February 15, 2011

though there are songs with tuesday in the title, none of them fit

i don't understand vindictive people - i just don't get the wasted energy and the negativity.  let it go 

and for the record, i don't understand beiber fever either...but i'm pretty sure my mom said that about madonna or cyndi lauper and her grandmother didn't understand elvis and in turn....her mother didn't understand those new fangled short skirts...or kitty wells.  so i can let that one go. 

i'm so excited about the upcoming weekend.  i'm going to visit my friend mellie and we're getting in the car and letting whimsy decide a destination.  i can't wait to see where we end up.  and....i'm equally excited about five days off.  *happy dance*  thank you george and abe - i'm happy to honor you both.  and can i just say right on for all of the contributions you made to this country? 

the picture above is related to the vindictive person in my worklife.  we try to do our normal job but we never know when jaws is trying to bite us on the ass again.  has anyone perfected a shark repellent?  anyway.... i have the office to myself today and i have my ipod going, the sun is shining and i just had a celebratory wendy's...sweet!

today on my ipod:  no bad news today (patty griffin), blackbird (covered by sarah mclachlan), mercedes benz (janis joplin), push (matchbox twenty), tuff enuff (the fabulous thunderbirds), summer long (kathleen edwards), melissa (the allman brothers), concede (sister hazel), bennie and the jets (elton john)


  1. You're so right about vindictive people, but feeding their energy never works {Think Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer!}...Have a good time over the weekend! :-)

  2. I have vindictive thoughts, but rarely do I act on them. I really hate seeing people get away with stuff over and over again at my place of work, so if they do get busted for something, I am usually smiling about. (Ah! Does that make me a bad person??) Nice music mix, by the way. xoxo

  3. usually sugar can kill a shark like that.....the realy syrupy kind where everything you say and do is tainted with high fructose corn syrup....yep, sharks hate sugar :)

    have a great "thelma and louise" weekend !!!!

  4. you are SOOOOoooooo right. let those vindictive thoughts go. divorce? let it go. a-hole stepfather? let it go. selfish friends? let THEM go and ... let it go. giving that drama to God is my shark repellent.

    have a WONDERFUL 5-day trip to bountiful, my friend.

  5. Enjoy your time off...you deserve it!
    I REALLY don't get the Beiber fever either...but hey, he's Canaidan you know! lol...
    Enjoy your time with Mellie...

  6. I worked with a vindictive person for 3 years...horrible! Anyway, letting go is the best thing you can do. I don't get Bieber fever either (oh say that 3 times fast...bieber fever either). Enjoy your time off!!!

  7. Would you believe my boyfriend introduced me to Patty Griffin? LOVE her.

  8. You do deserve some time off. Just hit the road and see where it takes you, girl! I don't understand the Beiber thing either. He looks like a baby. Hell, he is a baby!

  9. Yeah for time off. I can't wait to hear about where you go. That would be fun to just head out with no agenda. enjoy

  10. boo for vindictive people is right...what is wrong with people...we all make choices to be mean or nice...i just don't understand why some people make the "mean" choice...not everyone acts like that...YEAH for NICE PEOPLE !!!!! we LIKE NICE !!!!

    have a wonderful FUN weekend...
    enjoy all of it

    Safe travels, my friend
    kary and teddy

  11. All you have to do is flip a shark upside down and it will go into a coma like state... totally unable to defend itself. Now aren't you glad you know that.
    :) Have a fabulous weekend!!

  12. 5 days off?! you are so lucky!!! whee! i wonder which way the wind will take you???? :)

  13. Oh 5 days off and a fun girl trip planned...sounds divine:) I think Beth might have a good idea with using sugar to subdue the shark...

  14. Have a beautiful time off Char!
    I also don't get the whole
    Beiber thing either. But like
    you said, I'm sure my Mom
    thought the same thing about
    New Kids on the Block. Now that
    I think about it, I don't
    understand why I was into NKOTB
    either. Ha! ;D

  15. oh if vindictive types were the only ones to deal with, sniping, back stabbing, selfish, mean spirited..and on....and on

    and then there is nice, very nice and super nice...so simple and easy - why do the rest of them have to be such asses?

    lol my Tuesday was a tough one- does it show?


  16. LOL.....poor you and the shark in the workforce. I have started working again and I am very lucky to be working in an office with all men. They are so unlike women in this sense.

    Now I will be singing "tuff enuff" in my head all night. =]

  17. Oh I hate vindictive people, usually they are just jealous. I think, enjoy your five days. it sounds like such fun. take care my friend.

  18. Don't you just think their lives must be miserable? I know ours are with them in it ... but that's beside the point. :)

    And your comment on Beiber cracked me up. I think that all the time. His hair looks like he was stuck in a wind tunnel, for crying out loud.

    Why yes, I am old, however did you know?

    Before I end the longest comment EVER--enjoy your days off. Spontaneous road trips are the best ... can't wait to hear of all your grand adventures!

  19. I am WITH you about vindictive, negative energy.

    So sad what happened to Esperanza Spalding's wiki page, but at least it was repaired quickly. Live and let live, celebrate everything and everyone. Life is not a competition! That's one reason I dislike awards ...

    Enjoy your wandering . . . what a great idea to do with a friend, I've only done it alone.

  20. Enjoy your time off, char! and i totally believe in the karmic backlash -- yeah, it's comin' for all those vindictive people.

    have you seen the best buy commercial with Ozzie Osbourne and Justin Bieber? totally hysterical. :)

  21. It probably has a lot more to do with that person's "issues" than with you. Be patient, she probably won't change, but she may move on to the next unfortunate person.


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