November 18, 2008

1, 2, 3

There are three things that turned me onto photography and I wish I had one of them scanned so I could show it to you. But...I will describe it.

One - the really shot pictures my mom had of her family. Through a series of tragedies, my mom lost most of her family when she was young. She only had one picture of her mother, who died in childbirth along with a brother to my mom. And she had a few pictures of her father who abandoned not one, but two separate families before disappearing into the ether of never heard from again. Those old shots taken so long ago intrigued me.

Two - National Geographic. Cheesy, yes I know...but the look of the photographs and the subjects always drew me in. These days I realize my style is nothing like a NG photograph and I certainly am too fond of my creature comforts to live the life these photographers live, but I pay tribute to the influence their photography had on me.

Three - well, you could count it as three and four. Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz. Both very different but profound. I saw their images and stopped in my tracks. I wanted to be able to do that - make people stop in their tracks and show them something through my eyes. And, I'm working, stretching and growing. Now, I know that artists of that magnitude are rare...but I've stumbled upon some that inspire me just as much with their photography. I've widened my tastes and found more to be dazzled by.

Photography for me is like the child's bicycle on Christmas morning - always beloved, cherished and shiny new. Always evolving, always pleasing. It takes me to places I want to go, it makes me see things in a new way. And I think it will always be that way.


  1. You have some amazing photos!
    The way you feel about photography is how I feel about painting and decorating!
    ENJOY your day!

  2. I loved hearing about how your love started...thank you. xo t

  3. I admire your passion for the art of photography, Char. That first one was a "doozy". It's funny though...I see random people on the streets of New York and I think to myself, "By gosh...that person looks just like 'so & so'". Your moms' father obviously had family out there that are so connected to you...and sometimes just the facial resemblances are proof. Your images are so keep your works coming. I love them...and you certainly have a FAN in me. Hugs, Michael ;)
    PS-You know someone named Fifi? I thought that was reserved for poodles... ;)

  4. I love National Geographic - and a HUGE National Geographic store has just opened in London - I totally have to check that place out!

  5. What a great post! So nice to learn a bit more about you! And you have great taste in photogrpahers!!! And National Geographic... nmothing better!! I poured through those when I was younger!!!


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