorry.  

but, hopefully the rest of the week will be better.  we got a ginormous mailout (2,500+) out and the daily meetings have settled down into a groove where they are running smoothly.  hopefully tomorrow i can actually do some reading that i've had to put off for a while.

cute story - sunday night we were visiting with my brother, sister in law and two nieces.  my nieces are crazy for littlest pet shop animals and the two year old almost always has one in her little hand.  she brought one over to me and said, 'quiral (squirrel in kid talk)' and i looked - it was a cat.  so i said, kitty kat and made the appropriate 'meow, meow'.  *mulish look* 'quiral!  no, kitty kat.  this went on for a minute and finally, she reached her patience's end.  'quiral, quiral, quiral!!!'  so she took it over to my sister.  'quiral.  my sister said, 'quiral?  (looking at me while i mouthed 'squirrel')  my niece took that as an affirmation and looked at me triumphantly, 'tell lanie' (my family calls me lanie).  we clutched our sides laughing.  it is always amazing how much personality they have so very young.  their own sense of style, their likes and dislikes - everything.  

for those that asked about the fuji instax.  the first two rolls were a real learning experience - where to put my finger so it's not in the shot, adjusting for the light, how to frame.  but i think i really like it.  i better because i just ordered 10 packs of film for it.  i'm going to scan what i think are my four best shots.  i just have to get to a scanner.  this is what i learned so far:

1.  think wide angle when you frame your shot.  if you are used to a digital cropping factor, it will pretty much go out the window.
2.  there is no autofocus - what you see is pretty much what you get - there is no aperture adjustment - it's one aperture and that's it.  
3.  it's very sensitive to light adjustments.  it has four modes:  sunny, partially sunny, cloudy and night.  from what i can tell the flash is always on - the mode you pick will make a big impact on the shot and it defaults to night.  i blew four shots before i realized that because with the cooler weather it took a while for them to come up - overexposed looks almost the same as still developing.
4.  the shots are really tiny - like credit card size.  they feel like polaroids for barbies at times. 
5.  the camera is pretty cheap - i found mine on amazon for around $80.  the film is not that cheap - it's around $1 a shot (if you buy in bulk it lowers the cost).  so, it slows you down and makes you think about the shot more.  

all that being said - i love polaroids and i've never been able to put my hands on a good one or get film for them.  there are some shots that i just cradle in my hands lovingly gaze into that special dreamy world that instafilm has.  i hope i can share them soon.


  1. Quiral. That's hilarious! Yes,
    it is amazing just how much of
    their personality comes out at
    such a young age. I should know.
    I have a little one that blames
    all her mischief on her alter ego:
    Clark Kent.

    Thanks for sharing the info on the
    Fuji instax. I had considered getting
    one then realized I really would like
    to get the Holgaroid back. But those
    suckers are almost 5 times the cost
    of the actual camera itself! Crazy.
    Look forward to seeing your images!

  2. Ohh, so glad to hear the instax feedback. I'm still working on my plan to acquire one. Hopefully in a couple of months I can justify the purchase. :) I hope the week gets better for you!

  3. Hey Chaar, So sorry you have been so busy, your little niece sounds precious. Glad you got to spend time with your family. your photo of the roses is so beautiful. hugs to you, think of you often.

  4. That is a gorgeous photo! And I love your quiral story, makes me laugh! Hope your week smooths out a bit. Sending you good thoughts!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. i'm sorry your week has been tough, thinking about you and i hope everything improves xo

    *love* the cat/squirrel story! And the info on the instax ... they are about $170 (nz dollars)here on our equivalent to ebay, but i'm interested in getting one since i can no longer afford $6-7 per shot for polaroids!

  6. hoping your week improves...and looking forward to your fuji scans!

  7. Love the quirral story. So cute. Good luck on the job, i'm sure things will smooth out completely ... well as much as any job does, ... soon. :)

  8. hang in there with work issues char . love the "quiral" story..i wish I could adopt that as a scrabble word!

  9. thanks for the life update :)
    and your niece is the most precious thing ever !
    keep notes !....write that story down so you can share with her when she's older !!

    and the camera....waiting to see photos....hint hint, wink wink

  10. I can't wait to see your fuji shots, I SO want one!

  11. So many people seem to be getting a fuji instax at the moment, I can't wait to see your photos. Also thanks for the tips, might have to wander across to Amazon and check it out!

  12. So funny about your niece. My little grandson's personality is forming more and more everyday. He recently learned how to make a mad face and he uses it pretty often now. It's pretty funny to realize what he's thinking.

    I'm eager to see your instax photos. I used to have a Kodak instant camera but got rid of it when I could no longer buy film....never thought about ordering online...duh! Of course, I probably gave it away before you could do everything online so maybe that makes me feel a little better.

  13. The weekend is almost here! Off to find out about that new camera of yours.

  14. Well, I've seen those Littlest Pet Shop figures, and I can see how she might confuse a kitty with a squirrel! Very cute story!

    Sorry you're having such a rough week and hope the rough part is over for now so you can relax a little. Don't you hate being the new guy?

  15. Cute story. I love kid talk!!!! I can't wait to see your shots too!


  16. Apparently the little one thinks Lanie is "quirrely" for not knowing the difference between a squirrel and a cat!! Age 2 -- one of my favourite ages, simply because of the true emergence of the personality! xo

  17. Aw, what a cute story! And now that you know the difference between a cat and a "quiral," you can look ever so much smarter at work, too. ;)

    Hope your week is better; can't wait to see the scans.

  18. hope your week gets better and this jsut really makes me want to learn how to take photos!

  19. the week is nearly over Char~~heads up and smile...cute story ;)

  20. love that story! sometimes they are strong-willed from the get-go! :)

  21. quirral... smiling at that.

  22. cute quirrl story... you think you will never forget those moments~ but you do.
    I love that you are writing them down.
    A friday favorite ♥

  23. Of *course* it's a quiral, Lanie! :)

    I hope you have the relaxing and restful weekend you so deserve, dear.


  24. This is such a beautiful picture- did you take this with your fuji? I am now so interested in this camera and I am off to do some research :)

  25. Can't wait to see some of the pictures you have taken with the new cam. It's fun experimenting with new toys!
    You may can get a few pix of some quirals with it!

  26. Photography can be a really great escape. It seems to be helping you through the rough spots.

  27. good luck with work I know it's not easy sometimes, hope you have a great time with fuji instax!!

    happy w-e relax!!!!

  28. Hope you have a wonderful weekend to restore yourself from the barrages of work...and to prepare for the next one:)

    Love your niece two year old granddaughter is also stubborn...and always very sure she is right...

    Can't wait to see your instax pics:)


  29. Kids say the funniest things... great shot. I NEED a new camera!

  30. I haven't been out and about but didn't want to let another day go by and not stop to say hello. Cute story, too.

  31. I understand about work...I now that the "I'm just going to do it and take the heat later." approach. Not sure which is worse...

  32. Oh, she sounds so cute!! She kinda reminds me of Aidan.



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