February 4, 2011

sending the love

i'm sending out love and prayers today - that is heavy on my heart.  if you could take a moment right now and touch the screen (yes, it seems silly i know but i do that when you ask from my love or prayers) and think of someone that may need your love and prayers...i thank you. 

for those of you trying to dig out of the snow and ice - i'm sending warm thoughts.  i think this may be phil's revenge for not getting to play with his shadow this week.

i really do not have much more to say today. the rain has kept us inside too and icicles hanging from cars in the parking deck were a bit worrisome but i got home safe and sound.  home to a good beef stew and heat. 

the weekend is upon us and i am dog sitting for three cuties this weekend.  i think i will for once, enjoy being at home with them instead of envying the trip their mommy and dad are taking to new orleans this weekend.  sending smiles your way and happy thoughts for a good weekend....

my thought for the day:  'not knowing when the dawn will come, i open every door' ~ emily dickinson

my song of the day: take it to the limit ~ the eagles

my comfort of the day:  leftover beef stew, a cup of coffee and drooling over the new pottery barn catelog.


  1. Prayers being sent out, I did touch the screen, not silly at all.

  2. Wishing that darn Vanessa duvet would go on sale!


  3. With 6 more inches of snow and sleet predicted tomorrow, and a blockbuster snowstorm predicted for next Thursday, I'm praying for Spring :)

  4. i'm kind of enjoying my time in right now....
    the roads are completely free of anything....our crews are amazing. and it's 22 degrees outside and the sun is burning....

    but i don't really have to go out....so playing inside today sounds like a winner to me...

    have fun dog sitting :) and staying in.....

  5. Nice post today, sounds like a fun weekend..
    wishing you well.

  6. wishing you a happy and warm weekend.
    i'm drooling over the new pottery barn bed and bath catalog.

  7. i touched the screen...
    love, prayers, and hugs to you...

  8. I'm having the same kind of day here....dreary and ugly, thinking of others, wondering, somber feelings. And yet...."the sunny side of the street" just started playing. Makes me smile! I like "touching the screen"....yep, a sweet connection! Stay warm and safe.

  9. Beef stew sounds so good right about now. Feeling the prayers and sending them out there. It has been a prayerful couple of days for me.
    Have a great weekend with those puppies.

  10. I will now always touch the screen.
    Love that you do this.
    Have a fun weekend with those cuties

  11. love and prayers sent out (with a touch) to the universe...

    hoping you have a warm and cozy weekend. enjoy your house mates! :)

  12. So many fingerprints on the screen - a lovely idea, not silly. Your weekend sounds cozy. Enjoy every moment. What kind of "cuties" will share your space?

  13. For you I would touch the screen and not feel silly:) Hope your weekend is warm and cozy and relaxing:)

  14. There's a couch in that catalog that I have my eye on. And it's on sale.

    And I can't afford it anyway.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. That's one of my favorite Eagles songs : )
    I hope you have a lovely weekend — and that the weather gets better!

  16. I love the photo you used for this post. It evokes a prayerful, hopeful, comforting kind of quality...must like your words.

    Happy recuperative weekend to you.

  17. I'm thinking of you. And I did say just such a prayer. And no, it's not silly to touch the screen, but I do think it may just be a southern thing. I remember all the hands reaching forward in prayer when I was a kid in Georgia.

  18. Sending you a touch and a prayer this weekend Char. I'm glad you're finding happiness at home this weekend. I know I am loving the luxury of just relaxing in comfort here at home today.

    xo Mary Jo

  19. mmmmmm...beef stew and warmth and sweetness...
    love this...

  20. the power of prayer is amazing. sometimes we just need some good vibes sent our way. Peace.

  21. A simple touch of the screen and heart felt prayers just for you!

  22. Thank you so much for those prayers. I felt your goodness and am hoping, along with you, that this ice will melt soon but enjoying hot, hearty winter food while it's here.

  23. Just wanted you to know that I am still thinking of you and praying.

  24. Sigh. Thank you so for those prayers; you can count on the same from me ...

  25. it sounds nice snuggling and eating beef stew i love a good hearty stew in the winter time i love mine topped with salty herby dumplings yum

  26. Char. . . I love how you
    always have a way of making
    crave food when I read your
    blog! Beef stew on a cold,
    rainy evening sounds so
    wonderful! :D


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.