November 10, 2008

In cleaning out myspace...

I found this and still liked it -

in the days that I'm used to a GPS - I can still read a map
in the days of loving wine and fancy cheese - Kraft singles still do the job
in the days of liking little bottles of soda - I can get 2 liters for $1
in the days of loving take out - Ham sandwiches are just fine
in the days of being alone - Popcorn, a bottle of wine and a cat curled in my lap are ok too
in the days of plenty - Being grateful for the little is the bigger gift
in the days of freedom - Thank a soldier, it was not his choice always to go but he serves
in the days of gas and large vehicles - Enjoy the walk sometimes
in the days of illness - Be grateful for the sunrise
in the days of darkness - I will always try to light a candle to find my way back home


  1. in the days of wine and roses, water and weeds will do just as well.

    Thank you myfriend. Beautiful


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