November 27, 2008

holiday love

last night I watched "stranger than fiction" again - that little known movie that shows Will Ferrell can really act instead of flail around like an idiot. I love that movie that teaches me about living the questions.

happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones - may it be filled with love and warmth and happiness. embrace your life and smile at the good. shed tears when you need to and know deep within that the tears will not last forever - even when it seems as though they will. forgive even when the bitterness is there - it will be the best present you give yourself. and love deeper than you ever have before. not the love of a relationship - but the love of another human - whatever their relationship to you because in the loving, everything else will be better.

Crawlin' In


  1. Tears are good. They cleanse and renew.

    Happy Thanksgiving myfriend,


  2. I adore that photo of the lady bug... it's WONDERFUL!

  3. I love you and the words you share.

    I so agree about Will Farrel. His flailing about is so idiotic in most of his films. I only saw STRANGER THAN FICTION for the first time earlier this year. Emma Thompson is fantastic. I'm a big fan of Emma's.

    I love that you saw MISS of my faves this year. :)
    Michael ;)

  4. I love that film. It makes me want to own a bakery.

  5. my favourite part of that movie is when he brings her flours...


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