February 14, 2011

pick me, love, and various disclaimers

i wavered back and forth today about acknowledging the day and ignoring it.  the weekend was much too busy to spend much time on making a special deal over the day...and i had forgotten to try and get together the handmade card swap this year (boo!)  so...i had mostly decided to ignore the day.  until i heard this poem being read on the radio this morning, "pick me" by jonathan b tucker. 

the poem grabbed me by the collar and slammed me into a wall.  it was easy to relate to as most of us have either seen jerry mcguire or gray's anatomy.  the rom-com cliche of of wanted to be loved for yourself and having the person you're interested in choosing ....well, you.  so...read the poem - it's by a young dc poet and i would love to see performing. 

so...back to the day.  as many have said, to me the day is to be lived all year 'round.  never pass a day without telling those that you love about your love.  gather up lots of kisses and hugs to sustain you through the tough times.  remember that tough times may call for extra love but it is easy to forget that good times still call for that love.  love yourself.....yeah, i tried and there is not a way to say that without sounding dirty...so do that too if you are so inclined.  do something completely cheesy and hokey (and other funny made up words) to take yourself out of your comfort zone. (i wrote a letter)

the girls....this weekend.  there is some of my love on paper (so to speak) - this shot is untouched except to open the raw file in lightroom.  sure, it's a bit blown out and the circles under their eyes are showing and stuff...but, it cries love to me.  love for each other and love for me to pose so sweetly.

hope you have the beautiful day of your dreams. 


  1. great minds evidently do think alike... ;)

  2. ah, great poem...
    the girls are so adorable char...

  3. Wonderful! That photo does ooze love! Off to read the poem... xo

  4. The romantic thinks of love always.

    We think alike.

    We are romantics. Always.

  5. I am just coming back to say thank you...that poem...OMG!!!!

  6. TOTALLY!!!!
    and WOW to the Poem.
    Thnanks for always sharing REAL!

  7. thanks for sharing the poem.
    great photo of sisterly love for sure.

  8. that poem was amazing....
    and "your girls" as always, precious in love !

  9. Char, I think that is one of the best pictures you've taken. Sweetness and love just flows out of it. So precious.

  10. loved the poem... love your post!! xx

  11. You had me at pygmy limbo.

    Loved the poem - and your words.

  12. DARLING photo. As I am inlove and loved for me and love him for him (am I making sense :)?) I MUST read the poem!

  13. Love, love, love that poem! He had me at chocolate chip cookie dough:)

    How I love this sweet portrait too....wish my grandchildren would pose for me...maybe someday:)


  14. "never pass a day without telling those that you love about your love. gather up lots of kisses and hugs to sustain you through the tough times." i cannot agree more!

  15. Perfect picture of love--and you know, every now and again it's good to see a photo that hasn't been touched up ... after all, that's life, in all it's glory!

  16. it's a wonderful poem.

    ... perfect, the photo is perfect.

  17. love that poem! and your girls are so adorable!

  18. That poem is going to make me cry isn't it?

    gorgeous love oozing photo.

    we got to be away for the weekend, which happened to fall on Valentine's Day. We aren't really a hallmark couple. I think we should love love love the gift of life everyday. Whoever and whatever comes our way.


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