August 28, 2009


i had this long post that was oh so very witty about my day yesterday but blogger ate it. dang blogger. here's a short summery

5:30 - wake up, shower, dress
5:50 - oldest niece wakes up, doesn't want to go to school
6:00 - watch ten minutes of disney
6:15 - start trying to get oldest niece dressed, start waking up baby
6:30 - dressing both ensue, chase baby around to put bow in hair
7:00 - breakfast stop, crying over spills, etc.
7:30 - drop off at school
8:00 - drop off at day care
8:30 - go to hospital to wait on brother (minor surgery, no worries - sister in law had to be out of town for work - unavoidable)
1:30 - take brother home, drop off rx to be filled, relax for a bit
2:30 - pick up script
3:00 - oops, timed that wrong - go get coffee
3:30 - pick up nephew, oh great - rain begins
3:45 - pick up youngest niece
4:00 - pick up oldest niece - of course i leave id in car and have to tromp back in the pouring rain with the crying baby before i can pick her up
5:00 - get back to house, children hungry, need car that is at hospital
5:30 - pick up car, children decided what they want for dinner
6:00 - pick up mcd's for children and soup for daddy, get back home, sil in arrives

go home, tired as you know what and with a new found appreciation for mommies. you all are incredible. hopefully this will post and i can catch up with you all.


  1. LOL...I was thinking, "sounds a lot like my life." And this is why some days I like some wine in the afternoon...

  2. I can relate except it didn't stop until 1 AM...ugh@!

  3. wow. what a lot of running around you had to do...but so nice of you to pitch in for your family. hope you get to relax this weekend!

  4. Char I was exhausted just reading this. I know I have a respect for mothers as I watch them run in their lives, and I think God they must be tired! Heres to all those mothers who impress me every day. I hope you get some you time.

  5. babysitting other people's children is an excellent method of birth control. :)

  6. Little kids (or kids of any age) can sure run you ragged...aren't you glad you don't have to do that every day? :)

  7. this is exactly why i collapse into bed each night. lol

  8. oh WOW! suddenly my life seems simple! i have no idea how moms get it all done -- it is amazing!

  9. You are wearing me out! I only have one child, but it was still hectic at times. Feel your pain!

    Blog posting idea~I type my info out on microsoft office word and then copy and paste to blogger. That way if I get distracted I can save it and go back later too!

  10. and people wonder why moms drink wine at the end of the day.....

    what great aunt you are !

  11. Oh yeah. Glad those days are behind me. I was very young and full of energy then! Have you tried blogging on Windows Live Writer? There is a free download (just Google it) and you can write your blog off line. Then publish to Blogger. A lot more choices for your photos! I love it.

  12. hahaha. Some of these comments were hilarious. Motherhood is a never ending chore, indeed. enjoy your weekend.

  13. whew makes me tried to think about it.

  14. school schdules turn haywire for the next four weeks and i will be just going mad trying to be at two places at the same time, i just know it. reading this has kind of got me panicked about all the things i need to do, once the weekend is over!

  15. hey buddy. glad you made it through! my thoughts were with you yesterday!

  16. I can sympathacize though i know it never makes it any less exhausting!

  17. oh, that brought back memories (and fatigue! ) from the days I was a young mom with three little ones. how nice that you were there to step in and help!

  18. And some people wonder what stay at home moms do all day. God bless them every one!

  19. Sounds like my life many years ago.

    Blogger is the devil.

  20. HaHa!...I remember those days!...well written...and I see you didn't have time to take any pictures:)

  21. LOL...sounds super busy but great. I can't wait to join this club (although I'm a wee bit scared)!


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