February 11, 2011

the thrill of sunshine, warmer temperatures and music

the words are not coming to me this week.  i blame it on contracts, being cooped up in a room with co-workers, and too much pizza.  but...good things are happening.  so, as the sign in our office states, "it is what it is."  (amen)

signs of spring:
  • a flock of robins spotted while driving home
  • the wild fluctuations in temperature (26 to 52 in the span of 3 hours)
  • the buds on the bradford pear trees
  • seed catelogs
  • flipflops worn on warmer days
  • daylight when i leave work
  • the feverish desire to go to the beach, the mountains, somewhere! 
  • calculation of days before good friday
  • irises breaking the earth in glorious green spikes
  • final storage of the christmas decorations
  • mardi gras and king cakes

favorite things this week:
  • robins
  • the cute heart coffee mug on my desk
  • daffodils
  • aveda hand lotion freebie
  • sunshine on my shoulders....and the promise of 60 degree weather this weekend
  • peanut m&m's

today on my ipod:  all for you (sister hazel), angel mine (cowboy junkies), beautiful day (u2), hold on loosely (.38 special), brown eyed girl (van morrison), charmed (my friend steve), hooch (everything), good (better than ezra), drift away (dobie gray), florida (patty griffin), give a little bit (goo goo dolls cover), go your own way (fleetwood mac),


  1. oh, I love that I clicked here just now.
    that photo!!!!

    it all sounds like good and hopeful busy .

  2. Char ... thought of you last night watching (online ... i have no TV) "Community." If you can, you should try to watch the first 5 minutes of that episode due a very funny discussion of Barenaked Ladies. awesome!

    glad to hear that spring is trying to find you. here's a little blog love shared with you:


    start from part 1 and work your way through 9 to find your inner-spring child. love this film.


  3. It sounds like you are way ahead of us in terms of weather. 52 degrees is just a dream here in New Hampshire. But I can dream.

    It is what it is. I like that. I like peanut M&M's too ; )

    TGIF Char.

  4. these are all good things! may you your weather be fab this weekend so that you can go out and enjoy it! whee! have a good one!

  5. i hope for you a moment of rest .. no contracts and less inside time...blessings friend

  6. Those signs are looking really good...bring them on spring! I am so looking forward to it! Bulbs bursting the earth, longer days, my sweet peas coming up....Ahhhhh makes me happy!! Speaking of mardi gras, Holly lives in New Orleans, you know, and her sis-n-law is stationed in Afghanistan, so Holly sent her a bundle of beads and a king cake to share with all the others medics over there with her. A piece of home for them.
    Enjoy this fab weekend we are about to have!

  7. Photo looks beautiful! Love the signs of spring!

  8. Spring!!!!...It is coming back, isn't it?!...Isn't it?!! LOL It's been a cold snow-ridden hard winter around here!! The only thing that has been helpful has been my crocheting, good friends, and music!! And I see music has been good for you too! I like your play list. :-)

  9. Awww...I just love ya and the way you turn a phrase, and there's not a hellof a lot that I love today...
    have fun over the weekend..
    Oh, and what kind of ipod do you have..I'm buying myself one for my birthday next month.

  10. I'm getting a hint of Spring through your blog ... We're in the 20s for a high, in the single digits at night!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  11. Tell me about this weather!
    Geez! I'm personally craving
    some color myself. Wish the
    robins would stop by this
    a-way. Have a rockin' weekend!

  12. Beautiful photo, Char. Enjoy the warm weather and peanut M&M's!

  13. it's been a while since my last visit..i can see that your homepage has changed...toned down a bit. i love it.
    it's neat, it's mellow and it's warm. nice touch.

  14. This evening my daughter and I were commenting on how light it still was at 5PM...but we are a long long way from flip flops and buds on trees! Still a foot of snow on the ground! Your list made me smile!

  15. I thought today was pretty nice. I too am at a loss for words pictures etc. boooooo long winter.

  16. i am looking forward to the warm weekend too. enjoy!

  17. This photo is beautiful, Char. So looking forward to warm weather this weekend. I mean, I enjoy the cold and the snow while it's here but this is a sweet treat in the middle of it all. We still have about 6 inches of frozen snow on the ground everywhere, too.

  18. That is a great list! I've been feeling sorry for the robins we've seen here the last couple of weeks (they're the ones from Canada). We have had at least six inches of snow and ice on the ground for a month and they have an awful time trying to find food this time of year, as do all animals. Our temps are supposed to be close to 40 this weekend! Woo-hoo! That feels a whole lot warmer than -5 real temperature.

    Spring's a-comin'!!

  19. Even I who love winter am feeling a little spring-lust.

    That photo. Mmmm.

  20. i luuuuuuvvvvvv that photo....
    happy weekend sweetie !!

  21. I think we may be getting 50 degree weather next weekend -- I can't WAIT! I loved reading about all your signs of spring! Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. funny you should mention m&m's...I can't get enough of the little buggers these last few weeks. I usually try and do the *right* thing...a little square of dark chocolate..but nope..not right now...it's all about the m&m's.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.